Change Over

Change Over - Notes
Past President Bill recognised Rosie and David Bradshaw’s fine work for the Club this year with a Paul Harris Fellowship for Rosie. David, and eight other members, were also awarded service pins to their Fellowships.
Incoming President John then warmly thanked Bill & Trish for all they had done for the Club in this last year.
John took over the reins [and the Chain!] for 2024/5. He introduced his Board and spoke of his goals and plans for the various projects ahead, under this year’s theme - “The Magic of Rotary.”   
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Rosie Bradshaw reported on support provided to baby Maliha and her Mum from Vanuatu. Maliha’s heart operation, despite earlier concerns, had been most successful. The best photo [after the one of David showing us how not to hold the baby] was of Maliha’s one year old birthday party back home. Thanks to Rosie Bradshaw, Jane Weikart and Trish Strand for the excellent support provided to mother and child during their stay in Starship.
As Maliha’s Mum said – “Thanks for the miracle that saved my baby”
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Mark Knoff -Thomas

Mark Knoff -Thomas
Our speaker for the evening was Mark Knoff-Thomas, CEO of the Newmarket Business Association.  Mark was accompanied by Kelly Fulford from the Association.
Marks’s thorough presentation focussed on the difficulties faced by businesses under present economic conditions, along with some promising progress ahead.
His comments included:
  • Market conditions
  • The Newmarket Board
  • Funding the Association
  • Market developments
  • Crime and Security
  • Building Expansions
In thanking Mark for his presentation and for his advocacy for Newmarket, Alastair emphasised the history and the importance of the Club’s interactions with local Newmarket businesses.  President Bill later confirmed our interdependence with the bestowal of Mark’s Honorary Club membership.
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Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School

Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School
Boyne Drummond who has been associated with the Walsh Flying School for the last decade, outlined some of its history.  
The 57th School will be held at the Waharoa Airfield, Matamata next January. Selection of the 45 entrants was currently under way. The School provided a great grounding and introduction to the theory and practice of flying.   
Boyne’s presentation included details of:
  • Funding
  • Rotary support
  • The two week programme
  • Notable graduates
Students supported by the Newmarket Club had won the annual Walsh Trophy for the top student on the Course on two recent occasions.
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Trees for survival

Trees For Survival
Incoming President John Hawke reported on the Trees for Survival planting he, Peter Corner and John Meadowcroft had undertaken with St Peters College at Skydive, Parakai, the previous week.
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John Foote

John Foote
I have received sad news this evening. Our friend and former member, John Foote, passed away on 31 May 2024.
John was 103 years old.
John was a survivor. 
He survived the Ballentynes fire during his first job.
He survived World War II, where he saw service in Italy and later as part of J Force in the Pacific.
John had a successful career in textiles and carpet.
As the Auckland manager of Marlin Carpets he led a high achieving team, of which I'm proud to say, I was a member. 
After "retiring" John went to work for several years with two former colleagues at Sallee' Carpets.
When John finally quit the carpet industry he immediately changed gear and directed his efforts into gardening and flora-culture. He spent many years working with his friends the Spence family who owned Matua Winery. John could be relied on to be there at annual vine pruning time as well as at other important times.
In the autumn he was also well known to be one of the prolific pruners of the rose gardens in Parnell.
When he "retired" from these activities he became the "go to" man for his neighbours as the garden maintenance specialist. He didn't know when to stop!
A passion of John's was the Laura Fergusson Trust which he chaired after many years as a dedicated volunteer and supporter. Rotary Newmarket had strong associations with LFT during John's time there.
John joined Rotary in 1985 and was a tremendously active member across so many of our projects and activities. His passion of course was in the environmental space. Along with other "senior" mates in the club, he was always involved in our activities, particularly on Motutapu Island and Trees For Survival.
John was always an overtly positive man. So much so, that for several years he wrote a piece for our weekly bulletin called "The Good News Diary". He was tireless in researching just the good news, not only from within NZ, but from anywhere around the world. This was his answer to the overpowering flooding of the media with bad news stories. 
John's service to Rotary was recognised with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 1997, and Honorary Membership on his resignation from the club.
A funeral service for John will be  Wednesday 5th June, 10.30am at Dils Funeral Home, Schnapper Rock Road, North Shore.

Martin McGahan
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Circus Quirkus

Circus Quirkus
A very successful Circus Quirkus at the Due Drop Centre last Sunday. Many thanks to all those club members and supporters who did such a great job with the ticketing, the coordination, the welcoming and ushering, the food and drink, the BBQ, looking after our young and not so young patrons on the day, the EFTPOS, the catering and collecting/counting the money.  Our worthwhile annual project, appreciated by two enthusiastic audiences: this spectacular show was again enjoyed by all.
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Prof Andrew Jeffs

Our speaker on 28 May 2024 was Prof Andrew Jeffs from the School of Biological Sciences and Institute of Marine Science at Auckland University.
Andrew spoke of the unique importance of the Hauraki Gulf – fish, mammals, bird species and coastal and underwater habitats.
He outlined issues over the last decade relating to
  • the Hauraki Gulf Forum
  • the Hauraki Gulf Marine Protection Bill 2023
  • the Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan.
He then spoke about the invasive spread of Caulerpa, and current attempts at control/eradication.
Positive news included work being done by such Ph D students as the Club’s 75th Anniversary Award winner, Katherine Lockton on milky white flesh syndrome in Snapper [See Rapport 17th May]
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Running the New York Marathon to Raise Funds for Cure Kids

Our newest member Henry Thomas-Kircher writes;
“My mother (Rosemarie) and sister (Charlotte) have committed to completing the New York Marathon this November to raise funds for Cure Kids.
I am aware Rotary (and particularly the Newmarket club) were vital in the inception of Cure Kids and was hoping you may be willing to use your communication channels to support this cause.
Would you be comfortable sharing the story and blurb below through Rapport or any other channels you have access to?
Also, if there is anyone else who may be interested in sharing or supporting Rosemarie and Charlotte, please feel free to forward this email on.”
The details of the Marathon are below 
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Meeting Update

Rota Pacific
Peter Ross outlined the programme for the five RYLA attendees from Fiji & Samoa for the last week of June. Two more billets required. Drivers would also be needed.
To be held on Tuesday 25th June at the Remuera Golf Club. Mark Knoff-Thomas from the Newmarket Business Association will be the speaker.
Club Resignations
Following the recent resignation of Russell Toplis, the resignations of two more long-standing members, Roger Harvey and Terry Mikklesen, have been received by the Board with regret.    Appropriate acknowledgements of their impressive services to, and support for, the Club to follow.
New Support Members
To encourage younger members to become involved, provision is being made for an RCON Support Team category of membership. An admin. fee would be payable, and the listing and details of the Team members would be included in the Handbook.
Discussion included
  • Provision of an appropriate brief information package in digital form, and detailing costs
  • Support Membership Age range to be decided
  • Production of the new Club brochure
Penrose Club
Our visitor, Anne Dunphy from the Penrose Club,  spoke of the Penrose Club’s association with One Tree Hill College. With the Newmarket and Penrose Clubs’ increasing close collaboration, and potential blending of projects and interests, it would be important for the culture and mana of each Club to continue to be respected.
Handbook and Speakers Programme
Warwick made a plea for requested revisions to the Members Handbook to be sent to him as soon as possible.  Suggestions for lunchtime meeting speakers were also most welcome.

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New York Marathon

Hi John, Alastair,
My mother (Rosemarie) and sister (Charlotte) have committed to completing the New York Marathon this November to raise funds for Cure Kids.
I am aware Rotary (and particularly the Newmarket club) were vital is the inception of Cure Kids and was hoping you may be willing to use your communication channels to support this cause.
Would you be comfortable sharing the story and blurb below through Rapport or any other channels you have access to?
Also, if there is anyone else who may be interested in sharing or supporting Rosemarie and Charlotte, please feel free to forward this email on.
I have included their contact details below in case anyone would like to contact them directly.
Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Henry Thomas-Kircher
Mother and daughter, Rose and Charlotte, have recently signed up for our biggest challenge – doing the New York Marathon as part of Team Cure Kids.
Cure Kids is a national organization, originally established under the umbrella of Rotary, raising funding to enable high-impact, New Zealand-based medical research to help save, extend and improve the lives of children diagnosed with serious life-impacting and life-limiting health conditions.
Research is vital in ensuring that children have a brighter future. Cure Kids’ funding supports researchers across New Zealand whose work focuses on childhood cancers, inherited heart conditions, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI), stillbirth, as well as child and adolescent mental health – and many, many other areas of research. 
From our work experience with children and families in health, NGOs and recreation, we both understand the importance of this research to improve the lives of the next generation.
We think this is a great cause to support so as part of this co-ordinated team effort we pay all our own expenses but have also made a  commitment to each raising $5k for Cure Kids.
We are reaching out today to raise awareness about our challenge and invite you to help us achieve our goal.
The link to our donations page is included below.
If you have any other suggestions or ideas regarding how you could support this initiative we are only to happy to discuss.
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Environment Awards

Environmental Awards
Boyne Drummond then introduced the evening’s speakers, for the Club’s 75th Anniversary Hauraki Gulf Environment Award programme, associated with Auckland University. He thanked those Club members involved, and the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Trust. The value of the Award had been increased to $14k.
Kate Thompson, AU Development Manager for Science Scholarships and Awards, spoke in appreciation of the two decades of the Club’s association with the University, and the several awards currently funded.
Hayley Alena
Last year’s Environment Award winner, Hayley Alena, updated us on her research on Aotea/Great Barrier Island. Offshore islands with high lizard abundances may be the only places left to study the natural role of lizards as seed dispersers. 
Over the last two years Hayley has been monitoring 6 sites and a considerable number of stations for seed dispersal by the lizards, skinks and geckos. DNA has helped in their identification as seed dispersers.  Her dietary study of the population is to come.
Sophie Roberts
The 2021 Awardee, and RYLA supporter, Sophie Roberts, updated us on her Mussel Restoration project. She had submitted her Ph D thesis, which was currently being examined.
She has published a paper on the monitoring of the success of the project. A further publication on the metrics involved is in the pipeline. She is working on improvements to the reporting of results – streamlining  the process.
Katherine Lockton.
The 2024 Environment Award was presented to Ph. D. student Katherine Lockton. Katherine is researching “milky white flesh syndrome” which in recent years has become a very concerning issue in the Hauraki Gulf snapper population. 
Studying snapper and the life cycle has environmental, cultural, recreational and commercial implications as she spelled out for us. A proportion of the Gulf snapper are emaciated and losing condition: the Animal Health Lab is assisting in diagnosing and identifying possible causes. As part of her research, Katherine hopes to run recovery trials.
Boyne and Ron Seeto thanked Kate and each of the speakers individually, presenting them with Ruby Seeto Starship tea towels. Ruby’s project has now raised $850k for Starship.
All three presentations confirmed the importance of the research being undertaken in the Gulf, and the appreciation of the researchers for the support being provided by the Club.
The Club’s warm appreciation to Boyne, John Graham and  John Burton for their work with AU and Professor Andrew Jeffs on the ongoing management of the Awards and the selection of such outstanding candidates.
Environment Awards Alan Hayward 2024-05-14 12:00:00Z 0

Club Handbook

2024/5 Club Handbook
We are being contacted by Warwick to update our details for the Members’ Handbook.  Partners will be invited to include their contact details also if they wish. Widows and widowers are being invited to be included, along with their contact details.  A further category of Club Support Team members is being established: younger folk available to assist with projects in particular. 
Ryla is on again from 29th June to 6th July. Billets are needed for the Rota Pacific attendees for the week beforehand: 4 from Fiji and 1 from Samoa.
Trees for Survival
St Peters College:  Wednesday June 5th      [Rain day 12th]
St Cuthberts: Friday August 9th        [Rain day 15th].
Contact John Hawke
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General Updates

Trees for Survival
St Peters College:  Wednesday June 5th      [Rain day 12th]
St Cuthberts: Friday August 9th        [Rain day 15th].
Contact John Hawke
District Changeover
This year’s District Changeover is being organised by the Howick Club for 4.30pm on Saturday 29th June.  Nominations are invited now for the position of District Governor 2026/27.  President Bill has the details for both.
RYLA transport
Drivers are needed to deliver and return Rylarians to and from Willow Park  on  Saturdays 29th June and 6th July.                 Contact Alastair Macfarlane.
Thanks Dave Birch
Thanks Dave for your strong contributions to the life of our Club, particularly during your Presidential year 2022-2023.  We are sorry to lose you, but relieved to know that you will continue as a friend of RCON and assist as possible with upcoming events.
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Trees For Survival

Trees for Survival Planting Day – you’re invited!

Grab your gumboots and a spade and come join in to help plant the wonderful native trees that the students have grown this year.  It’s an inter-generational fun day and you will be helping in a small way, to restore Aotearoa-New Zealand’s native environment.
Here is your essential information:
Trees For Survival John Hawke 2024-04-18 12:00:00Z 0

Sea Waiheke

 Our speaker was Simon Jones, former CEO of SeaLink, outlining his group’s planning for Sea Waiheke.
Simon gave us a stimulating presentation of some much needed “fresh thinking” for the Gulf: competition for the present Fullers, and SeaLink services. In possibly 18 months, Sea Waiheke could be offering an alternative ferry service from the Orakei Landing to Waiheke Island. 

35 pre-booked vehicles, 180 passengers and a number of bikes can be accommodated in the proposed new electric ferry, pictured above.  Access is by way of a floating pontoon – also shown adjacent to the marina. 12 sailings a day are proposed.  Drive on, drive off – the vessel turns around for docking.
The demand for an additional service is well established and funding is in place. The proposal, which has been 5 years in the making, is about to be lodged for Resource Consent with the Auckland City Council.   Tonkin + Taylor consultants. The project emphasises connectivity and sustainability.
Simon capably handled a number of penetrating questions.   We wish the proposed new service every success – as Scott said in his vote of thanks, it can’t come soon enough!
Sea Waiheke Alan Hayward 2024-04-17 12:00:00Z 0

AGM 2022-2023 Rotary Year

AGM 2022-2023
Past President Dave Birch gave his report for the year 2022/3, highlighting our major activities. He presented the annual accounts, previously circulated to all members. The report was received with acclamation and the relevant motions on the annual accounts passed by the meeting.
AGM 2022-2023 Rotary Year Alan Hayward 2024-04-09 12:00:00Z 0

Dove Hospice

Meeting of 26th March
Dove Hospice
Our Speaker a couple of weeks ago was Kathryn Jackson, Senior Palliative Care Clinical Nurse from the Eastern Bays [“Dove”] Hospice Trust. Kathryn was introduced by the Chair of the Trust, Peter Ross.                                                                                                        
Established in 1992, the Trust has 60 staff and has just opened its 8th retail shop. With a $6m annual turnover, Dove [unlike other hospices] receives no government funding.
Dove aims to support and enhance wellness for those affected by life-threatening illness. Kathryn enlarged on the holistic wellness support provided: mental and physical wellbeing is paramount. Patients are reassured to find that they are not alone on their journey.   In support of people who have a terminal diagnosis, Dove ‘bridges the gap’ between diagnosis and end of life.   Respite care is also provided.
Kathryn spoke of the importance of collaboration with other hospices and agencies [such as the Cancer Society] and the adjacent St Andrews Village. A thoughtful and moving presentation.
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The Motutapu Composting Toilet - That One!

The Motutapu Composting Toilet - Yes That One
David Weikart reports:
The Composting Toilet was a Community/Environment Committee project...I think in 2012.  (I was Community Committee Director the following year.)
The request was from the Girls Brigade (North Shore).   Bill Bennett did essentially the whole project single handedly and we believe the club kicked in maybe $2.5K.  I have retold the story more than once because it was such a monumental one-man accomplishment on Bill's part. 
But at least one member of the Club is still asking - where is the key hidden?
The Motutapu Composting Toilet - That One! Alan 2024-03-26 11:00:00Z 0

Dove Hospice

Dove Hospice
Our Speaker at the meeting was Kathryn Jackson, Senior Palliative Care Clinical Nurse from the Eastern Bays [“Dove”] Hospice Trust. Kathryn was introduced by the Chair of the Trust, Peter Ross.                                                                                                        
Established in 1992, the Trust has 60 staff and has just opened its 8th retail shop. With a $6m annual turnover, Dove [unlike other hospices] receives no government funding.
Dove aims to support and enhance wellness for those affected by life-threatening illness. Kathryn enlarged on the holistic wellness support provided: mental and physical wellbeing is paramount. Patients are reassured to find that they are not alone on their journey.   In support of people who have a terminal diagnosis, Dove ‘bridges the gap’ between diagnosis and end of life.   Respite care is also provided.
Kathryn spoke of the importance of collaboration with other hospices and agencies [such as the Cancer Society] and the adjacent St Andrews Village. A thoughtful and moving presentation.
Dove Hospice Alan 2024-03-26 11:00:00Z 0

Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats
Ron Seeto introduced Amy Tew from the social enterprise Everybody Eats.
Everybody Eats, established in 2017, is a not-for-profit, pay-as-you-feel dining concept. Food that would otherwise go to waste is turned into restaurant quality meals, served at the table by volunteers.
“Delicious chef-prepared meals that feed bellies, not bins.”
Amy, CEO, has had experience of not-for-profit organisations and charities in Africa and elsewhere. Everybody Eats runs two restaurants in Auckland at Onehunga and Glenn Innes, and one in central Wellington.  Each restaurant has a paid Head Chef and Manager, and is staffed by volunteers for the food preparation, table setting, serving and cleaning up.  Evening meals are served Sunday through Thursday.
Amy profiled some of the diners: quite a few are not able to pay, but about one third make useful contributions.  Fundraising and donations cover the balance of the costs.
Volunteers are essential in staffing the restaurants.
Donor organisations ensure a good supply of surplus food. These include Kiwi Harvest, Daily Bread and local supermarkets. Amy indicated how we could assist by dining, volunteering and/or donor support. Last year, 50k 3-course meals were provided.
She answered a run of questions from prospective diners.   By way of our practical support, maybe some of our committee end of year social events could take place at either the Onehunga or Glen Innes restaurants?
Everybody Eats Alan 2024-03-19 11:00:00Z 0

Watercare’s Central Interceptor

Boyne introduced Karen Melville from Ghella Abergeldie JV and Peter Wilson from Watercare.
Karen and Peter proceeded to give us a well illustrated and detailed presentation on the $1.5 billion tunnelling project to get waste water from the central city down to the Mangere Treatment Station.
Planned for the last 20 years, consented in 2013 and commenced in 2019, the project is due to be finished by the end of 2026. 
Watercare’s Central Interceptor  Alan 2024-03-12 11:00:00Z 0

Bruce O'Leary

In the absence of Acting President Bill Strand down South, Acting President2   Warwick Leyland introduced our Speaker, Bruce O’Leary, from Milford Asset Management.
Bruce joined Milford in April 2016 having worked in financial markets for more than 20 years. The firm has recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its founding by Bruce Gaynor.
Milford is also in Australia and has the biggest asset management team in NZ.
Funds under its control include its very successful KiwiSaver scheme.
With a series of overheads, Bruce gave us an astute and wide-ranging analysis of the complexity of investment management in the current financial climate, bearing in mind the Reserve Bank’s single mandate of keeping inflation within the 1 – 3% Government guideline.
His presentation included his take on such issues as:
  • The US economy
  • The magnificent 7 Nasdaq shares – Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Google, Nvidia and Tesla
  • The effects of Covid
  • Market volatility
  • Central Bank Policy
  • Inflation and Disinflation
  • Unemployment
  • Hard and Soft landings for the Economy
  • Bond Markets and Returns
  • Property Development
  • AI and the growth of ChatGPT
  • Balanced Portfolios
Bruce capably answered a number of detailed questions posed by members.  This was a very useful and wide-ranging discussion – are recent market events, following on from Covid, impacting traditional views of economic theory?
Alimac thanked Bruce for his and for Milford’s work on some of our Club and other Trusts; and for his personal support for some of those of us faced with current investment anxieties.  Alastair stressed the importance of our having trust in our various individual financial advisers. 
Bruce O'Leary 2024-03-05 11:00:00Z 0

Reading Enrichment

The REP team has started up again at Aorere College. Wednesdays 11am – 1.00pm during term time.  This is proving most worthwhile for both the tutors and the Year 9 students involved this year. Contact Scott Burridge if you are available to assist, or even if you just want to come along one Wednesday to see what the mentoring entails.   We certainly are making a difference, one student at a time.
Reading Enrichment Alan 2024-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Suburban Bike Ride

President Bill and Trish, and Alimac, take a break for the photographer on their Newmarket bike ride adventure through some of Auckland’s outlying districts on Sunday 18th February.
Free Rapport sub. for the rest of the Rotary year to the first correspondent to correctly identify this location.
Suburban Bike Ride Alan 2024-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Garden Party at the Smiths

Thanks to Val & Jeff Smith for opening up their lovely home last Sunday evening for our social get-together. Great venue, good conversation, delightful food – we all enjoyed catching up with each other in such gracious surroundings.  Much appreciated, Val & Jeff.  Thank you.
Garden Party at the Smiths Alan 2024-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Isaac Clelland - Rosterlab

We were fortunate to have Asel’s friend, Isaac Clelland from RosterLab along to address us.
The AI rostering software solution, RosterLab, won the University of Auckland’s Velocity $100K Challenge in 2020. RosterLab is based on Isaac’s PhD research with Associate Professor Andrew Mason and Dr Michael O’Sullivan into developing new techniques for mathematically optimising large and complex roster models.  Following its victory in the competition, and its winning an International Belgian Nursing Roster competition, RosterLab is being adopted by healthcare providers throughout New Zealand and overseas.  RosterLab offers a game-changing solution to the many issues that plague traditional rostering processes and is fully online, employing cloud based computing.
Isaac is developing self-rostering procedures, giving workers more personal control over their own schedules.  This not only helps to prevent burn-out, but also assists with previously unmet requests and preferences, staffing shortages and surpluses, union requirements, skills mix, and roster history.   RosterLab’s  approach emphasises automation first and then works with various trade-offs to give optimal solutions: fairness [to all concerned!] being one of the key targets. In all of this, robustness of the algorithm and communication with those being rostered, is critical.  Currently RosterLab is working with several hospitals but is also branching out into ferry and other services.
After winning the Velocity 2020 Challenge, RosterLab participated in VentureLab, an incubator also delivered by the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The University’s research commercialisation company, UniServices, provided support to RosterLab and within a year it was a venture-backed company.  The company is currently seeking the next tranche of venture funding to progress its expansion.
Isaac answered a range of great questions stimulated by his presentation. We wish him well with the worthwhile transformation he is introducing to the way rosters are created, and with the niche market opportunity his company is developing.
Isaac Clelland - Rosterlab Allan 2024-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Pramodya De Alwis

Pramodya de Alwis was guest speaker at our meeting on 20 February 2024.

He is a Software Engineer, a digital identity innovator and a block chain enthusiast.
Pramodya took us into the world of Blockchain something that a number of us had heard about and then judging from some of the questions asked some of us knew quite a bit about.
Pramodya gave us an insight into what Blockchain is and it works.
In short blockchain is a decentralised, distributed and digital public Ledger used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alterations of all subsequent blocks and the consensus of the network.
Blockchain is a distributed database which maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records called blocks these blocks are linked using cryptography each block contains A cryptographic hash of a previous block a timestamp and transaction data. So you can see who engaged with a block in a chain and what they did

Historically it appears blockchain was invented in the early 2000s to provide a public transaction Ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
While initially used to record and store transactions for cryptocurrencies blockchain technology is developing and it appears that other uses for the technology include  payment processing and money transfers my monitoring supply chains common data protection, healthcare end copyright and royalty protection, in tokenization of assets on the blockchain system so that they can be reduced to small pieces for small people small investors to get a piece of the action
One of the advantages of blockchains is that middle men are eliminated from the system. That is to say intermediaries who take a cut from transaction are no longer present.  This means cost to the user reduces and transactions can be undertaken in a more efficient way.
Until recently there's been very little in the way of regulation governing tokenised assets contained on a blockchain. The UAE have created an entire framework for regulation of tokenization which it would appear will be followed up by the rest of the world in due course.
Pramodya’s address was very interesting on all levels and well received by members.
Pramodya De Alwis Colin Lucas 2024-02-21 11:00:00Z 0

Baby Malisha

Update on Malisha

Baby Malisha has been in Starship Hospital since she arrived.  Malisha needs heart surgery urgently and the Head of Paediatrics, Port Villa Hosptial, Dr Thyna was so worried she accompanied mum and baby to NZ.  Dave & Rosie met the plane and immediately delivered all to Starship.

Malisha is on oxygen and continual monitoring for her heart.  She is settled, eating lots & sleeping.  Her mother Leimas is amazing - so positive and so appreciative of all the care Malisha is receiving, thanking ROMAC and Rotary.

The surgical team will meet on Wednesday and we will know when Malisha will have her surgery. 

Rosie B and Trish Strand are supporting Mum and baby while they are here. 

Baby Malisha Rosie Bradshaw 2024-02-19 11:00:00Z 0


Rosie Bradshaw reminds us of Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children, and the arrival of Maliha Nimik [pictured] and her mother, Leimas Homs. Malisha is to undergo heart surgery at Starship. Leimas will be staying at Ronald McDonald House. Rosie is coordinating our support for mother and daughter – please get in touch with her if you can help with the occasional visit to the mother. The hope is to support  5 or 6 such children this year – other Clubs will also be involved. 
Romac 2024-02-14 11:00:00Z 0

Jono Ridler

Our speaker for the evening, Jono Ridler, titled his stimulating presentation Choosing Discomfort, challenging us all to think of doing the hard things.
Although he had had swimming lessons as a boy, he was always more interested in his other sports. It was not until a snow boarding accident in 2011 that he came back to swimming as part of his shoulder rehabilitation: he then became seriously interested in marathon swimming.  
He talked about the importance of meeting the challenge and overcoming one’s fears.  His thorough and lengthy preparations included going out in atrocious and unknown conditions and acclimatising himself to swimming  at night. To say nothing of overcoming any fear of sharks! His major swims of
  • Cook Strait
  • Lake Taupo, and
  • Foveaux Strait       all followed.
These were precursors to his working with Swim4TheGulf and achieving his record-breaking  swim from Karaka Bay, Aotea, Great Barrier Island to Campbells Bay, Auckland in May last year. The swim took 33 hours to accomplish, and was the longest, unassisted, continuous open-water swim in New Zealand's history - a distance of almost 100 kilometres.
It was more than just a swim - it was in partnership and publicity for the Live Ocean charity, with the ambition to improve the health of Tīkapa Moana (the Hauraki Gulf). [Supported by such luminaries as Peter Burling & Blair Tuke].
Jono spoke of the crossovers into public speaking and with his work at DHL.
  • Confront the fear
  • Hang on in there
  • And ACT
We can go way further than we think we can.
Jono Ridler Alan Hayward 2024-02-14 11:00:00Z 0


  1.  Registering For Meetings.
To provide some certainty around timing John will in future send our the first meeting registration meeting email first thing on Wednesday morning the week prior to the meeting and a reminder registration form first thing on the Thursday.
2pm Friday is the cut off for REMURA and just eats for EPSOM.
Need to tick the privacy box when registering a second person.
  1. Circus Quirkus
This year it will be held on Sunday 2nd June, 2024
Yes, Kings Birthday Weekend.
 It was not possible to change the date but we also realise that possibly none of the nearly 5,000 children that attend the two shows have a family with a nice holiday home to go to or can afford to pay for a holiday venue.
For RCON this event not only gives so much joy to the children that attend, but last year the proceeds together with donations and our food sale netted our club $81,000.
These funds allowed us to participate in so many very worthwhile programmes.
So please enter this date in your diary now and support the day if at all possible.
  1. Fellowship get-together Sunday week.
Val and Jeff Smith have very kindly offered to host a get together at their home at 43 Ranui Road in Remuera commencing at 4pm on Sunday 25th February. Food will be provided at $10 per person and just bring your own wine and beverages of choice.
Already a good number have registered and if you plan to go and have not yet registered contact Alastair McFarlane well in advance please.
So thank you again to Val and Jeff for hosting the event and to Alastair and his Fellowship committee for supporting it.
Notices President Bill 2024-02-13 11:00:00Z 0

Richard Solomon

Richard Solomon Becomes an Honoury Member of the Rotary Club Of Newmarket.
President Bill noted;
Richard joined The Rotary Club of Newmarket on the 1st February 1976.  (47 years ago).   Sponsored by Gary West.
Richard was a keen yachtie, M class and good friends with Peter Montgomery and that era.
He is an astute businessman and owned the Havencare Rest Homes. (Now BUPA)
He was also a long standing Board Member and President of the New Zealand Hospitals Association.
An initial memory of Rotary for Trish and me was Richard and his late wife Rosemary hosting a most welcoming Fireside Meeting at their beautiful Remuera home for us as new members.
Over later years Richard and his lovely partner Margie have never wavered in their support for our Rotary Club and what it stands for.
Richard became President 1987 - 88
This was a huge year for RCON as the club faced the challenge of serious fund raising for Polio Plus and for Reaching Out, plus the massive task of organising the District Conference.
In Richard’s year Ross Craig was District Governor. The District Conference was held in a large marquee at Waitangi which was packed with fun, fellowship, information and action. Despite being hit by the share market crash, lower numbers, bad weather, which just about wrecked the tent, a profit was made. It was a huge club effort.
Other highlights of Richards’s year as President were that the Apprenticeship Awards were reactivated.
Under the Student Exchange Programme the Club hosted Anne Brorsen from Denmark.
It is recorded in our club history book that President Richard conducted the busy luncheon meetings with good humour and a fluent style.
In 1991 Richard was made a Paul Harris Fellow and in 2011 was awarded a Sapphire.
Over his 47 years Richard has been involve in many projects including:
Helped and set up the very successful antiques fair fundraiser.
Co-authored, with john Fitzmaurice and Warwick Paterson, volume five of the Rotary Newmarket history covering 1945 to 2010.  
He was an active supporter of rotary club initiatives to create Clubmate in 1995 which is believed to be the first Faure into dedicated computerising rotary administration. 
In private life explored programs underpinning the meaning of life and was a supporter of the Pathways to Excellence programs
Regular and active RYLA leader and interviewer of candidates.
Regularly advocating for new members and supporting membership marketing efforts e.g. club information brochure.
Initial trustee 2010 of Rotary new market Charitable Foundation.
So Richard, it is my great pleasure to award you Honorary Membership of The Rotary Club of Newmarket.  
Congratulations and thank you again for all your wonderful support for the Club.
Richard Solomon President Bill 2024-02-13 11:00:00Z 0

Coast Guard - John Hawke

Our speaker was President-Elect John Hawke. 
John has invested thousands of hours in his volunteer coastguard work over many years and gave us some interesting insights into his work with the organisation during that time.
He introduced us to the Trillian Trust and Lion Foundation Rescue boats. Current problems with engines notwithstanding,
                      John described several of the rescues he had been associated with:
  • Swamped boats needing pumping out
  • Fouled anchor chains
  • The Hobi-Cat rescue of 4 teenagers after another boat had ploughed into them
  • Abandoned boats
  • Irresponsible boatees
  • Preventable and foreseeable fuel problems
He mentioned First Aid revalidation every two years; public awareness programmes, training – and with the Navy and the Westpac helicopter,  flotsam retrieval, working associations with the Police and the Fire Service.  And a lot of sociable food and drinks occasions with the volunteers, boatees on the water  and providing reassurance to those rescued.
Great narrative stories of a special group of volunteers, providing essential community services.
Thank you John – an insightful and wide-ranging presentation.
Prince Edward takes the helm last November and heads up the harbour at 35 knots. Charlotte, another of the Coastguard volunteers, ready to intervene and take over the controls at a moment’s notice! 
Coast Guard - John Hawke 2024-01-23 11:00:00Z 0

Presidents Meeting Update

President Bill updated us about our meeting venues for the forthcoming year.

Ellerslie Events Centre is not being helpful and so after over 20 years of regular meetings at that venue we are moving on.
In the interim the Epsom Community Centre will be our meeting base with regular monthly meetings taking place at Remuera Golf Club for at least the next 12 months.
President Bill also updated us on committee changes following his appointment and circulated an updated committee list sheet.
Presidents Meeting Update 2024-01-17 11:00:00Z 0

Brian McMath

 Our speaker at Tuesday's meeting was past president Brian McMath introduced by Warwick Leyland.
 Warwick gave us a brief background on Brian's business activities noting that after his "formal" retirement Brian seemed to be busier than ever he was pre-retirement.  He is business development manager of the New Zealand Product Accelerator, a business unit within Auckland University, he is chair of the Franklin Hospice and is involved with  Charitable Trusts associated with the Rotary Club of Newmarket. He is also heavily involved in the horse racing industry with his equine nasal strips which are very popular amongst standard-bred and thoroughbred trainers.

 Brian's address was titled Trees are More Than Wood. The theme of his address was that more can be done with timber after it is harvested instead of simply exporting logs to China and or Korea. While exports of logs generate significant revenue much more could be done with timber to generate far higher revenue.

Before he got into the meat of his address Brian gave us an update on the New Zealand product accelerator. In short, It was formed in 2013, it has more or less permanent funding from the crown, it engages with all union New Zealand universities, it helps New Zealand companies to tap into the capabilities of those universities, it is pull science rather than push science, enables companies to connect and focus on tomorrow's economy.
Turning to his theme, Brian observed that Genesis Energy which operates the Huntley power station has been trialling burning carbonated wood pellets in one of its generators as opposed to burning coal. At first blush, a good idea but once it is considered more closely problems arise.  The wood pellets are imported from Canada, they have been processed effectively and converted to charcoal which is then burnt to power the generator. The pellets are expensive and so any benefits are diminished significantly. It's probably better to use the coal in and around Huntly as efficiently as possible.

Brian talked about the potential value of bio products manufactured from wood. He noted that we are in effect going back to the future pointing to casein buttons which were manufactured in the 1930s and 40s from waste wood products. He noted there was significant potential value for bioproducts from timber in New Zealand. He pointed to the value triangle as essentially integrating source materials and processes into a commercial value chain instead of shipping raw material to Asia. This means tapping science and technology to produce from wood, pharmaceuticals such as tanning chemicals anti-microbials and antiseptics, Nutremtics such sugars and organic proteins, High-end chemicals such as polymers, biofuels such as biogas and low-end chemicals.
Brian is involved in a working group involving all players in the forestry field. At the behest of the working group KPMG provided a report which suggested that there was an opportunity to increase the economic value of the forestry sector from the application of biotechnology to timber.
The main point of Brian's address is that we do need to add value to our timber exports. Doing so would not only bring value to the economy but it would also support the zero carbon economy we hear so much about.

We are not the only country looking at this biotechnology Finland and Canada are big players. About $16 billion has been added to the Finnish economy through its pursuit of bioproducts. It also adds to societal value value. It creates high skilled jobs and lifts skill sets. Additionally, there are environmental values through possibly the use of um slash which is otherwise burnt or simply left to rot. Paragraph Brian also made the point that as Mari owned 30% of forestry in New Zealand there is significant upside for that particular group of New Zealand society.
There is a need to align the forestry selector so it heads in a coordinated approach. Policy support is needed to encourage innovation and innovation and creativity. The new government seems to be making the policy changes to achieve that. In particular, the new government is supporting the innovative process to develop rather than talk about bioengineering in the forestry sector. To do that the intention is to set up a bio innovation centre in Rotorua with Zion. The aim is to test various bio products to find out if they work or not and if they do work take them to market. A concept very similar to the Food Bowl a pilot-scale food technology plant near the airport where existing companies and start-ups innovate, scale up, and commercialize new food products.  If it can be done with food then the same concept can be applied to timber.
Brian's address was very interesting and was enjoyed by those members present.
Brian McMath 2024-01-17 11:00:00Z 0

FIFA Womens World Cup

FIFA Womens World Cup
President Mike described some of his experiences driving for the Women's Soccer World Cup.  These included:
  • motorway etiquette when driving in convoy
  • hospitality at the Kauri Room at the Airport
  • the Spanish-speaking film crew consisting of three teams from Miami, filming locally
  • Starlet Carlotta’s out-takes book-marking coverage of Auckland and during some of the games  
  • Viaduct Events Centre base                
  • Driving VIPs
  • Eden Park security
  • Standing on Eden Park         
FIFA Womens World Cup 2023-09-27 11:00:00Z 0

Peter Bassett

Peter Bassett
Peter enjoyed his 90th birthday celebrations at the Mount a couple of weekends ago and appreciated both the card Club members signed at the meeting at the Medical School, and a box of photos of his involvement at Motutapu and with Trees for Survival over the years, provided by David Weikart.  He sends his thanks and good wishes to the Club. 
Peter Bassett 2023-09-27 11:00:00Z 0

President Elect Dave

President-Elect John Hawke welcomed us back to the Epsom Community Centre for the second time. Good luncheon food.  As District Polio Ambassador, he mentioned the suggested Walk for Polio from the Domain down Khyber Pass Road to Lumsden Green which was being planned for Saturday, 25th November. District clubs would be involved.  Mark your calendar now: details to follow. 
President Elect Dave 2023-09-27 11:00:00Z 0

Salvation Army Hamper Packing & Vege Run

Salvation Army Foodpacking
Alan Hayward & Peter Ross commented that there had been a useful meeting with the Salvation Army.
The food box packing project has come to the end of any useful on-going involvement for either them or us.
The new model increasingly being utilised will be the selection by clients, themselves, of the relevant products they require.
We will be able to continue the Rotary association with the Salvation Army from time to time. Amongst ideas canvassed was the suggestion that on Monday 4th December, 9am – 2.00pm,  our combined Clubs’ team might provide assistance with the selection and categorisation of a huge number of children’s Christmas gifts collected by the Blues immediately prior.  [The “Fill the Blues Bus” 2.0 campaign: ]. We would be part of a major effort that day comprising about 80+ volunteers at Mt Wellington. 
Peter Ross outlined the process that would be followed with the Drury and Papakura Clubs at the end of the year with the planned restoration of a vegetable run around some of the local market gardens. The collection would be based on Manukau. Very much at the development stage - RYLArians would be involved.  Drury had previously done this run for over 20 years, before its curtailment.
More details to follow.
Salvation Army Hamper Packing & Vege Run 2023-09-27 11:00:00Z 0

FIFA Womens World Cup

FIFA Womens World Cup
President Mike described some of his experiences driving for the Women's Soccer World Cup.  These included:
  • motorway etiquette when driving in convoy
  • hospitality at the Kauri Room at the Airport
  • the Spanish-speaking film crew consisting of three teams from Miami, filming locally
  • Starlet Carlotta’s out-takes book-marking coverage of Auckland and during some of the games  
  • Viaduct Events Centre base                
  • Driving VIPs
Eden Park security         
FIFA Womens World Cup 2023-09-27 11:00:00Z 0


See the world courtesy of this year’s award-winning photographers

Writing in this magazine in 1946, Paul Harris remarked that “travel is a good corrective for … mental near-sightedness.” The same holds true for photography, especially if, like Rotary itself, the photographer takes a global perspective.


Photographer: Edward Uhalla
Rotaract Club of Ikate, Nigeria
In Lagos, Nigeria, I was trying to document the introduction of District 9110’s 2022-23 Rotaract representative. In the thick of the chaos, this happy Rotaractor locked eyes with me, and I captured this celebratory moment in time. Judges say: The photo captures the jubilance of the occasion and the excitement of the crowd of Rotaractors. Technically, the photographer’s command of the image’s sharpness and its excellent monochromatic shades are superb!

See the rest of the winners here (curtesy of Rotary International);  Rotary magazines 2023 Photo Awards | Rotary International

ROTARY MAGAZINE 2023 PHOTO AWARDS 2023-07-25 12:00:00Z 0

District 9920 Changeover

District 9920 Changeover
RCoN rep at D9920 changeover with DG Veneeta Nand and AG Evelyn Chan 
District 9920 Changeover 2023-07-20 12:00:00Z 0

Kindness Collective and Flood relief

Kindness Collective and Flood relief
D9920 is working with the Kindness Collective with regards to distributing flood relief funds.  Here is their latest update. To date approx $75,000 has been passed to the Kindness Collective for distribution on the District’s behalf.
George Wilson – just acknowledged as D9920 Rotarian of the Year - is well known to many members of our Club – not least because of his great support for the Salvation Army foodpacking, along with RYDA and everything else Rotary with which he is involved.
George comments:
“Of all the achievements that I have had in 48 years as a Rotarian this is the best news that I have ever been associated with and is money being directed right into the Heart of the challenge at hand.   I am so pleased that DG Allan and his team have made this commitment with Sarah Page and her wonderful helpers at the Kindness Collective.
What is happening here is recognition by ROTARY, that here is a creditable organisation with far better contacts and proximity to the need than we Rotarians can ever possibly achieve on our own. Please accept our thanks to all that were involved either in giving or in the decision to make this gift.  You have made a most worthwhile decision and action and I am extremely proud of being a Rotarian.”  
Kindness Collective and Flood relief  2023-07-13 12:00:00Z 0
Rotary World Pt 2 End Polio & UNESCO Ron Seeto 2023-06-21 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 1 Gen Sec Hewko report to Melbourne Convention

4 Priorities + General Secretary’s Report to Melbourne Convention

Learn about what Rotary accomplished this past year in General Secretary John Hewko’s 2022- 23 Report to Convention.

Extracted from Rotary in Review Issue 16 june 2023

Local communities, global impact : Through collaborative efforts with people and organizations that share our vision and values, we are creating memorable club membership experiences, strengthening Rotary’s public image and recognition in communities worldwide, and expanding our capacity to do good— all while supporting the four priorities of our Action Plan

PRIORITY 1 Increase Our Impact; PRIORITY 2 Expand Our Reach; PRIORITY 3 Enhance Participant Engagement; PRIORITY 4 Increase Our Ability to Adapt

John Hewko, Rotary International General Secretary and CEO

Rotary World pt 1 Gen Sec Hewko report to Melbourne Convention Ron Seeto 2023-06-21 12:00:00Z 0

Members slot Banking on Food Packing


Special morning tea of appreciation provided that day by the Sallies!

Our food packing for the Salvation Army each Wednesday continues strongly. A great team there this week, with Wini Kanangara bringing some of his BNZ colleagues along to assist. Another 350 boxes for community recipients.

Members slot Banking on Food Packing Alan Hayward 2023-06-21 12:00:00Z 0
Members Slot Mixology Nite Ron Seeto 2023-06-21 12:00:00Z 0

Club News: Sallies, RotaPacific & FightNight


President-Elect Mike Alison in the chair for our meeting last Tuesday, anticipating next week’s Changeover evening meeting at the Remuera Golf Club. 
Mike welcomed back Eric Turner visiting from Samoa.  
Eric & Julie are in the 3rd year of their 5 year term with the Salvation Army there – working with their church’s programmes, including the provision of addiction and other services.
Eric gave us some interesting insights into what is being accomplished.
Mike also welcomed 
3 ROTAPACIFIC Fijian RYLA candidates from Suva: Sheetal Prasad, Filipe Naigulevu, and Maikali Barenage all of whom who addressed us briefly. They are now on this coming week’s RYLA course at Eastern Beach. 
Mike encouraged more Club support for Asel with his boxing bout this Friday evening.
Salvation Army response:  Napier/Hastings flooding
Roger Harvey introduced and thanked Ruth Condor, Northern Relationships Manager for the Salvation Army. Ruth described the different flooding outcomes which had occurred in Napier and in Hastings. She showed us videos from emergency responder Craig and social worker Chrissie, who had had to cope with the initial traumas of the Anniversary weekend weather bomb and were still working with uncertainties and huge needs in their communities. More assistance was gearing up for families who had lost so much, providing social work and mental health support for those financially and economically so badly affected.   The emergency equipment able to be provided through support from local Rotary Clubs, and other Clubs, including ours, was particularly appreciated.  Roger & Mike presented Ruth with our RCON $10k donation.
Coming Up:
Tuesday 27 June – Changeover evening meeting at Remuera Golf Club. 
Tuesday 4 July – lunchtime meeting at Ellerslie. Incoming President Mike Alison’s inaugural meeting.
Tuesday 11 July – Evening meeting at Remuera Golf Club. Environmental Awards.
Club News: Sallies, RotaPacific & FightNight Alan Hayward 2023-06-21 12:00:00Z 0

Club News Bruce Coterill, Di Martens, RYLA Elevate


WELCOME: President Dave welcomed us to his penultimate meeting for the year as President.   He reported on the Melbourne RI Conference: a very full attendance held in the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park. The 2024 Conference will be in Singapore.    
He commented on the most enjoyable social evening held at the Bradshaws the previous Friday; and thanked club members for another very successful Circus Quirkus – our major fundraiser for the year – held at the Due Drop Centre, Manukau, at Kings Birthday weekend [raising just under $90k]. 
In a couple of weeks’ time, at our Changeover, he will be reminding us of some of our significant achievements for the year – and welcoming President -Elect Mike Alison to the role for 2023/24.
RYLA Oceania Elevate participants
We heard from Amy & Jack, two of our RYLA attendees who had graduated to the Elevate year-long programme. Jack’s challenge is Project Lemur in Madagascar raising funds for water and emergency aid.  Amy’s project is working with the Sepik Dental Clinic in PNG.   They were than joined by Anna, visiting from Australia, and Grace who had completed the Elevate programme a couple of years previously.  
Articulate and impressive young leaders for tomorrow – great ambassadors for D9920 RYLA.   This year’s course [supported strongly by Newmarket] is taking place at Eastern Beach at the end of this month. 
Di Martens
Make yourself known to our newest Club member Di Martens, who has extensive experience in the real estate industry.  Di was introduced to the Club by Greg Carr and welcomed by Ric Buchanan and President Dave.    
Great to have you with us Di – we hope you enjoy your Newmarket Rotary experience and look forward to meeting you.
Bruce Coterill
Our speaker for the evening was Bruce Coterill – author of the book “The Best Leaders Don’t Shout.” Bruce is a transformational leader and a regular columnist for the NZ Herald. He has had extensive leadership roles in companies such as Colliers, ACP Media, Canterbury International, and The Yellow Pages Group. 
Bruce has also initiated the Bikes for Blokes Charity and in the last couple of years has twice biked from North Cape to the Bluff, raising more than $500k in the process for Prostate Cancer and Mens Mental Health.
By his own admission, an “opiniated observer,” Bruce gave us his views on NZ’s current problems, and the importance of our forthcoming “make or break” general election.  Describing this as a “sliding doors” moment for the country, he identified such issues as our:
  • GDP – 40th in the OECD
  • Inflation rate
  • Rising interest rates
  • Running budget deficits and managing debt
  • “Brain drain” overseas of our young qualified graduates
Some of the vital areas he saw us needing to address included:
  • Law and order
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Political transparency and integrity
  • A strong, balanced and independent media
He also gave us [particularly for the RYLA elevavators] his four C’s of Leadership:
  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Consistency, and
  • Care
He finished with a full “what next” question and answer session. Thank you Bruce for a challenging and forthright presentation.
Coming Up:
Tuesday 20 June – lunchtime meeting at Ellerslie. Donna Hedley from the Salvation Army.
Tuesday 27 June – evening meeting at Remuera Golf Club. Changeover.
Tuesday 4 July – lunchtime meeting at Ellerslie. Incoming President Mike Alison’s inaugural meeting.
Club News Bruce Coterill, Di Martens, RYLA Elevate Alan Hayward 2023-06-14 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Circus Quirkus



a report in pictures from incoming  Director Public Relations LIV McIVER
Members Slot Circus Quirkus Olivia McIver 2023-06-14 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary World D9920 news

Rotary World x DG ALLAN

A person or organisation is a remarkable entity that embodies the power of vision, innovation, and compassion. They are driven by a strong sense of purpose and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to inspire and empower others sets them apart. With their creative thinking, resilience, and unwavering determination, they continuously strive to achieve greatness.
Through their actions, they exemplify integrity, authenticity, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. They are a shining example of what can be accomplished when passion and dedication are combined, making them a true force for good in society.
Throughout the world there are 1.3 million Rotarians who deliver “Service above Self” in many ways and it is important that a single event or situation does not sway you away from the valued reasons why you are a Rotarian. This defines you as someone who lives the values of Rotary, and your communities are so important to you.
Rotary World D9920 news Ron Seeto 2023-06-14 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Epsom Lodge Shout out


Morena korua
I'm emailing to drum up some support for a working bee at Epsom Lodge to help reconstruct the garden beds.
We had to move them because of the refurbishment and wish to rebuild next to the northern staff car park.
I've invited RCON and Parnell Rotary to a working bee on Thursday June 22.
There will be two sessions. One starting at 10am and finishing at 12. The second from 1pm until 3pm. 
I'm looking for two or three hardy souls from each Rotary who are willing to do one or both sessions.
The work is to nail together the new beds and fill with compost. If we have time we will plant up some winter veg too. 
The rain day is 29th June at the same times.
Please let me know if you can help either by email:  or phone (022 177 4581).
Would you be able to advertise this in the club-runner please Ron/ Alan?
Nga mihi nui 
Mike Bryan | Director
The Salvation Army | Epsom Lodge
Supportive Accommodation
18 Margot Street, Epsom, Auckland 1051
T: 09 524 0252

Members Slot Epsom Lodge Shout out Mike Bryan 2023-06-14 12:00:00Z 0
Members Slot Arian Kupe awardeee Ron Seeto 2023-05-24 12:00:00Z 0

Club News Hon. Nicola Willis


A report from Colin Lucas this week....
Introduced by Alimac and Thanked with a Ruby's Teatowel by Bill Strand...Our guest speaker at our meeting at Remuera golf club on Tuesday evening was Nicola Willis deputy leader of the National Party. 
Nicola is a member of not only the parliamentary National Party but also Wellington Rotary Club.
In her introductory comments she told us that we in New Zealand face significant challenges, our economy is in a fragile place, need in the country has expanded, foodbanks are overwhelmed and people with mortgages are nervous. 
Government debt has grown from 10 billion to 90 billion full stop the country is not paying it's way as there is a significant balance of payment deficit. 
So what would a national lead government do? 
First send a message to the economy that they want the economy to grow, 
Second the government should do what every household in the country is doing that is to say tightening it's belt. 
Thirdly modest and affordable tax reductions. 
Club News Hon. Nicola Willis Colin Lucas 2023-05-24 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary World D9920 Changeover

RCoN LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE at D9920 CHANGEOVER ...saturday 1 July 8am

Once you have registered for coordination please let Big Wig Ed know
Rotary World D9920 Changeover Ron Seeto 2023-05-24 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot pt 1 Q'twn shenanigans

Members Slot

Queenstown shenanigans & a Mixology fellowship evening out

Golf, Ice cream & doubt about it ... your comms gang know how to have




MIXING & MIXOLOGY Book your place NOW 

 Friday 9 June 5pm to 8pm
 Email or Call David or Rosie Bradshaw
 Phone 021 688359 or 021 397155
Members Slot pt 1 Q'twn shenanigans Simon Dalton 2023-05-16 12:00:00Z 0

Club News WINNI, RYPEN & Kindness Collective

Winni's Vocational, RYPEN & the Kindness Collective

Last Tuesday’s meeting
We enjoyed another visit by the DG, and several visitors, along with a memorable line up of speakers for the day. Solving each problem as it comes along in true Rotary fashion, President Dave secured  the lectern banner with a kitchen knife that doubled as a make-believe microphone,  stole our speaker’s thunder with his latest [very funny] pass-it-on kindness experience and - at the end - produced an ersatz  kind of cheque [cheque?] for our speaker– kindness personified.

Winni's Vocational

First we had a job talk from our new member Winni Kanangarra Senior Partner at BNZ with responsibility for their Business Partners Team.  Originally from Sri Lanka, Winni highlighted his world, from Invercargill to Brisbane to Sydney and then to Auckland.  
In introducing us to his whanau he re-emphasised the well-established Rotary principle of family first – and then passed over a series of financial slides that made any business eyes present water.  BNZ have been generous in permitting the use of their Business Partners Centre for recent  interviews for RYPEN [Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment] and RYLA  [Rotary Youth Leadership Award] candidates. Thanks Winni – and welcome.

RYPEN Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

a week long leadership camp for Year 11 and Year12 students. 
Then we had presentations from the recent RYPEN weekend students we had supported – Jarrod Seko and Matthew Fasavalu from St Peters and Katerina Collier-Tanielu and Janet Tuimauga from Aorere College. They reminded us that that weekend is designed to promote friendship, teamwork and participation. Activities include hiking, rafting, and rock climbing.  All four expressed appreciation of their experiences, acknowledging the considerable confidence boost gained.   Special appreciation – in her absence – to the ongoing chief organiser and co-ordinator, Aine Kwok, of the St Johns Club.  Thanks Aine.

SARAH PAGE : the Kindness Collective

Our speaker was Sarah Page founder and CEO of the Kindness Collective, introduced to the meeting and thanked by our own Ariana Andrews, a member of Sarah’s Board.   Recently New  Zealander of the Year, Sarah & The Kindness Collective received the  “Community of the Year 2023” Award.   Sarah reminded us of the current stats – around 200k children living in poverty and deprived circumstances. In a very personal introduction to her talk, Sarah spoke of her own family journey, her autistic son and the moment in 2014 – suffering from post-natal depression - she decided to do something practical for her community, supplying a local women’s refuge with food and support. 34 presents for 34 children in 2014  has now become 35k new toys for a similar number of deserving children in 2022. Operating on referrals, the Kindness Collective helps 110 community groups around the country in 39 cities and towns. Family essentials, food and toiletries -  Sarah described “moments of joy” for all those involved in this transfer of goodwill.  
She described the local Christmas Joy Store, supported by club members last year; the current winter pyjama drive – target 20k pairs; the $1.5m Cyclone Gabrielle relief moneys donated by the Collective to flooding victims – whiteware, bedding and assistance to some of those uninsured. 
 The Collective works with Community-lead projects, including school gardens, embracing the whole school community.
A moving presentation – responded to by President Dave with the presentation of the aforementioned $5k “cheque” from the Club and the Trusts. Indeed Big Wig Ed
Next meeting
Tuesday 23rd May,  6.30pm at the Remuera Golf Club.  Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Nicola Willis, responding to the Budget. If you are thinking of coming, register NOW  [or you may be too late].
Club News WINNI, RYPEN & Kindness Collective Alan Hayward 2023-05-16 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary World DEI survey 

More on DEI : a Rotary International Survey from RIP Jennifer Jones

Dear Rotarian  ,
If you’ve already taken a few minutes to participate in Rotary’s 2023 DEI Survey, THANK YOU. If it’s still on your to-do list, I hope you’ll consider sharing your thoughts. 
Your perspective will be combined with others to help shape our DEI strategy for 2023 and beyond. We appreciate your time and candor! 
The survey closes on Sunday, May 14, 2023. If you have any questions, please send them to  

Jennifer Jones, President, Rotary International

Did you participate? Big Wig Ed

Rotary World DEI survey Ron Seeto 2023-05-16 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot show & tell



Spending time in Brazil as part of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America has been an unforgettable experience. From exploring vibrant cities and engaging museums, to walking through the Atlantic rainforest to visit Guarani and other communities to share mātauranga, waiata and aspirations. Visiting NGOs working in different ways to support those on the ground to have greater control over their futures and to fully assert their rights. Spending time in sacred spaces and experiencing connection in a way I still cannot articulate. We met and learned about amazing leaders advocating for Indigenous rights and working to create change at local, regional, national and international levels. We also learned of the humanitarian crisis the Yanomami people are experiencing as a result of the ongoing exploitation and degradation of their lands, primarily due to illegal mining.
Members Slot show & tell Ariana Andrews 2023-05-03 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary World D9920 Youth programs

Our prodigious D9920 Youth offering & Calendar

Peter Ross, provided this update with dates to mark in your calendar.
The state of play related to 9920 youth programs and planned events through to the end of your year.
INTERACT : Ainie Kwok has been working with the Interact team out of Auckland Grammar (another initiative coming out of RYPEN and the linking with Interact Clubs) The Grammar Interact team are organising a Blood Bankproject where the interactors are giving blood.
This will take place at the Blood Bank in Great South Road, next to Dilworth,  on Thursday 4th May.
Ainie will be seeking support from other Interact Clubs and their associated Rotary clubs.
This may be something for your monthly news update.
RYPEN there is a proposal being worked on to have a return visit for RYPEN graduates from 2023, probably no more than a day sometime in the next few months.
It is worth noting that RYPEN 2023 under the oversight of Ainie Kwok and George Wilson was run and lead by Josh Simpson, Tia Pousini and Chrystal Hayr (all ex RYLA) and mentored by ex RYLA graduates from 2022 and as far back as 2015. Many of these will now go on to help run RYLA 2023 as well as the disability camp planned for September.
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Club News DG Visit & More


this Tuesday lunch meeting we managed a quorum for our DG visit, IPP Greg’s AGM and recognising our latest honorary member Bob Stephens
DG Visit we got 2 for the price of one in District power couple Allan & Sue. Many of you will have heard Big Wig Ed say a DG’s address like any great address must have a strong beginning and a great end – preferably quite close together.
Personal stuff:
Both first gen kiwis from “10 pound pom” immigrants Allan has been married to Sue for 47 years. Sue is not a Rotarian but is the Ops manager for ROMAC. So both are Rotary focussed. Their combined work life experience have prepared them well for their current District roles. For Allan this has encompassed sporting and business worlds as  a junior Kiwi league rep, time in Foodtown, the NZ police, Eric Watson and setting up the Noel Leeming franchises  …for Sue a trained physiotherapist and mother to 2 daughters Debbie and Renee. Together they acquired a disability equipment supplier in 2000 a $11M company with 18 staff which they turned into Accesable NZ selling in 2021 for $100M with 140 staff. Attracted by our motto, Service Above Self,  Allan joined Rotary in 2015. There you goIt is never too late to serve through Rotary (Big Wig Ed)
Rotary stuff:Big Wig Ed’s takeaways in soundbites and pix below......................................
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Rotary World RYLA Elevate Amy Strang


Please find attached a report from Amy Strang covering her experience at RYLA Elevate in Australia.
I think this could be worthy of publication across the Newmarket bulletin and the District news.
Just by way of introduction we assisted nine people to RYLA Elevate in Sydney which took place in the Blue Mountains in March.
Eight participants (listed Below) and one leader (Grace Cussell) (nine out of twenty six were from 9920, 35%, across Australia and New Zealand came from 9920 !!.
All of these candidates are very high calibre and a credit to New Zealand. Newmarket Rotary can be proud they are leading the way in District 9920 in supporting this initiative.
Amy Strang • Ariana Andrews • Chrystal Hayr • Mariam Malek • Kevin Choi • Will Creedy • Jack Keeys • Kate Martin
regards Peter Ross Chairman 0274854572
District 9920
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Club news Janette Searle & Alpers Lodge


“Change is inevitable... change is constant” - Disraeli
So for a trial, last Tuesday, we moved back to Newmarket, our home base. Alpers Lodge provided our meal and our meeting space in their White House. [President Dave invited thoughts and opinions on this venue to be sent through to him.]  He welcomed Asel’s friend Maxine and 23 of us to lunch. With ANZAC day next week, he invited each of us to express our thanks for something important to us, resulting in 24 varied, interesting and worthwhile responses.
Our speaker, our own Janette Searle, Rotary Newmarket Chair of the Rotary Foundation/WCS Committee, then brought us up to date on two of her very successful initiatives and other developments:


Managed Moves
Arising out of her 2015 Education Research Project, investigating alternative education for 13 – 16 year olds dropping out of their schooling, she developed a very successful new model now employed by 13 Secondary schools in West Auckland. The challenge is to re-engage youth at risk. The solution is to provide wrap-around support and care through coordinators tracking everything in their lives: family, health and well-being, societal pressures, and transitions; as well as enabling them to continue with their education. This has resulted in about half of those being helped heading back into mainstream or other education and training. This changed pastoral care approach has dramatically limited the number of exclusions from the participating schools [eight, last year, rather than hundreds previously].
Such an encouraging approach has been picked up by some of the decision makers and is now being actively employed elsewhere. May it continue to grow and develop!
Take My Hands
In 2010 Janette became aware of many artificial limbs from the AF Service, capable of being recycled, ending up as junk. 
Establishing a Charitable Trust for the purpose, she arranged for the first shipment to be sent to Lahore. The project has never looked back. 9 different countries, 12 recipient partners and 44 equipment and transport partners later, Take My Hands works mainly in the Pacific. Suitable health materials are sourced, containers are loaded and identified needs in the recipient countries met. 
Since the Trust’s foundation, equipment worth over $2m has been provided at a tenth of that cost. 
Other Developments
Janette then outlined three other important developments with which she is associated:
  • The mechanical hospital bed undertaken with UC and Fisher & Paykel 
  • Infection Control using the Floor and Surface cleaner she has produced
  • A portable dental clinic she has sourced in Northland, to be shipped to the Pacific
An impressive presentation from a very committed and passionate member of our Club. Members questions and acclamation expressed our appreciation for her infectious enthusiasm. Thank you, Janette – tremendous achievements.

Dates for Your Diary

No meeting 25th April [Anzac Day]
2nd May - Ellerslie, with the Club visit from our 9920 DG Allan Smith.
9th May - Remuera Golf Club with Roger Partridge from the NZ Initiative, and attendees from the Science Forum
16th May – Ellerslie, with Sarah Page from the Kindness Collective, and attendees from the RYPEN weekend.
27th – 31st May 2023 -   RI Melbourne Conference
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Members Slot Pictorial essay NO REGRETS

NO REGRETS Happiness = Gratitude

Out & About with Rotary Newmarket in pictures...PLEASE SEND BIG WIG ED YOUR PIX or put up with more selfies
1. Past presidents Night out at Spiga Remuera Village
2. PP Night introducing our chef & owner Fabrizio and hostess Taryne
3. PP Night No Regrets grace from Alimac
4. Good Friday Groove Waiheke pork belly & partying with our glorious leader Dave
5. GFG remember Geoff Wake?
6. ANZAC Brisbane weekend Detox Retox Repeat big wig ed with BFF Sharon
7 Pink Fizz from Brisbane for Liv McIver
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Rotary World Saving Babies in Ukraine

Saving babies in Ukraine

Earlier this year, Dr. John Philips, chair of the International Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals, traveled with a convey through France, Germany, and Poland to deliver 120 boxes of vital medical supplies to Ukraine. Several months into the war, the fellowship became concerned about the status of maternal care in the country after hearing stories of women being forced to give birth in basements, subway stations, and other locations away from hospitals. The fellowship is working to save babies by providing ultrasound probes that can detect breathing problems in newborns. Learn more about its efforts.
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Members slot pt1 SELKIRK GRACE


Ron, Herewith the words of the "Selkirk Grace" presented last night.
This is a Scots language prayer recited annually at the "Burns Supper"
held every year to celebrate and mark the unique contribution "Rabbie Burns" 
made to the culture and history of Scotland.
For the Rapport if you wish.
Members slot pt1 SELKIRK GRACE Alastair Macfarlane 2023-04-05 12:00:00Z 0

Club News 4April Evening Meeting


President Dave welcomed several categories of visitors to our pre-Easter meeting: a lively occasion with an attendance of 65 including representation from 7 other rotary clubs, involving the welcoming of a new Club member, a moving vocational, the award of a Paul Harris, Alimac’s albannaich Burns’ Selkirk grace, an up-to-date and perceptive analysis of Ukraine’s struggle against its Russian invaders, and some warm Rotary fellowship. 


Ron Seeto introduced [and thanked] our guest speaker, founder of Kiwi K.A.R.E. [Kiwi Aid and Refugee Evacuation].   Tenby is a retired Army Colonel and former Mayor of Tauranga. He has spent time in the dangerous Red Zone in the east of the Ukraine and is heading back there again next month through to the end of the year. 
 Tenby outlined why it is important that Ukraine wins this war, not only for the country but also for the rest of the free world. There have been thousands of deaths of soldiers and civilians. More than 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced – half of these fleeing the country as refugees elsewhere. There is massive local and international economic disruption as a consequence. 
Tenby became involved through a friend in Warsaw. Last July he set up an NZ flag operation – Kiwi K.A.R.E. – delivering humanitarian and medical aid and enabling evacuations from occupied territories. The aid is delivered directly into the hands of those who need it.
Other issues covered in his presentation included 
  • The 7 donated ambulances and the 10 ton truck being shipped to the Ukraine, along with medical and practical aid
  • The increasing volume of Russia’s war crimes, including massacres and the deliberate targeting of hospitals and health clinics, and the forced repatriation to Russia of more than 300k Ukrainian children
  • The Wagner private Russian army
  • The West’s provision of tanks and armaments to Ukraine
  • An analysis of the likely pattern of the war from this point 
  • Future potential EU and NATO membership
  • Facebook and the Give-A-Little $350k response to date
A sobering and realistic account of this ongoing tragic battle.  Tenby returns to the Ukraine with our good wishes and great respect for what he is achieving under such difficult and confronting circumstances.




Olivia gave us her engaging and personal vocational, outlining her philosophies of life [including introductions to her family and especially her Nan].  She has overcome significant medical adversity, with successful recovery and rehabilitation. She founded Soda Digital 5 years ago and now with solid application and effort has assembled a great team around her, specialising in social media profiles. She reminded us all – “Luck is an attitude.”    
Thanks, Liv, for a very special presentation.


Martin presented Winni Kannangara to President Dave for induction into the Club. Winni is a senior banker with BNZ – he will be a member of the Youth Committee. He has been to several of our Club meetings already – make sure you welcome him at the next meeting or two. His contacts are , 022 0804 208.   Great to have you on board Winni – enjoy your association with us.


Paul Harris Fellow – Deb Hardy

Boyne, and on behalf of Paul, introduced Deb Hardy to the Club, from the Garden DesignFest Committee. Deb has been involved with the Committee from the start, 11 years ago, managing sponsors, promotions, media, the selling of tickets and the like. During that time more than $180k has been raised for Charity.  
President Dave congratulated Deb on her Paul Harris Fellowship, presenting her with her pin: our Club’s public acknowledgement of her and her significant community service. 
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Members Slot pt 2 skirt, kilt or sulu


DEI = Diversity Equity Inclusion 
What is the Aotearoa Inclusivity Matrix?
The Aotearoa Inclusivity Matrix is an evidence-based framework that allows organisations to identify the maturity of their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices across seven components.
Big Wig Ed or regular RCoN  poser is wearing a….
Members Slot pt 2 skirt, kilt or sulu Ron Seeto 2023-04-05 12:00:00Z 0

Club News NZ Iconic Brands

NZ ICONIC BRANDS : as they were

Phil Sai-Louie  gave us a fact-filled analysis of a dozen well known Kiwi brands, many dating back more than a century.  Although some of the names still existed, there had been an inexorable take over by multi-national companies.
Tip Top [now owned by Nestle]; Georgie Pie [killed off by McDonalds]; Lemon & Paeroa [now owned by Coca Cola]; Glaxo from Bunnythorpe in the Manawatu [now part of Glaxo Smith Kline, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world]; Sanitarium [Seventh Day Adventist, non-tax paying and around 150 products] and Kellogg; the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, established at Birkenhead; Chesdale [vacuum packing and processed spreadable cheeses] now part of Fonterra; Edmonds[“Sure to Rise” baking powder] – the first edition of the Cook Book was in 1907 – now part of Goodman Fielder Wattie; Masport [Mason & Porter] 1930, the first hand lawn mower [now taken over by AL-KO Gardentech];  Tux dog biscuits, started by Tony Moore in Blenheim and now part of Nestle Purina Petcare; and The Warehouse started by Stephen Tindall, now part of NZ’s largest retail chain [incorporating Noel Leeming etc].
A nostalgic trip down memory lane for many of those present, and a reminder for others of the Kiwi can-do approach to almost anything, including business.   Phil agreed to incorporate some knowledgeable interjections from members into his future presentations. Indeed Big Wig Ed.

President Elect Mike chairs his first meeting

Chairing his first meeting, President-Elect Mike Alison ( fully suited & booted) welcomed Di Martens to the meeting, along with our speaker, historian Phil Sai-Louie.
Mike reminded members of the start for the year of Aorere College’s Reading Enrichment Programme on Thursday.......
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Members Slot pt1 Pétanque fellowship

Petanque Fellowship

Hello Ron,
I think I have the correct winners !
We had a great night for Petanque on Wed. 15th March at the Epsom Bowling Club
A group of 13  hardy regulars were on hand.
Greg Carr supplied the food for the BBQ which was cooked by Peter Corner, delicious steak and sausages.
The winners of the Bob McMillan Cup were John Hawke and Scott Burridge who emerged the victors !
Thanks to all who participated we are calling for more enthusiasts next year.
Peter Corner
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Rotary World pt 2 Science Forum

Rotary Science Forum & a THANK YOU for RCoN

Warwick Leyland passed on this heartfelt thank you below.....
Tēnā koutou,
I would like to express my gratitude for granting me a scholarship to attend this Rotary Science and Technology Forum. It was an experience that I will never forget in my years of secondary school. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and professors who happily shared their experiences of how they managed university life. 
One key highlight of this Summer camp was being able to attend several lectures, in particular microbiology. I never thought of how interesting microbiology is (investigating microorganisms through a microscope) until this lecture. This interested me because these tiny organisms all contain unique and special features which also play important roles in several biochemical processes such as climate change. Besides microbiology, everything flowed smoothly from the very beginning of the two weeks, right to the end of it all. It was easy to bond and make friendships with everyone, because we all shared similar interests with each other, which created easy conversations. 
Once again, thank you all for this great opportunity of being exposed to a range of careers in Science. It was truly an amazing time and could not ask for a better experience with like-minded friends. 
Regards, Chertoriah Tafatu
Our pleasure Chertoriah & THANK YOU! Big Wig Ed.
PS: The Forum is a 14-day program for high-achieving Year 12 students 
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Rotary World pt1 where has the year gone so far

Where has the year gone so far?

Click on the pic to take you to the full District 9920 newsletter.
DG Allan looking back on the last 2 months.
It is hard to believe that 2 months has passed this year already, and so much has happened.
  • RC Counties Manukau having their 1st fundraiser event at Maraetai
  • A break for a holiday at the Beach House (go away rain ☹)
  • Flood emergency support meetings
  • Regionalisation meetings
  • Auckland South big Las Vegas night and dinner with the Mayor
  • Half Moon Bay RC visit
  • Visit to the Mens Shed
  • Polio Cruise Night
  • Chinese New Year celebrations with the Harbourside club
  • Visit Tonga and the Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa
  • DG Cluster visit to Counties Manukau and Botany Rotary Clubs
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Club News charity recipients

The DOING GOOD News keep on coming at Rotary Newmarket

News 14/3 meeting
This was the opportunity to celebrate the Walsh Flying School, and Garden DesignFest. Boyne has been a strong promoter of  both these worthwhile projects for the Club over the years, and we owe a debt of gratitude both to him, and to Paul for the latter, in particular.  The $60.000 from the GDF day has been shared amongst the five charities involved [including RCON CT]. Bravo Boyne Drummond & Paul Monk Big Wig Ed
Walsh:  Jacob Madacanno-Holland
Jacob, 17, from Dilworth apologised for not being a proficient speaker, and then gave us the most articulate account of his Walsh experience, complete with video clip.  One of three students sponsored by Newmarket, Jacob flew solo after 7.1 hours of instruction – despite the rain forcing a rearrangement of the programme. He is a Bruce Donnelly Memorial Scholarship Awardee and is looking towards a career in commercial aviation. An outstanding recipient of support from the Club and the Trusts – we wish him well for the future. 
Garden DesignFest Charities
President Dave & Boyne welcomed representatives from the recipient Charities, and Kay Madigan from the Village Square Trust – Kay had coordinated 160 volunteers for the garden visits over the two days. Boyne introduced each of the speakers.  
Club News charity recipients Alan Hayward 2023-03-15 11:00:00Z 0
Members Slot pt 2 big wig ed out & aboutBig Wig Ed' out & about Ron Seeto 2023-03-15 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 2 Melbourne Convention

Are YOU going to..........

the greatest Fellowship Event in the Rotary Year aka Melbourne Convention 2023

click on the pic to Register
Big Wig Ed
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Rotary World RYLA calling

RYLA 2023 Have YOU replied to AliMac's request yet ????????????

I need your RYLA application action.We have young people to serve, so please go to and put fwd some names.
Cheers Alimac +6421 951 826
Rotary World RYLA calling Ron Seeto 2023-03-15 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Hans Fitzi

Hans Fitzi eulogy

Hans Fitzi  97 years young
Father, Architect , Deer farmer, Founder Swiss Kiwi Yodel group, Rotarian, Member Rotary Club of Newmarket & much more.
For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Hans he will be remembered as a man for all seasons. 
I was fortunate to have seen many facets of his extraordinary life.
My earliest memory is Sharon and I being at one of his famous club Christmas parties on his deer farm on the Kaipara where we were greeted off the party bus by his swiss kiwi yodellers , the Christmas gifting game of tombola, mulled wine….swiss cheeses…
then  there was his big 70th? Birthday where I learnt about  his pioneering deer farming exploits along with Sir Tim Wallis...
many committee meetings in his lovely  mid century style modernist home with the powerful faceted timber ceiling overlooking Orakei basin. Both Lia and Hans were the ultimate hosts, much laughter, fellowship, fine food and drink…which reminds me of his 
chestnut beer venture with John Phillis
Hans was the consummate networker too and loved Chinese cuisine. Sharon and I last had the pleasure of being guests at a dinner at Grand Harbour along with the then swiss consul Peter Deutschle ( a client of mine for their home in Marine Parade) and Ross Craig so Hans could introduce us to a young swiss musical prodigy Simone Roggen who later joined RCoN  
A man for all seasons indeed. Rest in peace. Big Wig Ed.
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Members Slot Pot Pour

Members Slot another Pot Pourri

This is what you sent in ...keep them coming or you get more fillers of Big Wig Ed.
1. once more for our fighter Asel Opata. Click on images below check out the Youtube link
2. a throwback from Peter Ross. 
Ron,This was taken in June 2020, in the early days Salvation Army packing at Manukau.
We (with help from a few other Rotary Clubs) have been packing weekly (apart from a few weeks at Christmas) for over two and a half years.
Thought you might like if for Rapport at some point
3. a recent throwback from Colin Lucas the Night of the Big Wet!
4. another recent throwback from Big Wig Ed & his bestie Sharon louting outside Fat Boy Slim

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Members Slot pt 2 Garden Fest

Garden Fest 2022 Newsclip

Boyne Drummond had this to say in a press release for the District Newsletter.
The Auckland Garden DesignFest is a biennial event that showcases up to 18 individual high quality residential gardens and gives the public the opportunity to view these gardens and meet the designers.   The AGDF is an initiative of the Garden Design Society of New Zealand and the Rotary Club of Newmarket.   Entry to the gardens is by ticketholders only and all profits from the event go to nominated charities.  
The 6th Auckland Garden DesignFest was held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27 th of November 2022. Once again garden lovers were given the opportunity to visit a range of beautifully designed gardens across Auckland and speak to the designers who conceived them. The gardens on show reflected the excellence of garden design in New Zealand. 
The popularity of the festival has grown significantly since the inaugural event which was held in 2011 and record numbers in excess of 1,200 visitors attended the 2022 event. All funds raised by the AGDF after the deduction of costs are donated to the chosen charities, all of which are instrumental in supporting those at risk in our communities and with a specific focus on CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS.
The charities supported by the 2022 event are Lifeline, KidsCan, Oke, Garden To Table, and the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Trust.  The event raised just over $60,000 which resulted in a grant of $12,000 to each of the charities. 
Special thanks must go to premier sponsors  Kings Plant Barn and Dawson & Co. who played a very big part in setting up and running the event, and to our other valued sponsors Gubba, Gardena, Central Landscapes, Ray White Mt Eden, and the Village Square Trust, who generously supported the event and ensured its success. 
And also special thanks to the garden owners who allowed the public into their private domains.  Without their generosity and support this event would not happen.  
Members Slot pt 2 Garden Fest Boyne Drummond 2023-03-08 11:00:00Z 0
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Rapport 25 Club News pt1

Taking Stock

Our lunchtime meeting last Tuesday was a time for us  to pause and reflect. Reports were received from our various committees on activities for the Rotary year to date, with plans for the next few months  -  Community and Environment, Communications, Fellowship, Youth, Fundraising, World Community Service and Membership. 
We are a busy Club, doing a power of good in the Community. But as President Dave reminds us, reality beckons. Our membership numbers are dropping, and we need to look to the future.  Our home is in Newmarket. We have to make ourselves attractive to our younger members, as well as remaining true to our core. 
So a useful lunchtime exercise, with a challenge for all of us. Who am I going to bring to a forthcoming meeting, and introduce to the Club? Indeed!! Big Wig Ed
Evening Meetings at the Remuera Golf Club
This coming Tuesday 14th March 
A field of speakers, from our Garden DesignFest Charities: Lifeline, KidsCan and Oke. Plus Jacob Madacanno-Holland from Dilworth, who attended the Walsh Flying School.
Tuesday 4th April
Tenby Powell, on the Ukraine war.
Tuesday 9th May
Roger Partridge, NZ Initiative
Tuesday 13th June
Bruce Cotterill, NZ Herald columnist.
Mark your diary now.
Flood Relief
Ric reported that a target of $25k looked achievable
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RYLA 2023 call out


Contact Alastair MacFarlane ASAP

Need to give a huge surve ( sic Big Wig Ed ) for RYLA in the next series of Rapport issues.
I sent out 181 coms via clubrunner and have had only 3 replies !!!!!!!!!!!
RLYA coordinator
RYLA 2023 call out Alastair MacFarlane 2023-03-08 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Holyoake & Conference

Rapport and Rotary Newmarket sends condolences and aroha to the Holyoake family  for the passing of PDG Noel Holyoake father of the  Rotary District 9920 Trees for Survival program. Noel Victor Holyoake aged 91 years passed away peacefully on saturday 4 March at home, as he wanted with his family beside him. A Totara has fallen. Rest in Peace
DG Allan had this to say;
Good morning
It is with much regret that we need to inform you that the D9920 Conference has been cancelled due to lack of registrations. This is obviously a sad position to be in but when considering the events of the last 6 weeks and the costs of being involved in support of the communities this is understandable.
For those who have supported us we have appreciated that support, but the conference is not viable, so the decision needed to be made so further costs were not developed.
For those of you that have registered and paid a refund will be issued to you over the next few weeks.
Nga Mihi Nui
Allan & Sue
Rotary World Holyoake & Conference Ron Seeto 2023-03-08 11:00:00Z 0
Circus Quirkus - SAVE THE DATE! Simon Dalton 2023-03-01 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Potpourri


RAIN waiting for Elto with Alastair McFarlane 
SEA SAILING  & SUN with Colin Lucas
SNOW with Dave & Rosie 
SMOOZING Big Wig & BFF x OP SHOP for I AM HOPE with Polio survivor Karim Ros
BEACH & SUN with Holly Bennett
CRUIS'N to End Polio with past RI President & RI Foundation chair Ian Riseley
FIGHTING with Asel Opata
Members Slot Potpourri Ron Seeto 2023-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Judge Blackie etc

Our first evening meeting for the year was held at the Remuera Golf Club last Tuesday

New Member 

President Dave inducted Olivia McIver into the Club. Olivia is a social media specialist, and a finalist in last year’s Newmarket Business Awards.  She will be a member of the Youth Committee. Welcome Olivia!

Paul Harris Fellows

Boyne Drummond and Paul Monk received well-deserved  Paul Harris awards for their sterling work in organising last year’s very successful Garden DesignFest. 


Holly Bennett, Te Arawa,  introduced herself to the Club, detailing her very impressive whakapapa.  After her law degree from Auckland University she commenced her career at the Manukau District Court, next going to Parliament and then in 2017 founded her government relations and communications firm  Awhi. In 2022 she was named Young Business Person of the Year at the Newmarket Business Awards. She is always looking for ways to innovate government relations in Aotearoa, ensuring the expert industry is something that everyone can access.

Cyclone Gabrielle Support

President Dave outlined the Club’s proposed response to Cyclone Gabrielle. Donations were being sought from members to be provided to ButterBean and the Kindness Collective, both actively supporting Cyclone victims. Ric Buchanan, our Treasurer, is standing by to receive requests for the direct debiting of nominated amounts. [Alternatively, funds may be credited to the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Trust by direct bank transfer: 12-3252-0042374-00. Don’t forget to include your name!]
The Riccarton Club in Christchurch has been in touch concerning joining their support with us.

Judge Charles Blackie

Our speaker for the evening was Judge Charles Blackie QSO, from the Parole Board. After a distinguished legal career as a District Court and Executive Judge, in 2017 Judge Blackie was appointed as Convenor of the Parole Board.  He is Chief Justice of the Pitcairns Supreme Court and a former Commander in the Royal NZ Naval Volunteer Reserve.
The Parole Board covers all the NZ prisons. There is a panel convener and two lay members for each hearing – more for major crimes. Prisoners may be released if and when they no longer pose undue risk – monitoring continues for six months.  Judge Blackie provided statistics for hearings and outcomes.
Classification of prisoners ranges from Maximum Security [Paremoremo]  on a graduated scale to Minimal. Many offences relate to drug habits. There are drug treatment programmes. Release plans can include electronic monitoring, ensuring controlled movement and a curfew. Prisoners released on parole can be recalled for parole breaches.
There is no right of appeal against the Parole Board’s decisions. Reviews may be sought on limited specific grounds. Applications for Judicial Review are very rare. In cooperation with the various authorities, parole may be revoked. Deportation is initiated by the Immigration Department.
The victim’s voice can be heard on the basis of written statements, and the Board can call for reports.
Judge Blackie advised that his term as Convener ends shortly.
An illuminating and informative address. We are very fortunate to have Judges of the calibre of Judge Blackie taking on these significant duties, serving our society so well under such difficult and challenging circumstances. 
Next Meeting
Tuesday 7 March, 12 noon,    Ellerslie
District Conference 
31st March – 1st April 2023    Karaka
RI Melbourne Convention
27th – 31st May 2023.  
Club News Judge Blackie etc Alan Hayward 2023-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World part 1 D9920 Conference

Register Now & SUPPORT our Conference

CLICK on the pic below

In working with the event management company and the conference committee we have now come to a sense of urgency to establish whether it is viable for the conference to proceed. To date the number of registrations does not make the conference viable to reach a breakeven position.
On Behalf of The Rotary Club of St Johns     
Please Register Now!!
There is a great program lined up and 2 great dinner events to be held on the Friday evening in support of the Foundation and then the awards dinner on Saturday evening.
Please register IMMEDIATELY and support the Conference. It is important that we know of your intention to attend so that all elements can proceed as planned.
At this stage, unfortunately, unless we have more registrations received, the conference committee we will need to consider cancelling this conference.   This decision is not done lightly and although we have promoted the event strongly, our Rotarian members have not shown the intention to come together and celebrate the work and connections we have together and within the community.
 To register please  CLICK ON THE FEATURE IMAGE & follow the link.
Nga Mihi Nui
Rotary World part 1 D9920 Conference Allan Smith 2023-02-26 11:00:00Z 0
Rotary World Part 2 RI Melbourne Convention Ron Seeto 2023-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Pt 2 Ronnie Marathon Man

Rotarian Aiming for  100th Marathon

Marathon Man Ronald Chen Past President of Rotary Auckland  Harbourside

  • 72 years old grandpa
  • Rotarian for 30 years (Joined in Taiwan)
  • Have done 98 full marathons since 2013
  • 99th in Hutt Valley, Wellington 14 January 2023
  • 100th will be in Auckland Domain (Tuesday 24th January) 
Bravo Ronald #runRonnierun! Did you know Ronald also ran the 12 Volcanoes in Auckland  for END POLIO ? Big Wig Ed
Rotary World Pt 2 Ronnie Marathon Man Ron Seeto 2023-01-22 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Pt 3 RIP Theme 2034- 24

RIP Theme for 2033-24 : Create Hope in the World

Rotary International President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally revealed the 2023-24 presidential theme, Create Hope in the World, during the International Assembly in Orlando, Florida, USA, 9 January. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland, asked members to restore hope by helping the world heal from destructive conflicts and create lasting change within ourselves. McInally told attendees he plans to make mental health a focus and emphasized continuity in advancing the goals of previous leaders, including empowering girls and eradicating polio.
Extract from 13 January issue of Rotary in Review Big Wig Ed.
Rotary World Pt 3 RIP Theme 2034- 24 Ron Seeto 2023-01-22 11:00:00Z 0
Rotary World pt1 Xmas Hampers Alan Hayward 2023-01-22 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World District stuff


For some holiday reading you can check out the D9920 newsletter end of year report from our sitting Guv Allan here
Don't forget our District 9920 Conference , 31 March to 1 April 2023 
Thanks Allan & Sue for getting us thro the first half from Rotary Newmarket & our Rapport team


More holiday cheer you can deep dive into ........
Shout out to Ingrid Waugh for her mahi on behalf of all of us
Rotary World District stuff Ron Seeto 2022-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot -Dilworth THANK YOU


Your committee chair Warwick Leyland passed this thank you letter on received by Terry Mikkelsen 
Hey sir,
I just wanted to thank you for being able to provide this award in your service with the school and towards students. I received the voucher and certificate and was grateful for it. I'll definitely put good use into the voucher and look forward to partnering with you when the time comes (when I do and will become more than successful). 
Have a better than good and great day,
Thank you again  
Recipient of the Newmarket Rotary Prize 
Brandon Lui
Members Slot -Dilworth THANK YOU Warwick Leyland 2022-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Nice Naughty Neutral


MATCH these Captions with the PIX Adele what’s in my Bag • Best Dressed Judges • Dave Bingo Master • Me & Nice • Mike Karakia • Mike Sgt • Nice & Nicole • Peter Bingo winner I can carry a bag • Prizes • Seeing Double • Selfie • Simon Rapport techie • The Birches legs 11 • The Carrs winner Neutral dress • The Strands winner Nice dress • The Toplis’ winner Naughty dress • Val Bingo winner Ill take the Bag
Club News Nice Naughty Neutral Ron Seeto 2022-12-15 11:00:00Z 0
Rotary World RI stuff Ron Seeto 2022-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Xmas is Family & Choirs


that's what our frequent flyer member Terry Mikkelsen had to say....
Hi Ron,
A wee snippet if you would like to pass it on to your chief editor (Big Wig ):
Two of my daughters (Janet and Gillian can you spot them? ) are in The Stonefields Choir and last evening they had a concert/recital  at the Dio Auditorium
In the breaks we were entertained by the Newmarket Primary School Choir-they were very good and a credit to the school.
Terry M
Members Slot Xmas is Family & Choirs Terry Mikkelsen 2022-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Fight Club & Chips


Asel Opata
New Club member, Asel Opata, introduced himself to us. An engineering graduate from the University of Auckland, and originally from Sri Lanka,  Asel is a software engineer designing apps for front end data capture.  
An early voracious reader, he also studied Economics and Psychology at tertiary level.
He is an enthusiastic boxer, training hard, and taking good care of himself as he follows his passion for the sport.   Welcome, Asel – we look forward to learning more a bout you in 2023!
Haha Alan nice one...Did you get that? Big Wig Ed
The Chip Packet Project
We welcomed to our final meeting for the year Terrena Griffiths, National Coordinator for the Chip Packet Project.
A simple idea – but one that can help the environment and change the world one foil survival blanket at a time.
  • After introducing herself and her family to us, Terrena,  challenged us with statistics developed following the recently released Child Poverty Report, indicating there would be 69,000 homeless people out in the cold in NZ next winter. 8712 of these would be in Auckland. Shocking numbers. They would be living on the streets, in cars, in garages or struggling in overcrowded homes. 
  • Foil packets from chips, biscuits etc. will take a minimum of 80 years to decompose in landfills round the country.
In response, The Chip Packet Project focusses on gleaning and cleaning the foil packets.......
You need to turn the page for more pix including a well wrapped fashionista Presidente and the full story........Big Wig Ed
Club News Fight Club & Chips Alan Hayward 2022-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot pt 1Mimi & Me


Anyone remember our Newmarket Business Awardee MIMI GILMOUR from way back when?
a WHINE TOA with multi accomplishments...yes there is life after NBA and Burger Burger....
actively engaged through her daughter's journey thro STARSHIP. Big Wig Ed caught up with Mimi at a Starship foundation event at Mantells Mt Eden this week to farewell outgoing CEO Aisha Daji Punga who some might recall speaking so eloquently and passionately  (without notes) at a lunch meeting...and welcoming incoming CEO Joanna Simon ( now there is another speaker for us)
Anyhow featured is Mimi send us lots and lots of Bisous Bisous.
Members Slot pt 1Mimi & Me Ron Seeto 2022-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 2 December Disease Prevention Month


Rotary is dedicated to fighting and preventing disease.  Disease Prevention and Treatment is one of Rotary’s Six Area of Focus.   Disease and illness results in pain and injury.  Prolonged severe illness may result in loss of employment and income.  It affects families.  It affects quality of life. 
Rotary and Rotarians are committed to helping people to live healthy lives.  
Our signature project in this area is Polio Eradication.   But polio is not the only disease or aspect of healthy living on which Rotarians have expended energies.
Indeed and you can see how some End Polio RCoNteurs engaged at the recent combined Districts 9910 and 9920 event Riding trains & ferries & to help others to walk Big Wig Ed
CLICK here
Rotary World pt 2 December Disease Prevention Month Ron Seeto 2022-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Joy Store once more

A huge thank you to Newmarket Rotary for the generous support towards the Kindness Collective Christmas Joy Store. Alan, Viv and Ariana dropped off the collection on Thursday.
We were joined by Alan’s neighbour Sue, who had knitted some gorgeous dolls
for some very lucky children.
The Christmas Joy Store opened Monday 28 November and runs until Thursday 22 December. Donations are still open at
Merry Christmas and thank you Ariana & Alan & Viv & Sue ...& the KINDNESS COLLECTIVE Big Wig Ed
Rotary World Joy Store once more Ariana Andrews 2022-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot pt 2 Food Packers

Food Packers x our Glorious leader Dave

Pete Ross sent these pix in of rotarians including many form RCoN dedicated to another worthy need and yes there is our glorious leader Dave in full presidential regalia ( a rare sight) chained to the task if you will.
A freebie for the next raffle if you send your guess of what is going on to Big Wig Ed
Members Slot pt 2 Food Packers Peter Ross 2022-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Ruby's tea towels X Garden Fest

Members Slot

Ruby's Teatowels x Auckland Garden DesignFest

Fantastic to see so many people out last weekend to visit the gorgeous gardens in the Auckland Garden DesignFest presented by GDSNZ & Rotary Newmarket. There was a bit of rain but also lots of sunshine, anyway, gardeners are a hardy lot! 
I was a Saturday volunteer garden minder and foolwoing a request from the girls, Ruby and Noon had a Ruby’s Tea Towel stall set up at the beautiful and historic Cotter House next to the Ellerslie Sunrise Christmas Pudding stall.  As well as stock of Ruby’s latest tea towel design, was stock of aprons and tea towels from past designs to sell – and sell they did!  It was super busy and luckily Kate Carter from Starship Foundation was there to help - it was a sell out!
Special thanks to Kay Madigan and her meticulous organisational skills. Minder instructions were simple and stall set up was easy. Looking forward to the next DesignFest already! 
If you weren’t involved this year, I encourage you to help next time.  It was a fun experience and they are always short of minders. Sharon Seeto 
• Thro the Cotter House Window • Stallholders Ruby Seeto & Noon Seeto 
• Shopper Paul Goldsmith MP & Sharon Seeto
Kate Carter, Starship Foundation . Can you SPOT  Paul Monk & Boyne Drummond in their RCoN tees  in the background contemplating Rotary Christmas Puddings
Ruby's tea towels X Garden Fest Sharon Seeto 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Global Scholar

Global Scholar Aanchal Thadani THANKS 1.2M rotarians

Big Wig Ed's friend, Bill Davis Rotary Cadre Technical Advisor The Rotary Foundation 2016-2020 Scholarship co-chair D 5890 2016-2021
Member Rotary Club of Lake Houston Area (formerly Humble) Honorary member R.C. of San Jose de Cucuta, Colombia Honorary member R.C. of San Jose de Cucuta II, Colombia  recently sent me the following message.
Rotary Global Scholar Aanchal Thadani – update from London.
Aanchal is a student at Baylor College of Medicine, class of 2024, pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.
She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Texas to attend Baylor University where see earned a Bachelors Degree in Medical Humanities.
Aanchal will earn a Master of Science in International Health Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science.
She is sponsored by the R. C. of Pasadena, (Bill Barmore,) in District 5890 in Texas and is hosted by R.C, of Harrow in London.
Aanchal wishes to thank the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world who contributed to The Rotary Foundation which funded her scholarship.
Dear Rotary Family,
My goodness it’s incredible how time flies! We are almost at the end of our first term and the
assessments are looming. My first few months here have been more than I could have
dreamed. I am so fortunate to have not only landed in the perfect program for my future career
goals, but also surrounded by people who embody the purest forms of kindness and altruistic
ambition. I don’t even know where to start this recap!
I am so very grateful for it all – the coursework that I hoped to be engaged in, the professors
and mentors who take the time to shepherd me,......
Rotary World Global Scholar Bill Davies 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World club FELLOWSHIP


Fellowship  Noun. Friendly association with people who shares one’s interests “ they valued fun and good fellowship as the cement of the community”
a good piece of smoked salmon washed down with choice tipple helps 
Rotary World club FELLOWSHIP Ron Seeto 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0
Garden Fest & the Strands Ron Seeto 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Club Notices UMBRELLAS

LIMITED OFFER. Brand new Sun Umbrellas

like this one featured ( still in their packaging)  going for a Song.
Your chance to grab a memento from the Auckland Garden festival and support our club.
Contact Paul Monk
Club Notices UMBRELLAS Paul Monk 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Club News pt Bremworth Zoom

Bremworth : Our most trusted carpet

Our Zoom speaker last Tuesday was Auckland University graduate and industrial chemical engineer,  Dr Kristine Hulse, Bremworth’s  General Manager, Health & Safety, People & Sustainability. 
Bremworth is a 60 year old carpet firm, which in 2020 made the significant decision to pivot back to all-wool carpets for markets here and in Australia.  Effectively NZ owned, the firm’s commitment to natural fibres is great for the environment, kiwi sheep farmers and customers. The reduction of plastic fibres is an important global goal.   There are three plants in Wanganui, Napier and South Auckland. The emphasis is on quality and design. With wool  prices at an all-time low, it is good to hear of consumers coming back to woollen rugs and carpets. Bremworth is undertaking vigorous on-line and off line marketing campaigns. Carpets are one of the largest users of strong wool in the country.
Kirstine was particularly proud of the year’s Primary Industries’ Sustainability Award, achieved by their cross functional team. 
Environmental commitments include the firm’s carbon reduction programme, and compostible rugs.
Partnerships include links with MPI, EECA, AgResearch, Callaghan Innovation, the Project Accelerator and the University of Auckland.
Kirstine handled well some searching questions from those present – a real enthusiast for her role,  and someone who is making a real difference.
Garden DesignFest
Boyne and Paul reported on the very successful weekend, and the ongoing benefits accruing. Over 1200 tickets had been sold. Kay Madigan from The Village Trust had done a great job in securing and placing the volunteers.   President Dave expressed warm appreciation from the Club for what had been achieved.
Kindness Collective
Alan Hayward & Ariana Edwards reported the Christmas presents and $500 + donated by members have been delivered to the Kindness Collective. Contributions can still be made directly to the Collective  
REP Aorere
The final reading and mentoring session for some of the Year 9’s at Aorere College was held last week. More volunteers welcome to join the team on Thursday mornings during term times next year – contact Scott Burridge
Club News pt Bremworth Zoom Alan Hayward 2022-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Club News NBA

This week’s meeting

President Dave expressed sympathy on behalf of the Club to Ross George on the death of his wife, Margaret.
Garden Design Fest is this weekend. Thanks to prospective volunteers, and Boyne & Paul especially for the enormous amount of work and planning involved.  

Newmarket Business Association

Our speaker was Mark Knoff-Thomas, Chief Executive, accompanied by Kelly Fulford, Commercial Manager. Mark provided us with his annual update to the Club on the Newmarket commercial area.   The Association works directly with the town administration and the Community Development Corporation to promote Newmarket to existing and potential businesses. We had a smaller attendance than the occasion merited.
Mark paid tribute to our own Di Goldsworthy who has just retired from the Association. He was generous in his comments about her enormous contribution - working at the Association with five executives over the last 18 years.
His summation of the last twelve months was as a roller coaster. After two years of Covid there had been some real hardships and some business casualties.  Retail leasing remained challenging. Against this, with Westfield enjoying its first fully operational Christmas shopping season, the year was heading to be the best commercially ever. The hospitality sector was recovering. He outlined potential apartment and town house developments that would help rejuvenate residential areas.

Security remained the biggest headache, with – as elsewhere......
Club News NBA Alan Hayward 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Margaret George

Margaret George RIP

Rapport and RCON extend our condolences to Past President George and his family for their sad loss.
Members Slot Margaret George Ron Seeto 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot RCoN Cycling Tour

Members Slot

Rotary Newmarket Intrepid Cycling Tour

Pete Ross sent this photo essay in...
The intrepid cycling tour of the Rotary Walk way Pakuranga to Half Moon Bay and back.
Never seen so many electric Bikes in one place. Dave Bradshaw, Rosie Bradshaw, Bill Strand, Trish Strand, Al Macfarlane, Jill MacFarlane, John Hawke, Peter Ross
Great ride Looks like FUN  #FOMO …..…2 questions  from Big Wig Who didn’t have an electric bike? Who does the Red bike belong to?
BIG Shout out to Dave Bradshaw a keen and active Fellowship committee member for setting the  bar showing us HOW these events can be done with very little notice and for all the keen cyclists who got on their bikes…… BRAVO!
Members Slot RCoN Cycling Tour Peter Ross 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 2 St Johns Raffle

Fancy a Holiday on Rotary St John's?

For our Rotary members, friends and family
Yes, by popular demand, we have resurrected the famous St Johns Rotary raffle. 
Through the generosity of our past presidents Mary Ann and Andy plus contributions to the travel allowance from Donald Bowie, we are offering this amazing mini break experience just 15 minutes out of Blenheim.
Great odds with only 200 tickets.
After you have indicated how many tickets you want via email, we will allocate  ticket numbers and once you have paid into our Rotary account 12-3086-0083292-000 with Surname under “code” and Raffle under “reference”, we will confirm ticket number by email.
This is a fantastic way to support the club and a great opportunity to have a chance to win this amazing holiday vacation. 
Please share this email and the attached Flyer amongst friends and colleagues.
All email communication to
Rotary World pt 2 St Johns Raffle Dave Birch 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 1 TRF in Nov

Ways to celebrate Rotary Foundation Month 

Extract from November 2022 Rotary Leader 
Generous gifts to The Rotary Foundation help create lasting change in communities both nearby and around the world. In honor of Rotary Foundation Month in November, we’re asking club and district leaders to thank donors and reflect on the good that their donations make possible. Here are three ways you can celebrate Foundation Month: 
  1. Make a special gift to the Foundation on Giving Tuesday, 29 November. The top clubs in fundraising, participation, and online giving will be featured on My Rotary. Take a look at last year’s honorees.
  2. Help others in need by giving the gift of Rotary anytime during November.
Take time during a club meeting to show members how the Foundation transforms gifts into service projects that advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by fighting disease, improving the quality of education, protecting the environment, alleviating poverty, and more. Invite a Foundation scholarship recipient or a community member who was involved in and benefited from a grant project to speak about its impact on their life.
Rotary World pt 1 TRF in Nov Ron Seeto 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot IYE Valentina

IYE x Valentina

John Meadowcroft sent this happy gorgeous pic thro....
We learnt of the marriage of our “Rotarian Daughter” Valentina in Argentina recently and thought other Rotarians may be interested in the attached photo.
Bello...Bello ...Hermoso...Hermosa 
Felicitaciones de boda Valentina!
from RAPPORT & your RCoN familia
Members Slot IYE Valentina John Meadowcroft 2022-11-23 11:00:00Z 0
Club News pt 3 RCoN x PAT Ron Seeto 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt 2 Joy Store

ONCE MORE for the Kindness Collective & JOY STORE

The Kindness Collective  is again operating its Joy Store this Christmas to provide gifts for some of those children who would otherwise go without. After visiting Santa at the store in Sandringham, each child is allowed to choose 3 gifts – at the gold, silver and bronze levels – roughly valued at about $50, $40 and $30 dollars, respectively.
Members are invited to bring new suitable toys, unwrapped, that can be passed on to the Collective for the children. In lieu of toys, cash donations will be equally acceptable. Receipts can be issued by the Collective.
Ariana Andrews [who is a member of the Board of the KC] and AIan Hayward will be accepting gifts and/or donations for the second and last time at the next Club meeting on 22nd November.  Cash in an envelope giving your details and email address for a receipt to be issued by the Collective, please.

The Kindness Collective  is again operating its Joy Store this Christmas to provide gifts for some of those children who would otherwise go without. After visiting Santa at the store in Sandringham, each child is allowed to choose 3 gifts – at the gold, silver and bronze levels – roughly valued at about $50, $40 and $30 dollars, respectively.

Members are invited to bring new suitable toys, unwrapped, that can be passed on to the Collective for the children. In lieu of toys, cash donations will be equally acceptable. Receipts can be issued by the Collective.







Ariana Andrews [who is a member of the Board of the KC] and AIan Hayward will be accepting gifts and/or donations for the second and last time at the next Club meeting on 22nd November.  Cash in an envelope giving your details and email address for a receipt to be issued by the Collective, please.

Rotary World pt 2 Joy Store Ariana Andrews 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Bigger than a Rotary Meet

Bigger than a Rotary Meeting… almost! 

Pity anyone else lunching at Morell last Thursday - such was the noisy conversation and laughter produced by the 19 of us gathered for a Pre-Christmas Ladies Lunch with Rob Birch. 
Food was delicious, company was sparkling and a fantastic time was clearly enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Val Smith and Sally Ross for organising the event.  Looking forward to next time already!  
Around the table:  Sally Ross, Robyn McGahan, Penny Leyland, Lizzie Lucas, Jan Batey, Debbie Gower, Marion Mikkleson, Jill McPherson, Rosie Bradshaw, Gaye Toplis, Val Smith, Jo Thompson, Jill MacFarlane, Jane Weikart, First Lady Rob Birch, Trish Strand, Georgie Harvey.  Out of picture:  Adele Buchanan and Sharon Seeto 
Sharon Seeto ( Big Wig's BFF) 
Members Slot Bigger than a Rotary Meet Sharon Seeto 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt1 Do Rotarians have more Fun

Do Rotarians have more FUN?????

Rotary Papatoetoe Central certainly thinks and acts so. Pic of many in a similar ilk at their flagship annual Indian Diaspora Night…this year held at the Mahama Gandhi Centre Community Hall KINGSLAND.
Rotary World pt1 Do Rotarians have more Fun Ron Seeto 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

club news pt 2 Xmas Hampers


If you missed last week's shout out perhaps this selfie of Big Big & former Epsom Lodge Director & club member Eric Turner will get your attention.Our traditional Christmas hamper box packing, at Royal Oak, will take place on the morning of Saturday 17th December. 8.30am to 12 noon.   691 Mt Albert Road.
The Club has donated $8k to the Sallies again for this purpose. In addition, the 60 Xmas puddings purchased by members for the hampers will be delivered as soon as they are received. We are not required to deliver any hampers in the week following.
Please sign up on the list circulating at the next few meetings or let John Hawke know of your availability.
club news pt 2 Xmas Hampers  Ron Seeto 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Club News pt 1 this week's meeting

This week’s meeting

President Dave reported on the very successful partners Lunch held the previous Thursday, and the Polio “Ride the Trains” day on Friday
Peter Ross advised of the recent Rotary Club of Auckland tribute PHF lunch to Sir David Levene, and the planning for District Youth activities in the coming year. 

Headway Brain Injury

We were sobered and confronted by Steve Jenkins and Ruth Hamilton from the Headway Brain Injury Trust.
In view of its seriousness, since 1994 the W.H.O. has mandated “Brain” Injury, rather than “Head” Injury to describe the  condition.
There are about 125 NZ cases a day: up to 30% medical in origin, the rest caused by trauma.  Another breakdown:  Falls 40%, Motor accidents 25%, Medical issues 20%, Assault 15%
Steve talked of concussion as a mechanical event – “the journey” – with brain injury sadly sometimes “the destination.”  Headway works with a programme of activities, services and support.......
Club News pt 1 this week's meeting Alan Hayward 2022-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Kia Ora+

Garden Design Fest
More Club volunteers needed. Register with Kay Madigan on
Genevieve Mora
We were pleased to welcome Genevieve to our meeting on Tuesday evening – cofounder, with Jazz Thornton, of Voices of Hope ].  Genevieve outlined their current mental health sports campaign – Behind the Jersey.....
Holly Kewene
President Dave introduced Holly to the meeting – the recipient of our 2021/2 MAPAS Award, advancing Maori & Pacific Island students into Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. Holly, 19, is of Maori and Samoan descent and graduated top student in her class. She hopes to be accepted next year into the B. Med. Sc. degree. She capably acknowledged the Award, and some of the role models who had helped her on her academic journey to date. 
Melanie Medland
Our speaker this week is involved – like Genevieve - with the mental health of young people. She works also with parents and employers. Her engagement with education is key: in particular the support provided to parents as well as youth. 
After introducing herself in time and place, Melanie then described for us the power of “kia ora.” 
She outlined the interweaving of listening [rongo], leading to awareness, resulting in understanding which in turn provides knowledge - all interconnected in an endless loop. 
Melanie told us of some of her experiences as a flight attendant earlier in her career.  Increasingly now in our day to day personal interactions we are using ‘kia ora” – literally “to be well” - not only as a welcoming “hello”, but also as a positive affirmation “yes, we agree”. ....
Club News Kia Ora+ Alan Hayward 2022-11-09 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Kindness Collective

The Kindness Collective [ ]  is again operating its Joy Store this Christmas to provide gifts for some of those children who would otherwise go without. After visiting Santa at the store in Sandringham, each child is allowed to choose 3 gifts – at the gold, silver and bronze levels – roughly valued at about $50, $40 and $30 dollars, respectively
Members are invited to bring new suitable toys, unwrapped, that can be passed on to the Collective for the children. In lieu of toys, cash donations will be equally acceptable. Receipts can be issued by the Collective.
Ariana Andrews [who is a member of the Board of the KC] and AIan Hayward will be accepting gifts and/or donations at the next two Club meetings on 15th & 22nd November.  Cash in an envelope giving your details and email address for a receipt to be issued by the Collective, please.
Alternatively you can donate directly on the KC website.                             
Thanks for your generosity with this.  Alan Hayward.
Rotary World Kindness Collective Alan Hayward 2022-11-09 11:00:00Z 0
Rotary World pt2 D9920news NOV Colin Robinson 2022-11-09 11:00:00Z 0

Club News & Notices Xmas Hampers

Our traditional Christmas hamper box packing, at Royal Oak, will take place on the morning of Saturday 17thDecember. 8.30am to 12 noon.   691 Mt Albert Road. The Club has donated $8k to the Sallies again for this purpose. In addition, the 60 Xmas puddings purchased by members for the hampers have been delivered to Royal Oak. We are not required to distribute any hampers in the week following.
Please sign up on the list circulating at the next few meetings or let John Hawke know of your availability.
Club News & Notices Xmas Hampers Alan Hayward 2022-11-09 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Giving Blood+ 

Members Slot
A trifecta from our busy community spirited CAN-DO member John Hawke .......ROTARIAN+++ indeed Big Wig Ed

I donate Plasma every 2 weeks. I am now a Cryogenetic donor which means the Plasma is used quicker.
Last Tuesday I did my 471st donation
During Christmas I am Santa Claus. I wear this while on duty on the Coastguard boat. This creates a lot of laughs and I sell heaps of raffle tickets.


On the last Sunday in November for the last 13 years I have been a marshal on the Queen st Santa parade, For the last 6 years I have been the lead marshal. This means that I control how fast or slow the parade is.
Members Slot Giving Blood+ John Hawke 2022-11-09 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot: Di Goldsworthy

Members Slot
Our inimitable Di Goldsworthy
28 years ago I sold my business in Manukau City and planned early retirement.
A week later I was approached by a Newmarket retailer asking if I was available to work 10 hours a week for three months to assist the Newmarket Business Association (NBA) to acquire some funding from Auckland Council to form a Mainstreet Programme. Just the sort of job I had in mind….. 28 years later I have retired!
During my time in Newmarket I was fortunate to be invited to join Newmarket Rotary (1997). My first committee was Environment, where I was privileged to work alongside such wonderful people as John Foote, Iain MacKenzie and Bob Stewart (to name a few).
Newmarket Rotary & the NBA have strong links. In the early days ( mid 1940’s) NBA members used to close their businesses for 2 hours every Tuesday to attend their Rotary meeting.
Bring back the “good old days”!
Di Goldsworthy
M: 021 222 7749
Keep dancing Di, You make our hearts sing Big Wig Ed.
Members Slot: Di Goldsworthy Di Goldsworthy 2022-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World: GECAF ZUMBA

WHAT’S MoveforGECAF?????
You can check it out 5 November  or Ask our young gun member Ariana Andrews
Oh I see's Dancing, Dancing, Dancing for a cause...Big Wig
Rotary World: GECAF ZUMBA Ariana Edwards 2022-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt1: Interact 2022

The Rotary District 9920 held it second Interact Forum on Saturday, 15 Oct 2022 at Dilworth School.
A small turnout but certainly quality Interactors from Auckland GrammarRosehill College, Epsom Girls Grammar and Elim Christian School showcased their innovative projects and fundraising ideas helping the local school community and beyond globally. 
There are 11 active Interact Clubs in our District and a further 7 in the Pacific region with another 5 Interact Clubs being chartered last week in American Samoa. Congratulations to Frank Barron and his team.Maddi Faber, Rotary Club of St Johns was on hand to share her journey as a Rotaractor while studying at Victoria University in Wellington before coming back to Auckland and being a member of Rotary Club of St Johns. Chris Osborne, current president of Rotaract Club of Auckland shared his experiences
Rotary World pt1: Interact 2022 Annie Kwok 2022-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Club Notice: PAT 2022

If you overlooked  WORLD POLIO DAY 24 October…you can still do your bit for END POLIO locally by Riding Trains or Ferries fri 11 November. …or forming a RCoN team at Newmarket station.
This is an opportunity to SHOWCASE Rotary Newmarket as much as it is to END POLIO , enjoying FUN and Fellowship  supporting a cause.
Get in touch with our WCS Director Janette Searle NOW
Club Notice: PAT 2022 Ron Seeto 2022-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Club News: Dave Comery

A first for some time with last week’s luncheon meeting – no lunch. But President Dave was more than equal to the challenge and we all became honorary weight watchers, with nary a rumbling tummy during Dave Comery’s very impressive presentation to us.
President Dave reminded us of two events for our diaries:
Friday 11th  November 
Polio Ride the Trains. Register with Jeanette Searle, Ron Seeto or President Dave.
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November
Garden Design fest
More Club volunteers needed. Register with Kay Madigan on before Boyne rings you this coming week
Due Drop Events Centre [formerly the Vodafone Events Centre], Manukau.
Dave Comery, Chief Executive of the Waka Pacific Trust, told us of the history of the establishment of the Centre, and his role there. The vision for the Centre focuses on enriching the lives of the South Auckland community – by the end of the talk we appreciated how well fitted Dave is to that task. In the 2019 year more than 65k children enjoyed activities supported by the Trust – after the Covid blip last year, for 2022 it will be of the order of 80k. For 2025 the target is 100k. 
As well as the Events Centre, the Trust operates Te Wero, the Vodafone South Auckland Whitewater Park [our David Bradshaw was heavily involved in the project engineering at the time]. This series of water pools, currents and rapids is designed to engage youth and the whole community. There are water safety programmes, recreational opportunities, river rafting and kayaking training. Primary school children share the pools with Olympians - all at their appropriate levels.  The introduction to water safety is particularly important for youngsters who have never before experienced, say, the dangers of our West Coast beaches – even the hardiest discover a new respect – and aptitude! - for survival.
Club News: Dave Comery Alan Hayward 2022-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Part 1 : Mark Wells Glimpses of Life  from Yaqueta Island Fiji

Members Slot

Glimpses of life from Yaqueta Island, Fiji by Mark Wells
Clare and I recently visited Yaqueta Island in the Yasawas island group in Fiji. The name ‘Yasawa’ translates in English to ‘Paradise’. Stunningly beautiful Yaqueta is approximately 100km offshore from Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. This part of the Pacific is called Bligh Water, since it was through here that Captain Bligh, of HMS Bounty fame, sailed with his loyal crew on their epic journey to the Dutch East Indies. 
The fast ferry from Denerau took almost 4 hours to reach Yaqueta, where a small boat met us and took us ashore to Navutu Stars - a small boutique resort with 10 bures and a rustic bar and dining area.
Our time there was very much about the sea, the sun and the kind and welcoming resort staff. Each day we were taken in the small boat for snorkelling adventures to isolated bays on the island. We saw some amazing fish and corals. We also went further by boat to swim in the famous limestone caves of Sawa-i-Lau, with deep water below and a soaring cathedral like roof above. 
Members Slot Part 1 : Mark Wells Glimpses of Life  from Yaqueta Island Fiji  Mark Wells 2022-10-18 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot part 2 Morning tea at Sally's

Karen Monk took this lovely pic whilst enjoying a morning at Sally Ross home with some members’ partners
Left to right; Gwen Bond, Jan Baty, Val Smith, Di Jensen, Sally Ross and Jill McPherson.
We had a great morning tea and conversations that stretched through to midday!
Members Slot part 2 Morning tea at Sally's Ron Seeto 2022-10-18 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Pt 2 Christmas puddings Promo

Rotary Traditional Christmas Puddings make the best seasonal gifts for family, friends and corporates to say thank you to clients or staff. Gift them, share them or hide them until you’re alone – they’re just so good! 

BE QUICK see Roger Harvey for your orders or +6421 274 6612

Club News Pt 2 Christmas puddings Promo Ron Seeto 2022-10-18 11:00:00Z 0


D9920 Comms Chair Charles Miller finding ROTARY IN ACTION EVERYWHERE
Prompted by my walk today, Rotary in action. What are YOU doing, let me know.
Currently privileged to be spending time walking in the ancient landscape that is the Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia. We were so lucky to watch a group of Yellow Foot Wallabies on the rocks lining the Branchina gorge. These have been brought back from endangered status as part of the Park's "Bounce Back" strategy. In the same area Two Rotary Districts have combined here in a project to assist local birds find places to nest. Making a real difference to todays environment. The nesting box was plain to see. Go on... join Rotary, visit a club near you (, find your people! You will be surrounded by business and professional leaders making the world a better place and having fun.
Rotary World : ROTARY IN ACTION EVERYWHERE  Charles Miller 2022-10-18 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Pt1 : Dave Atkinson

Club News Pt1 : Dave Atkinson
Last Tuesday, thanks to a President Dave initiative, we had Dave Atkinson, CEO of the Parenting Place, join us for lunch.  Based on the impressive design and video work he has developed over the years, he gave us a presentation – Glimpses of Humanity from Inhumane Places - based on two of his short films.
The two examples were interviews with refugees in Iraq and Uganda: chilling matching stories of frightening displacement from families and from villages. As he put it, the stories need to be told: one person can represent what has happened to thousands.
The first narrator was a victim of the Yazidis flight to Mt Sinjar, in Iraq, and the temporary [read permanent] camps then set up in Duhok, above Mosul. The second was a 10-year-old
Club News Pt1 : Dave Atkinson Alan Hayward 2022-10-18 11:00:00Z 0


Qui es?

"to question," 1847, quies, "examine a student orally," perhaps from Latin qui es? "who are you?," the first question in oral exams in Latin in old-time grammar schools.The spelling quiz is recorded by 1886, though it was in use as a noun spelling from 1854, perhaps in this case from the slang word quiz "odd person" (1782, source of quizzical); an earlier verb from that sense was quizify "turn (someone) into a quiz" (1834). Also compare quiz (n.).

So our Quiz evening last Tuesday tested the several teams assembled on the night to the max.   Which of us knew that we were actually participating in a collective oral examination prepared by that Master of the Chase, our own Qui Es master, Alastair Macfarlane?  Aided by his able scorekeeper, President Elect Mike Alison?
Words in a line from Bohemian Rhapsody, collective names for animals, the 12 star signs [but in strict order, please], Rotary Objectives [marked failures observed in some teams], particular squares on the Monopoly board – our heads were spinning. The duly co-opted leaders of each team endeavoured to reign in maverick members.   And a winning team emerged!  Shakespearean scholar Colin Butler, leader of President Dave’s intelligent team "Anything but last" identified the Danish flag as the world’s oldest – who, of the rest of us, knew that?  
An evening of fun, fellowship, and the reminder that some of us are no longer as bright as we thought we once were.
ERKs Completion
The organisers, Ellerslie-Sunrise Club, advise that this year’s Emergency Response Kits programme has been completed successfully, and the filled containers with the packed kits have arrived in Tonga & Fiji. President Dave gave a grateful shout out to our 8 Club volunteers involved – contributing a total of 24.5 hours to the project. Overall,  285 volunteers worked for a total of 964 hours. Special appreciation to Rotaract and RYLA for their significant contributions.
President Dave’s Reminders
Partners luncheon
Thursday 10 November Morrells
Polio Plus Ride the Trains
Friday 11th November
And don’t forget to put your name down for Garden Design Fest gate duties on the weekend of 26th & 27th November.
District Conference
31st March – 1st April 2023    Karaka
RI Conference Melbourne
27th – 31st May 2023


QUI ES? Alan Hayward 2022-10-14 11:00:00Z 0

Members Slot Birthday Twins

Members Slot

Snapped last Tuesday lunching at the same seaside eatery with their besties…Many happy returns to Birthday Twins 11 October Terry Mikkelsen & Sharon Seeto. Double happies!
Members Slot Birthday Twins Ron Seeto 2022-10-13 11:00:00Z 0

Club News Pt 2 RCoN Ladies Lunch

Hello Rotary Ladies
You are invited to join Rob Birch for lunch.
We have booked Morell Restaurant in Remuera for lunch 12:30 pm on Thursday 10th of November.
If you would like to join us can you  RSVP by Wednesday 19th October Val Smith by email Or Sally Ross by email
We are looking forward to seeing you there before we get busy before Xmas.
Club News Pt 2 RCoN Ladies Lunch Ron Seeto 2022-10-13 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World pt1 District newsletter

Did you get to open and read this month’s District Newsletter ?
Here’s another chance from District Governor's Communication - Newsletter (Assistant) Colin Robinson
The District Update (newsletter) for October has several very relevant points of information for you as a Rotarian so is well worth a read at
Rotary World pt1 District newsletter Ron Seeto 2022-10-13 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary World Pt2 PAT2022

POLIO ALL TRANSIT 2022 is on again Friday 11 November
A Fun Fellowship event dear to Big Wig Ed aka the rotarian previously known as Mr Polio.
On 11 November 2022, Auckland is again going to see the Sea of Red as Rotarians from both D9920 and D9910 spend the day riding the trains and ferries in the Auckland region to raise funds and create awareness for the End Polio Now campaign.
Attached to this email is the flyer for this event and also the registration form.   The time has come for Clubs to confirm their participation in this event and for individuals to register to ride the trains and ferries.   All participants must wear a Red End Polio shirt to ride free on the trains.   If you do not possess such a shirt, please indicate on the registration form and you will be able to purchase one for $22 plus P& P.  End Polio masks and caps are also available to purchase.
Several clubs already have events planned to raise funds for the End Polio Now Campaign.   Imagine if every club in our District could meet or exceed the Polio goal of $1500 per club.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor Tazreet Dhatt of Century 21
Manukau for their support of this project.
It will be a great day, and if you ask anyone who has participated in previous years, there is a lot of Rotary sharing going on during this event.
Yours in Rotary Service 
Jennie Herring
D9920 Polio Chair
Rotary World Pt2 PAT2022 Ron Seeto 2022-10-13 11:00:00Z 0


We just had our #moveforGECAF speaker session this weekend and it was great to see local and international Rotary and Rotaract support for this fantastic cause. 
As an update, we are now up to $13,672 raised towards our goal of $20,000. If anyone is interested to learn more or donate, you can visit 
Also, thanks to the Harold Thomas Rotary Trust every dollar donated will be matched, so you'll know you're making double the impact!
Ngā mihi, 
GECAF update from ARIANA ANDREWS Ariana Andrews 2022-10-07 11:00:00Z 0

A Wrap for September

Rotary LITERACY month
The Rotary Enrichment Programme (REP) at One Tree Hill College was developed from a reading support initiative set up by past principal Anne Dunphy and businessman Harvey Alison, representing the Penrose Rotary Club. REP is a holistic reading programme with five primary goals:
  • The enrichment and reinforcement of basic reading skills
  • Increasing students’ enjoyment and comprehension of reading; therefore encouraging them to pursue greater literacy
  • Assisting the pastoral development of students; lifting their self-esteem and self-empowerment by encouraging students toward greater literacy.
  • Building students’ (and the school’s) interaction with members of the community.
  • The establishment of lasting relationships between students and volunteers, that can provide a support network for the students.
After working with tutors throughout the semester, all students are re-tested, and results are discussed and recorded. Formal prize-giving is held in June and December, to which parents, tutors, sponsors, and community role models are invited. Prizes of books are distributed to all students, and thanks given to all the students, their families, and the tutors.
Featured is the tutor team at Aorere College. Interested ? Contact any of the faces you recognise!
A Wrap for September Ron Seeto 2022-10-07 11:00:00Z 0

How Rotary Made My Day

How Rotary Made My Day
Pictured is last week’s  RCoN Communications committee Zoom co -Learning workshop where Big Wig and the Head Fizzer were given HOW TO tips from ClubRunner guru Simon aimed to deliver you the best possible RAPPORT experience
How Rotary Made My Day Ron Seeto 2022-10-07 11:00:00Z 0

Village Square Trust

Village Square Trust
At last Tuesday’s meeting, we had Kay Madigan, from The Village Square Trust, supported by Lyn Fox, CEO, taking about the Trust’s role since 1982.  Commencing life as the Knox Trust, the name changed in 1995 to the Parnell Community Trust, as the Trust moved into the Jubilee Building.  The Village Square Trust rebrand dates from 2020.
The Trust’s community work includes Early Childhood Learning Centres, after school programmes, community classes and social activities – not just for Parnell, but for all. They have a Green Kids healthy eating initiative, the Saturday morning Farmers Market, and have joined with our Club and the organising group for the forthcoming Garden Design Fest weekend on 26 & 27 November. Kay is the Volunteer Coordinator [150 folk required for gate duties] and would welcome support from all of us.
After 40 years of active support for the community, the Trust is looking to the future.  Kay welcomed our ideas and involvement – is this a possible venue in the planning for our satellite Newmarket meetings?
And we are especially invited to their forthcoming fundraiser, High Tea on the afternoon of Sunday 30 October, 2.30 – 4.30pm when the Nairobi Trio will be performing.
Village Square Trust Alan Hayward 2022-10-07 11:00:00Z 0

New Club Meeting Schedule

Explanation of the new Club Meeting Schedule
This week the Board agreed to a slightly modified meeting schedule. For the remainder of this Rotary year the rhythm of meetings each month will be:
1st Tuesday – Lunch
2nd Tuesday – Dinner
3rd Tuesday – Lunch
4th Tuesday – Satellite*
5th Tuesday – Zoom
*The “Satellite” initiative is to develop a new off-shoot of the main Club but more closely linked with the Newmarket centre. Satellite meetings will be held in Newmarket and are likely to be outside work hours.  
Satellite members can also attend our clubs dinner or lunch meetings – and vice versa.  This fits perfectly with our strategy of focusing more closely on the Newmarket area, as a source of new club members, but not to the exclusion of our existing membership. Existing members may of course join the Satellite club if that suits their circumstances better. 
An exception to not having club meetings on the fourth Tuesday is the 22nd Nov. On this day we already have Mark Knoff-Thomas (CEO Newmarket Business Association) booked for Ellerslie.  A closer relationship with NBA is a key part of reconnecting with our Newmarket business roots. 
New Club Meeting Schedule Dave Birch 2022-10-07 11:00:00Z 0

A little about me and the work I’ve been involved in

Members Slot
a little about me and  the work I’ve  been involved in  …from our World Community Services Director

Janette Searle is a serial social entrepreneur with a passion for creating sustainable social change through cross sector collaboration.  A mouthful, however, she’s put that into practice when he co-founded a collective impact initiative focused on improving  educational outcomes for West Auckland’s most  at risk and vulnerable young people.  Supported by the West Auckland Secondary School Principals’ charitable trust (Achieving @ Waitakere),  they developed a key body of work under that initiative called Managed Moves which addresses barriers to education by bringing together  schools, agencies and organisations that provide supports for young people.   Managed Moves has been operating in West Auckland over over six years, with  fantastic outcomes for the young people in that community. they were recognised in 2021 as finalists in the Prime Ministers Excellence  in Education Award’s Leadership category. 
In 2022 the model is growing.  Not only in West Auckland but in other communities around Auckland (Northshore, Central Auckland and Kaipara).  Interest has also been expressed in Managed Moves from Northland, Tauranga and  Nelson.  

More  can be found here  including  the short video that was produced by the PM’s Excellence in Education Awards team 
a timely piece as we round up Rotary Month of LITERACY Big Wig Ed
A little about me and the work I’ve been involved in Janette Searle 2022-10-05 11:00:00Z 0

A Life Changing Experience

Members Slot
Scott Burridge - A Life Changing Experience
As I sit at The Islander Hotel, a few minutes walk from the Airport in Rarotonga, killing time before our flight back home, the ocean is close. Incredibly, humpback whales can be seen breaching beyond the reef just out from the hotel bar. I feel close to nature and quite awed by it.
Yesterday I experienced one of the most awesome things in my life – swimming with whales. I got within touching distance of a mother and her calf. It beggars belief, that these beautiful creatures were hunted, in the case of some species, almost to extinction. During our holiday we’ve had other wonderful experiences, such as snorkelling in the Aitutaki Lagoon to see giant clams, watching a school of giant trevally and a large Napoleon Wrasse pass by, swimming with turtles and a “fever” of Eagle Rays (a good quiz question?).
A Life Changing Experience Scott Burridge 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

GECAF? What is it?

You can find out more from Ariana Andrews’ invitation below.
GECAF Speaker Session
Rotaract Oceania is in its third and final year of fundraising to support Rotary Give Every Child A Future (GECAF). We have a speaker session on October 2nd at 9am where Michelle Tanner will do an update on GECAF. In this session, clubs from around the world will talk about their projects and we have a panel to discuss collaboration internationally and between Rotary/Rotaract. You can use this link to register for the speaker session:
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Ngā mihi, 
GECAF? What is it? Ariana Andrews 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

FOOD, FUN & FELLOWSHIP :  Food packing for the Sallies

RCoN has a monthly slot to help fill and pack food parcels. This is a really worthwhile community project and is always fun to do. Keen to join in? You can find out more by contacting any of the RCoNteers featured in the accompanying pix.
FOOD, FUN & FELLOWSHIP : Food packing for the Sallies Ron Seeto 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

ROTARY QUIZ NIGHT Friday 14 October :  Time for Fellowship, and some inter-club competition?

This event is shaping up to be extraordinary … many have  already booked a table ... the number of club teams is indicating the evening could be a bit of a fun "battle of the clubs"
so how about it Rotary NEWMARKET ? Can we get our team together ?
There have been too few opportunities over the last two years for an inexpensive fun night out where Rotarians, partners and friends from across our Auckland clubs can easily get together for some catch-up and fellowship.
All are welcome and anyone not part of a team will quickly be placed on one with others booking individually ... a fun way to meet new friends.
Members interested please email by Tuesday 27 September
ROTARY QUIZ NIGHT Friday 14 October : Time for Fellowship, and some inter-club competition? Ron Seeto 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

Change Ahead?

Following the recent members’ survey, last Tuesday we looked at the timing and venues for our club meetings
President Dave pointed out that although we have about 60 members, in terms of attendance, the turnout is something like:  8 rarely, 11 barely, 9 somewhat, 6 unavailable, 5 silent.  Leaving a likely attendance of about 21, which turned out to be our numbers for the day.
We discussed why we come to our meetings, focussing on such matters as
  • Friendship/community involvement/ fellowship
  • Business networking - speakers
  • Leadership and personal development
Then we provided feedback for the Board on:
  • Timing: an occasional early morning meeting?
  • Place: centred on Newmarket?  more numbers needed for evening meetings at the RGC
  • Frequency:  two lunchtimes and one evening meeting per month?
  • Preference for catered meals?
So watch this space!
Change Ahead? Alan Hayward 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

RCON Fellowship in full swing: GWCTD part 2

RCON Fellowship in full swing: GWCTD part 2
Last weekend saw our Fellowship committee’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Part 2 . A 2peat of the first one featured in last week’s issue. Pictured are the 13 who closed the Pearl Garden ,a Newmarket institution last frequented in a full house turnout during Big Wig’s Presidents Christmas party sixteen years ago…well remembered by Brian McMath…. halcyon days. The other was another GWCTD(at home) hosted by Gaye and Russel Toplis who said “everyone had so much fun they forgot to take any photos”(sic.) So a very popular event and GWTD organiser Alimac is already planning a few more.
RCON Fellowship in full swing: GWCTD part 2 Ron Seeto 2022-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

CALLING Garden Volunteers

CALLING Garden Volunteers!
If you would like to join the team working tirelessly to put this wonderful event on then we would love to hear from you! 
Every garden in the festival requires at least two volunteers to ‘look after’ the garden and be stationed at a table at the entrance to each garden.
You will be required to put on your best smile and welcome visitors to the gardens, check/issue wristbands, collect/sell tickets, hand out programmes and generally be a fabulous ambassador for the festival.
We have two shifts per day in each garden each day – Saturday morning 9.30am – 1pm, Saturday afternoon 12.45 – 4.30pm, Sunday morning 9.30am – 1pm, and Sunday afternoon 12.45 – 4.30pm.

On arrival you will be able to meet the designer and walk around the garden and as a thank you for your help you will be given a ticket to visit one other garden in the festival of your choice.
CALLING Garden Volunteers Ron Seeto 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

ERKS x Rotaract

Our D9920 communications chair Charles Miller reported this week….
Chris Osborne and Bec Farrier and around 30 other young professionals and business people in Auckland descended on a warehouse in East Auckland over two weekends in August to pack ERK’s. (Emergency Response Kits)
Rotary ERKs consist of a sealed plastic crate fille with tolls and the necessities of life to hold a family together following a disaster. They are intended for use in civil disasters such as cyclones and floods in the Pacific Islands, and in particular, to assist families survive the first days after the disaster until large scale aid reaches them. These boxes are produced in New Zealand and stored in New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific Islands and are available for immediate distribution. On receipt, a family will have everything they need  to construct a basic shelter, find food from the land and sea, cook and cloth themselves. The emptied plastic containers can hold 90 litres of water.
The team are members of the Rotaract Club of Auckland, Chris is the president. Rotaract is an opportunity for young business people and professionals to be part of a fun, dynamic and unique international organization.  Rotaract offers a wide range of activities that enable people from all walks of life to try something new, whilst having a great time and meeting others.
Members of the Rotary Community, worldwide, of all ages, making a difference and having fun.
ERKS x Rotaract Ron Seeto 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

FELLOWSHIP event  gets going GWCTD(at home)

Fellowship = noun = friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests.
Guess Whos’s Coming to Dinner ( at home).
Captions Lets DIG IN & Lets have a SELFIE
FELLOWSHIP event gets going GWCTD(at home) Ron Seeto 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

News from France

Members Slot

News from France!
Rosie & David Bradshaw enjoying an early summer….Dave telling us what they have been up to.
Our trip is going well. Perfect but hot weather for the London wedding and our first week in France. The last few days here have been cooler with heavy thunderstorm/rain showers. With amazing luck we have avoided getting drenched despite being out in the open for hours each day on our bikes. Tomorrow is the last day of our 8 day cycling (occasionally wobbly with wine tasting) tour in the Loire before we move to Strasburg and Colmar. 
News from France David Bradshaw 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0


President Dave reported on his moving visit with Brian McMath during the week to the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, Māori & Pacific Admissions Scheme (Certificate of Health Science) graduation ceremony. The Certificate course is aimed at producing more Māori & Pacific health professionals. The Rotary Club of Newmarket’s Harold Titter Award ($3,000) is presented to the top student graduating. This year’s winner was Holly Kewene (Waikato-Tainui, Ngatai Whakamarurangi, Motakotako, Samoa,Fagali’l). Of course, our member Dr Ariana Andrews was a previous winner of the award in 2011.
Then taking to heart our collective heart-felt criticisms of his quiz, we moved on to two significant presentations on cardiac and blood pressure concerns.
MAPAS Alan Hayward 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

Affairs of the Heart

Dr Nikki Earle, the inaugural (2021) John Burton Heart Research Award winner, described her work on improving outcomes for people living with heart disease. Nikki has a background in genetics and is a member of the Heart Health Research group in the UoA Department of Medicine. Her study, commenced in 2015, looks at patients with first time heart attacks and is aimed at reducing inequities in the treatment provided. There are 9 hospitals involved, across NZ.
She talked about the way genes do not determine our fate – healthy lifestyles do make a difference. Effective medications – the science of pharmacogenomics – can be tailored to suit individual profiles.
The 2022 winner of the award is Dr Ana Sayegh. Ana will be refining her ability to record sympathetic activity in humans with high blood pressure. It’s a single unit (meaning one nerve fibre) recording which allows definitive analyses beyond what she has been able to do to date. She will go to one of the best labs in the world and also learn the latest software skills to analyse these data allowing her to correlate nerve activity with blood pressure directly. 
Professor Julian Paton, Co-Director of the Centre, then outlined the history of the identification of blood pressure. He described how our blood vessels are covered in sympathetic nerves, connected to the automatic part of our brains.  These nerves can become overactive. The Centre’s investigation of the treatment of hypertension is looking not only at the carotid body in the carotid artery, working with this, but also a naturally occurring kiwi compound to lower blood pressure. This latter treatment could be a world first for NZ – watch this space!
He then gave us fascinating glimpses of three other exciting new developments
  • A new “natural” pacemaker, imitating the body’s heart rhythms, being trialled next year
  • A needle-free injector for the treatment of rheumatic fever and heart disease
With the aid of 3-D bio-printing, the growing of new heart valves
Affairs of the Heart Alan Hayward 2022-09-15 12:00:00Z 0

Supporting the Joy Store?

You can find out more by completing ARIANA ANDREWS survey invitation below…..
Auckland Rotaract is planning on supporting Kindness Collective's Christmas Joy Store – some may remember supporting this last year by donating to our toy drive. The Joy Store was created last year for at-risk and vulnerable families to shop for their children for Christmas where they can choose gifts off the shelves for free. 
Auckland Rotaract is thinking about creating Christmas Cards as a fundraiser to support this work and we'd love feedback to gauge interest for moving forward. Would members be willing to spend 2 mins fulling in this short survey?
Supporting the Joy Store? Ariana Andrews 2022-09-08 12:00:00Z 0


…..a joint Districts 9910 and 9920 project dear to Big Wig Ed (previously known as Mr. Polio) 
WHEN:    Friday 11 November 2022
WHERE:   On the Auckland Train network/On the ferries - Auckland Harbour/In the skies over Auckland
After our two year Covid break, the Polio All Transit event is back in 2022.
A few things to remember:
The Clubs should arrange their Polio fundraising event for October 2022, so that they can pass the funds over on/or before 11 November 2022.  Each club needs to register their participation so that they can be allocated a train station/ferry terminal when they can meet the train/ferry and either join or present their pseudo presentation cheque to those on the ride.   Of course, photos are a must.  All riders must also register - using the same form. For registration form contact
POLIO ALL TRANSIT 2022 Ron Seeto 2022-09-07 12:00:00Z 0


Members Slot


As some of you know, last weekend, many of the book worms of Auckland converged on the Aotea Centre for the well-regarded Auckland Writers Festival.  60,000 bums on seats listening to over 200 writers talk about their books, society, culture, local, national and international affairs, life, death - the lot.  Now why I enjoy some of these sessions is not necessarily for the highbrow stuff – just help in directing my reading.   For example, here’s one must read from an early session – Operation Trojan Horse [2021] by Stephen Davis.   Flight 149 landed in Kuwait in August 1990, at the time of Saddam Hussein’s invasion, because of a bad miscalculation by MI6 and the British Government that has never been fully acknowledged and still reverberates today.  Try It!   Or Lucy Mackintosh’s Shifting Grounds – deep Histories of Tamaki Makaurau. [2021]. Plus 101 other presentations.   Interested?    Might see you there next year!
Alan Hayward
READ ANY GOOD BOOKS LATELY? Alan Hayward 2022-09-07 12:00:00Z 0

Words for Efeso

Our fourth mayoral candidate presentation last Tuesday – as President Dave said in his welcome to Efeso Collins - “the candidate to beat”.
Accompanied by his campaign manager, Dr Max Harris, Efeso told us something about his Samoan family background and the work ethic he had inherited from his parents.   The first in his family to attend university and graduate, Efeso and his wife Fia have two daughters, aged 2 and 9. He has been a representative of the Manukau Ward on the Auckland Council for the last 6 years.
Words for Efeso Alan Hayward 2022-09-07 12:00:00Z 0


A warm welcome to our latest new member – Holly Bennett, who founded and runs the government relations agency, Awhi.   Holly is the 2022 Newmarket Young Business Person of the Year, and honoured recently by our club.   Welcome aboard Holly.  We love that giggle!
WELCOME HOLLY BENNETT Alan Hayward 2022-09-07 12:00:00Z 0

POLIO case in the Big Apple 2022 : THE FACTS

Recently the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) was informed of a case of paralytic polio in New York state. This news is an opportunity to address this question. 
First, let’s see what’s up in New York: 
  • The victim was never vaccinated 
  • The victim lives in an area with VERY low vaccination rates.
  • The victim is not contagious 
  • This same area had a severe measles outbreak a few years ago with 312 cases of measles. 
  • The polio virus strain is NOT wild polio. 
  • The case is type 2 Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (VDPV). 
  • Until wild polio is totally eradicated, we run the risk of vaccine-derived polio cases in areas of low vaccination rates where a weakened virus in the oral vaccine is still in use. 
The novel oral polio vaccine (OPV), now being introduced, lessens the risk of polio being caused by older forms of OPV. 
So, why do we still need to fundraise for the total defeat of polio? 
  • Any form of poliovirus anywhere is a threat to children everywhere. 
  • It is critical that the GPEI Polio Eradication Strategy 2022-2026 is fully resourced and fully implemented everywhere to ensure a world free of all forms of poliovirus. 
  • Our partners and Rotary International immunize approximately 460 Million children annually. 
  • We monitor polio-sustaining areas and conditions in about 200 countries. 
  • Our team ensures outbreaks are identified and contained as quickly as humanly possible. 
We call on every single Rotarian to take action and be a part of the fight to end polio, helping to raise Rotary’s goal of $50 million per year for polio eradication.
POLIO case in the Big Apple 2022 : THE FACTS Ron Seeto 2022-09-01 12:00:00Z 0

Regionalisation: Creating Tomorrow

Is there any downside to a FREE look? 
Rapport issue 4 gave you a heads up on  Regionalisation…and you can find out more by following links. Please read the Fact Sheet which provides more explanation.  Further information is available at
Rather than repeat the vast amount of info available on this link from Fact sheets, FAQ’s and How to Vote ….also sent out by Pres Dave as attachments to members prior to our Zoom ….below are 2 takeaways from your Rapport team from this week’s zoom presentation PDG Ingrid Waugh and Co Chair of the Zone 8 regionalisation project. We were also pleased to have our AG Evelyn Chan in attendance.
your Big Wig Ed’s takeaways from a past governor’s pov
Regionalisation: Creating Tomorrow Ron Seeto 2022-09-01 12:00:00Z 0


Nominating committee selects president nominee for 2024-25
Stephanie A. Urchick, of the Rotary Club of McMurray, Pennsylvania, USA, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2024-25, a decision that would make her only the second woman to hold that position. She will be declared the president-nominee on 1 October if no challenging candidates have been suggested. 
Urchick is partner and chief operating officer of Doctors at Work LLC, a consulting and training company. She holds a doctorate in leadership ….A Rotary member since 1991, Urchick has traveled to Vietnam to help build a primary school and to the Dominican Republic to install water filters. ….Urchick has served Rotary in many roles, including as a director, Foundation trustee, and chair of the RI Strategic Planning Committee and the Foundation’s Centennial Celebration Committee. She currently serves on the Election Review Committee and the Operations Review Committee. She is a Rotary Foundation Major Donor and a member of the Bequest Society.
extract from Rotary in Review Aug 2022. Big Wig Ed.
SECOND WOMAN RI PRESIDENT? Ron Seeto 2022-08-24 12:00:00Z 0


Extract from D9920 PI chair Charles Miller’s linked in post of the week Big Wig Ed.
Successful vibrant and sustainable organisations share at least one trait, they embrace a culture of change and innovation. They reflect, renew and maintain momentum. Rotary, one of the world’s largest service organisations, with 1.2 million members, epitomises this trait. 
From the Ukraine to Afghanistan. From the elimination of the scourge of polio, to war and disaster relief, as well community development and laying the foundations for peace and understanding, Rotary members around the world make a significant difference every day. 
Rotarians do this in the context of a focused, responsive, living organisation with a collaborative culture. 
Last week representatives from 100 clubs around Auckland and the Pacific representing approximately 3000 Rotarians met to do just that. They reviewed our current practices and priorities, they heard from Andy Rajapaksa and Barbara Mifsud, who work and have visibility across the Oceania region, on success stories and innovations from the region. They workshopped trends in social environments and demographics in the communities they serve. 
In this way their understanding of the needs and priorities of those communities stay fresh and relevant and their response is appropriate and relevant. In this way they the experience of members stays exciting and their environment remains one to which people “Desire to Belong”.
Rotarians - serving, staying relevant, adapting and growing. A great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business and professional leaders.
Who said Our Business is SERVICE
checkout this video
AUGUST IS MEMBERSHIP MONTH Ron Seeto 2022-08-24 12:00:00Z 0

Viv Beck - Auckland Mayoral Candidate

The third of our Mayoral candidates to address us, Viv Beck, styles herself as “a mayor with the passion, determination and skills to get things done.”
She emphasised the need for change – the four main challenges she talked about were
  • accountability by the Council and the Council Controlled Organisations
  • dealing with crime
  • public transport [and Auckland Transport]
  • housing intensification
She outlined what had prompted her to stand – the delays in the changes to Queen Street, the effects on local businesses of the new City Rail link, and the disproportionate outcomes for some businesses of the Covid lockdowns.
She saw the mayor’s style of leadership as a significant influence on Councillors, CEOs, and our diverse communities and emphasised the importance of working with the Government of the day.
Some of her key policies were yet to be released. She responded to questions from those present on greater use of ferries, Auckland Unlimited and the right to protest.
Viv Beck - Auckland Mayoral Candidate Alan Hayward 2022-08-23 12:00:00Z 0

Is  FRIENDSHIP your reason for belonging to Rotary

Member survey gives glimpse of where we’re at
In the most recent annual survey of Rotary members, 45% of respondents cited friendship as the reason they remain in Rotary, and 84% said they were satisfied with their ability to connect with friends through Rotary. Meanwhile, 42% of respondents cited the opportunity to make an impact on their communities as the reason they remained in Rotary — another response that would have delighted Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris. Gathering info of this nature is one of the reasons Rotary surveys members every year. (Extract from latest RI  Rotary in Review. Big Wig Ed.)
Is FRIENDSHIP your reason for belonging to Rotary Ron Seeto 2022-08-17 12:00:00Z 0

Trees for Survival


Two of our schools, St Cuthberts and St Peters, are both involved in the Trees for Survival plantings this month. With the Schools and the City Council,  the Club helps fund the plants and the costs of the days out.  For St Cuths., the planting was held at Pinnacle Hill, Bombay on Friday 12th August; for St Peters, at Parakai the planting was due to be held yesterday.
David Bradshaw, Co Chair D9920 Environment Committee comments:
On Friday St Cuthberts year 9 students planted more than 700 seedlings on a property in the Bombay hills owned by Peter Martin's family.  
Trees for Survival Alan Hayward 2022-08-14 12:00:00Z 0

RYLA & RYPEN Evening Celebration

Tuesday’s meeting at Remuera Golf Club was themed around RYPEN and RLYA.
Our guests, introduced by Peter Ross included participants of the recent RYLA week, Chris Osborne from RYPEN, Partners of members, Murry Thom one of the speakers at RYLA, James Gordon OC of the Army’s team at RYLA and past youth exchange student Eva Schnittger who is visiting from Germany.
First Speaker
Our First Speaker was Chris Osborne from Rotoract who gave us a short update on the recent RYPEN camp which took place 22 – 24 July at Kokako Lodge Huna.
The weekend was run by young Rotaractors and past RYLA awardees who share their experiences, hopes and ideals with participants with keynote speaker invited on Saturday evening.
RYPEN is designed for Year 11 and 12 students who are seen as the upcoming leaders in your school, not those students who are already leading and achieving amazing things or those at the bottom end, but those students who just need a bit of a push and a confidence boost to start achieving at their full potential.
RYLA & RYPEN Evening Celebration Colin Lucas 2022-08-10 12:00:00Z 0


JADURAM, Mike (Satyawan). Passed away in Labasa, Fiji, on 11 July 2022, aged 86 years. Loving husband of Savita. Proud father to Gayatri, Anita, Rohan and the late Terence Jaduram. Grandfather to Kiran, Matthew, Amara and father-in-law to Mark and Selina. Much loved family member and friend to many. A memorial service will be held to celebrate Mike's life at the Lyell Creek Lounge, Alexandra Park, 233 Green Lane West, Epsom on Sunday 21 August at 2.30pm. All communications to

District Governor 1998 1999 a fellow kai viti, an enthusiastic mentor and supporter, a fellow new club startup enthusiast, a friend…Isa  I will miss him. Ron Seeto

MIKE JADURAM OBITUARY Ron Seeto 2022-08-10 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot - Sailing

Members Slot

Most members of the club will be aware that I am a member of the RNZYS and as Mike Allison noted I attended the club’s recent 150th anniversary bash with the resultant consequences.
While I have an interest in one of the MRXs that are berthed outside the RNZYS Rooms my main focus these days is race management.  I am a national race officer which means I can run international, regional and club events in Auckland and elsewhere.  Through the winter I and team of 7 volunteers run two of six windward leeward race days.
In this report I had hoped to tell you of my weekends on-water activities which was intended to be a report on the windward leeward races I and my team were scheduled to run last weekend for the RNZYS.  That hope was dashed by the wind gods deciding to turn their backs on us by failing to provide any wind that we could use.  That’s sailing.
Members Slot - Sailing Colin Lucas 2022-08-09 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot - Manapouri

Members Slot
It’s a privilege to be asked to head up Membership for the club in this, Pres. Dave’s year. This is fundamental to the future of Rotary Newmarket,  but your committee can’t do on their own.
Having led Membership on I think two other occasions, having been on Membership committees a further two or three times I guess I have some experience!
Membership IS a whole of club obligation and without you all it is difficult for just a few to grow the club with new and enthusiastic members. Think of your involvement as a “succession plan”. You do this in your business, why not for Rotary too? You have contacts and relationships, close and not so close, who potentially could all be members of Rotary Newmarket. We would like you to think of those connections and be prepared to share some of those names with us.
We joined Rotary for a variety of reasons. Ask yourself what inspired you to become involved, then think about your associates and what they may enjoy and gain from membership.
Personally, Robyn and I are presently in Manapouri, Southland, enjoying time with our first grandchild, Archie McGahan. We are with Andrew and his partner Helene, and Archie, who will be 5 weeks old this Saturday.
A bonus is we are probably in the part of NZ enjoying the best of current weather conditions. Almost no rain, no wind, no flooding, and not too cold. It’s great to walk around the edge of Lake Manapouri and enjoy the views and tranquillity.
I have done a visit to Fiordland Rotary Club last Thursday evening and was welcomed generously, as you would expect. The president said on my arrival “it’s a shame, we don’t have a guest speaker tonight”…Guess what!!
Members Slot - Manapouri Martin McGahan 2022-08-02 12:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Secret Weapon

There are approximately 1.2 million Rotarians around the globe, all committed to serving their community and building a better world. Whilst there are many people that know a Rotarian, or have heard of Rotary, very few know about Rotary’s secret weapon against poverty and depravation. The Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Foundation has been around for 105 years, is funded primarily from Rotary member’s contributions and has significant resources to bring to bear on it’s seven key focus points. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, Economic and community development and the environment.
The Rotary Secret Weapon Charles Miller 2022-08-02 12:00:00Z 0

Queenstown Isolation Sucks

Is there a better place to isolate?  Probably not. (photo taken before I was sick)
After a few days of fun with some nice walks, scenic drives and one (yes, just one) day of skiing, I caught the lergy.  I will confess, like most people in New Zealand, I had got a little bit complacent.  I had, up until this point, managed to avoid catching COVID-19.  Don't get me wrong, I had tried to catch from my wife when she had it but failed miserably.  She had a mild dose and, by her own words, felt a little bit of a fraud for having to isolate at home when she felt fine.  At that point I had to question the Governments isolation policy.  We were all negative after three days but still had to isolate which seemed to be daft.
Was I immune?  Clearly not.  Did I get a mild dose?  Hell no!
Queenstown Isolation Sucks Simon Dalton 2022-08-01 12:00:00Z 0
District Changeover 2022-07-27 12:00:00Z 0


Rotary International is considering a project in our region (Zone 8 including Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island countries) to address membership, public image, communication, leadership, and fundraising challenges to help define a more sustainable future for Rotary.
Please read the Fact Sheet which provides more explanation.  Further information is available at
Regionalisation David Bradshaw 2022-07-27 12:00:00Z 0

RYLA Dinner 2022

Friday 9th July 2022.  More than 100 RYLA awardees and guests crowded into the recreation centre at Willow Park for their formal dinner – marking the beginning of the end of RYLA for 2022. Club member Peter Ross (nicknamed Paparazzi Pete by awardees) remarked “this was a RYLA course like no other” with COVID conspiring to test awardees and organisers alike.  The dinner event precautions meant awardees and guests could not mingle, and were in fact coned apart.  
Following the formal welcome (mihi whakatau) from Tama Potaki, CEO of local iwi (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki), we heard several speeches of thanks and gratitude from organisers and awardees alike. When Lt Colonel Jon Atkinson announced the winners of the outdoor education portion of the program the stage was filled with smiling faces, youthful enthusiasm and .. blistered, limping RYLArians. 
Special mention to Newmarket club stalwart Brian McMath, who on the night received a Paul Harris Fellow award from Peter Ross. This acknowledged Brian’s enormous contribution, over many years, to the speaker schedule and social enterprise programs.  The dinner finished with the awardees performing a polished waiata.  A little mingling was observed. (Menu:  Glazed Ham, Chicken, Vegetarian Lasagne, Profiteroles for dessert.)
RYLA Dinner 2022 Dave Birch 2022-07-09 12:00:00Z 0

Circus Quirkus 2022

Another year, another fantastic Circus Quirkus event!
This was our first year at the Vodafone Event Centre and what a fantastic place to hold our annual event.  A huge thank you to our sponsors for supporting the event and enabling us to host thousands of deserving kids and their families.  We raised over $100k for our chosen charities while, at the same time, giving kids who otherwise may never get to see a circus the chance to see a professional event live!
.. and all the while the Rotary volunteers had a great time hosting such amazing people!
Check out the highlights video below or for the link to see the full video!!!
Circus Quirkus 2022 Simon Dalton 2022-07-05 12:00:00Z 0

Members Slot - Honorary Membership Announced

Members Slot

Honorary Membership Announced

  It is a delight to announce that Owen Cashmore and Ross George (both of whom have served in Rotary for over 50 years) have been life members of the Rotary Club of Newmarket.  Congratulations and thank you for your service.
Members Slot - Honorary Membership Announced Dave Birch 2022-06-29 12:00:00Z 0

Polio All Transit

Rotary World

Polio All Transit

The “sea of red” came to the Auckland Rail and Ferry network last year on crisp spring morning Friday 23 October 2020. The event Polio All Transit, an Auckland combined Districts 9920_9921 Rotary project, was a repeat of the 2019 inaugural Polio All Trains event promoting End Polio Awareness. This involved riders meeting groups of Rotarians and friends at train stations and ferries raising $37,000. This amount with support from the Bill Gates Foundation multiplier becomes 3 times that amount or $91,000 to go towards the global End Polio Now campaign.
Polio All Transit Ron Seeto 2022-06-26 12:00:00Z 0

Salvation Army Food Packing

With the participation of the other Clubs involved [Remuera, St Johns, Ellerslie-Sunrise and Howick], each once a month, the foodpacking for the Salvation Army continues to go well. We are averaging  3 – 350 food boxes each Wednesday morning.
With other teams involved on other days, the Salvation Army is finding this sufficient to keep up with current demand in their Auckland centres.  Consistent assistance from members of the  Papakura Club is acknowledged –  they are also coordinating distribution from the Manukau Centre on a Tuesday morning.
Salvation Army Food Packing  Alan Hayward 2022-06-26 12:00:00Z 0

Packing Emergency Response Kits

Posted by Scott Burridge
A team from the Club packed over 120 ERKs yesterday. This was the first batch of ERKs to be packed in the latest round, which will eventually total 1000. Many will be sent to Fiji to replenish their store of ERKs, which was depleted after Cyclone Harold hit the islands earlier this year. Some will be held in Auckland ready for shipment to other Pacific nations when the need arises.
ERKs include items that will help provide temporary shelter for families whose homes have been destroyed by cylones and other natural disasters. Also included are clothing and cooking utensils.
ERKs are often the first help to reach devastated communities.
Packing the ERKs is a fun 3 hours and you really feel as though you are helping Pacific Island families at time they will most need it.
Packing Emergency Response Kits Scott Burridge 2020-09-08 12:00:00Z 0

Pres Scott donates to Plunket

President Scott delivering cot sheets to Fionna Mills at Glen Innes Plunket.
Five  boxes of sheets and pillow cases were donated by Alsco, arranged through a contact of Janette Searle. Plunket is in great need of woollen blankets and cotton sheets. Please let Scott or Boyne Drummond know if you have any that you can donate.

Pres Scott donates to Plunket Warwick Leyland 2020-07-16 12:00:00Z 0


Time for a Smile for the grandfathers
There were three little boys visiting their grandfather.
The oldest came out and asked his grandpa, “Can you make a sound like a frog, Grandpa?  Grandpa (being in a kind of ill mood) responds, “No, I don’t really want to make the sound of a frog now.”

So, the second little boy comes out and asks his grandfather,  “Will you please make a sound like a frog?” Grandpa again says, “No, not now. I don’t really want to do that.  I’m in a grumpy mood. Maybe later.”

Then the third little boy comes out and says, “Grandpa, oh please… Please, please will you make a sound like a frog?”

“Why do all of you boys want me to make a sound like a frog?” Grandpa asked.

The little boy replied with a hopeful face, “Well, Mum said that when you croak we get to go to Disney World!”

Humour Warwick Leyland 2020-07-16 12:00:00Z 0

Packing Food Parcels for the Salvation Army

Posted by Boyne Drummond on Jun 17, 2020
The club has agreed to assist the Salvation Army Manukau packing food parcels.
Details of their food parcel programme can be found at
We have initially committed to two events, on the 16th and 30th June.
A team of 12 club members with two residents from Epsom lodge attended the first event yesterday. We started at 10am and were finished by 12.30pm, having stopped for a few minutes for a quick lunch. The Salvation Army provided a light lunch and some drinks which were very welcome. We packed 140 boxes of non-perishables in less than two hours and then re-stocked the shelves ready for the next team.
The packing arrangements are similar to our Xmas Hampers project at Royal Oak and once again we demonstrated our expertise for this type of project.
We have another team ready for the 30th and the plan is to have a group of about 25 members who have done the project which gives us the
capability to assist the Salvation Army on a continuing basis, at this stage we expect that could be once per month for the rest of 2020.
Packing Food Parcels for the Salvation Army Boyne Drummond 2020-06-16 12:00:00Z 0

Phil O'Reilly ONZM

Posted by Martin McGahan on Jun 13, 2020
Phil is the Managing Director of Iron Duke Partners. He is a global business leader and advocate. He is Chair of the Board of Business at OECD,(a representation of businesses in OECD member states), based in Paris. Phil is involved in the work of the B20 - advising G20 leaders. He is formally a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). He has acted in a governance or advisory capacity to a number of New Zealand and overseas organisations in  areas as diverse as trade, sustainability,  diversity, pay equity, manufacturing,  tertiary education, child poverty and the future of work. Until recently, Phil was a member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) based in Geneva. Previously he was Chief Executive of BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s leading business advocacy group, representing thousands of businesses of all sizes.
In a wide ranging and informative address, Phil covered the geo-political environment in light of Covid 19 and how it could affect New Zealand and our ability to trade around the world. How the big two, USA and China, will likely use their influence to leverage future trade access and diplomatic connection.
He talked of Australia being the bright spot for us, having remained largely open for business through C19, and the immediate benefits likely for us. As a small trading nation we need our borders open to sell to the world. We need to put faces in front of faces to make the impact we require to survive.
On local politics Phil emphasised how our PM is the centre of focus, but he doesn’t think this will last. He is concerned about the government’s attitude to business, but did make the point of highlighting Grant Robertson as being a good friend of business in these times. He talked of how Covid 19 helped re-glue an otherwise disfunctional administration.
Phil O'Reilly ONZM Martin McGahan 2020-06-12 12:00:00Z 0

Artificial Intelligence - The Rise of the Machines

Posted by Martin McGahan on May 31, 2020
Scott Houston...You might say Futurist.
Artificial Intelligence—The Rise of the Machines!
Scott is a technology entrepreneur and he gave us a challenging, thought provoking and very enjoyable address Monday evening on a subject many probably don’t wish to think about.
What is Artificial intelligence?
The are three main components
1. Computer Vision ie, facial recognition, recognising one animal from another, or inanimate objects.
2. Natural Language Processing—Meet “Ella”, electronic life-like assistant. You can find her at national police HQ, Wellington. This medium, with CV applied helps to develop        sentiment analysis by looking at emotional responses such as   happiness, anger etc.
Follow this link to see an example of the future interaction we can
Scott is a technology entrepreneur and he gave us a challenging, thought provoking and very enjoyable address Monday evening on a subject many probably don’t wish to think about.
3.   Automated Machine Learning—
understanding words/figures etc, large data as applicable to say stock market data, financial data, retail analytics. Then training models to ultimately make predictions.
Scott talked of the AI Pipeline:   Train—Neural Networks - Learn Predict -Re-train
Scott went on to talk about the impact of AI pre and post Covid 19 on the future. The picture spells out the potential  effect.
Artificial Intelligence - The Rise of the Machines Martin McGahan 2020-05-30 12:00:00Z 0

Newmarket Primary School

Posted on May 24, 2020
It’s said a day in politics is a long time….and so it proved this week!
We were all looking forward this week to hearing from Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central. Unfortunately, Nikki didn’t find her way to our Zoom meeting. it’s fair to say, now we know why.
Instead, we were lucky to have Dr Wendy Kofeod, principal of Newmarket Primary School, and Gayle Hackwell chair of the Board of Trustees, join us. In Nikki’s absence this turned out to be a great opportunity to re-connect with the school on a broader level and for Wendy to share with us what the school has been doing lately, including dealing with Covid 19 and its implications. Rotary Newmarket has a very long and solid association with the school and we have been able to assist in many ways over this time. From digital learning centre (a ground-breaking project for the school with ongoing development streams), garden shed/environment project and assistance to students to advance their education.
Newmarket Primary School Martin McGahan 2020-05-23 12:00:00Z 0

Professor Des Gorman

Posted on May 18, 2020
Prof. Gorman’s address on the Club's meeting via Zoom last week was refreshing, challenging and constructive.
Prof. Gorman called on biblical comparison to illustrate how NZ has dealt with Covid 19, citing the “Flood” as his reference point:
Before the Flood: NZ was not prepared for a pandemic, and delayed acting, to our disadvantage.  We relied on WHO issuances, which were slow, misleading and actively counterproductive to  managing this event.
Professor Des Gorman Martin McGahan 2020-05-17 12:00:00Z 0

SkyCity Fire

Posted on Apr 28, 2020
Sky City Fire… As events go, this is one that probably everyone in Auckland can quickly and easily identify with. We know the building, know the location and know the history.
John Booth spoke to the Club on a recent Zoom meeting. John is a career fire professional having served some 40 years in the service. He is a commander in the Auckland Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) service. John was engaged in the immediate response team as this event unfolded.
John firstly provided some background about FENZ. The Auckland region extends broadly from Wellsford to Mercer. There are 26 paid fully manned 24/7 stations/appliances, supported by a further 40 volunteer appliances across the region. The service has 5 “Aerial” appliances, 2 “Command” units, a “Hazmat” unit and a “Canteen” unit. Of the 26 fully professional appliances, 20 were deployed to Sky City. Other appliances/stations then provided back-up cover to the rest of Auckland. There were some 115 personnel plus 8 executive team members engaged in the event.

The fire started in the roof as a result of a cardboard core from “torch-on” membrane material being inadvertently ignited. This material was being applied to the plywood roof substrate. Also used in this element of the construction was acoustic material, a fabric of multiple components including a “straw” type compound. The fire was fanned by a 30 knot wind, which accelerated the spread of flame.
SkyCity Fire Martin McGahan 2020-04-27 12:00:00Z 0

What's Coming Up

         WHAT’S UP  @ Rotary Newmarket  
Tue 4th JuneNo meeting - Queens B'day   
Sun  9th JuneCircus Quirkus Paul Monk  
Tue 11th JuneLunch @ EllerslieDraft Strategic Plan pt II plus Christine Fernyhough on her Limited Service Volunteer ProgramA must to attend for an update following the feedback from the last presentation  
Tue 18th JuneLunch @ EllerslieAnthony GrantThe Sculptureum, Matakana 
Tue 25th JuneDinner @ SorrentoChangeover Farewell Pres David                      & Welcome Pres Colin 
Fri 28th JuneTrees for SurvivalAt Hunua, with                                    St Cuthberts CollegePeter Bassett                       
Tue 2nd JulyDinner @ Remuera Golf Clubtba  
Tue 9th JulyLunch @ Ellerslietba  
Tue 16th JulyLunch @ Ellerslietba  
Sat 20th JulyCooking breakfast for            Epsom Lodge guestsEpsom Lodge, Salvation Army                                       18 Margot St EpsomMartin McGahan                      
Wed 24th JulyTrees for SurvivalAt South Kaipara,                                  with St Peters CollegePeter Bassett                       
Sat- Sun 3-4th AugMotutapu weekendA fun and fulfilling weekend          working and playing at MOECMartin McGahan                                      
What's Coming Up 2019-05-30 12:00:00Z 0

Nursing Award Presentations

Posted on May 30, 2019
On Tuesday the club made its presentations of the Ann Craig Memorial Award and the Macfarlane Memorial Award.
The recipients of each award were;
Ann Craig Memorial Award - Elizabeth Saywell,
Macfarlane Memorial Award - Mooney Lee.
Elizabeth  was presented with her award and cheque by Scott Burridge and Alastair Macfarlane presented Mooney with the MacFarlane Memorial Award.
Both recipients took the opportunity to thank he club for their awards.
Nursing Award Presentations 2019-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

The Religious Diversity Centre

Posted on May 30, 2019
Our Main Speakers at Tuesdays meeting were Ricky Waters and Jocelyn Armstrong,
Ricky is  the co-ordinating Chaplain at Manukau Institute of Technology, UNITEC Institute of Technology and Massey University, and Jocelyn is a trustee of the Religious Diversity Trust.
Ricky and Jocelyn spoke about religious diversity  in New Zealand and commented on the effect of the Christchurch massacre.
Ricky spoke to the subject of religious diversity and Jocelyn spoke to the Religious Diversity Trust which provides programs in religious diversity aiming to foster an appreciation  for and understanding of religious diversity in New Zealand.

Ricky made the point that New Zealand is now religiously diverse and that Auckland  is the second most religiously diverse city in the world. Singapore being the most.

This has occurred since the mid 80s when New Zealand immigration rules change from an Anglo-Saxon perspective to a more global perspective with immigrants coming from all corners of the world.

In Auckland 40% of the community indicate an adherence to Christianity. But in addition to that there are Buddhists, Hindu's, Jews, Sihks Muslims Ba Hai, Atheists, Spiritualists, new Agers and and others.

In the three decades since the change of immigration rules New Zealand has become a multicultural and multireligious society the downside of this is that culture has been looked after by state and local bodies but nothing has been the diverse religion conflict that can sometimes create

Ricky made the comment that religion is formed by culture and cultures like what formed by religion. In a number of screen shots Ricky noted that our assumptions about the faith an individual follows is to a certain extent fashioned by our own perceptions.

Ricky also drew our attention to the New Zealand Bill of Rights act which provides that every person has the right to manifest their religion or belief in worship observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private.  This provision has implications in education, school and tertiary, the  workplace and elsewhere.  How will that affect our generally secular society?

Jocelyn spoke to us about the Religious Diversity Centre whose aim is to make people comfortable about talking about religion and dealing with issues within religion

The Religious Diversity Centre purpose is to foster an appreciation understanding and deeper relationships among the religious, spiritual and secular communities in New Zealand, and provide an independent and informed voice on religious and spiritual issues in the public sphere.

The Religious Diversity Centre aims to build social cohesion and a religiously diverse society in which  all are safe.  A society where there is understanding and respect for others different practices and beliefs so that we can work together in productive diversity.

The Religious Diversity centre provides diversity and antidiscrimination workshops is available for professional, business, charity community or religious organisations Jocelyn told us that each workshop is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation or group including half day, full day or two day events.  The events are inclusive of everyone whether they be religious or not and contain customised content.

Like it or not New Zealand has changed beyond recognition over the past 30 years and is a multicultural nation of diverse races and beliefs.  as such the Religious Diversity Centre has an important place in our society as we grapple with issues of diversity and difference in belief and as we debate the impact of the massacre in Christchurch in March of this year.

The Religious Diversity Centre 2019-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

Conference - Napier

Posted by Ron Seeto

All Rotarians must attend at least one District Conference!

Meeting likeminded people, listening to inspiring speakers, being updated on Rotary projects locally and internationally, having fun and fellowship, making new friends and more. The recent District Conference in Napier was no exception.

For this attendee, memorable speakers included

Tom Mulholland Doctor Global  “Be KYND ….prevention and intervention on wheels..”

Nigel Latta “the hard stuff…too much alcohol is bad for us…”

Janie Elrick “Testing the Boundaries – you only have today – Do it Now!”

Harold Hiltman “Leadership for the Future…Authenticity….Fitting In Standing Out…”

The venue this year was in Napier Convention centre right by the the seaside complete with all the delights that this little Art deco city has to deliver.

The gala night theme was Art Deco naturally.

There is another opportunity to connect with your Rotary family….Next year it’s closer to home ….Conference is in Auckland !

Conference - Napier Ron Seeto 2019-05-21 12:00:00Z 0

Sara-Jane Elika - Vocational

At our Tuesday meeting a good turn out of members was treated to a Vocational by one of our newest members :- Sara-Jane Elika.
Vocationals are probably the most important part of Rotary life as they are the means we get to know our new colleagues.  Sara-Jane's vocational address was no exception.
Staring with a Mihi and finishing with a Waiata Sara-Jane's vocational was inspiring.
Sara- Jane told us of her upbringing and education and her current activities.
She is married to Ralph, also a new member, since 2007 and has four children the youngest aged four twins aged six and her eldest is nine.
Her father is Samoan and her mother European.
Her father was until his retirement principal at Mount Albert Primary School in the inner-city. When he was appointed to that position was first Samoan Primary School principal in the country. Sara-Jane notes that he is studying for a new career in the clergy.
Sara-Jane told us that her maternal grandfather lived in at Papakura and was a member of the Papakura Rotary club. 
Sara-Jane is an alumni of St Cuthbert’s
Ralph and Sarah have been married for 12 years. They met at Auckland University as they both were law students at the time.  It was best described as meeting in the middle as Sara-Jane came from Papakura and Ralph is a Westie.  Faith is an important element in her life. Sara-Jane and Ralph's children attend or will attend St Michaels Catholic School. Church is an important part of their lives.
Sarah’s brother Onosa’i Auva’a represented Auckland at provincial rugby level and played for the Blues. He also played sevens for New Zealand and was a member of the team that won the gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Having retired from representative rugby Onosa’i is now chaplain at Kings College.
At University Sarah Jane took a law degree and a music degree. She has been admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.  It happens that Ralph also has a law degree. This combination and the contact with her brothers teammates led to Sarah Jane and Ralph to set up a sports management business advising young sports people in relation to professional contracts.
Sarah Jane is a passionate singer. She has won a Tui award and an number of other awards over the years as a consequence of her abilities.
Since leaving university she has had many roles first as a mother and wife, then providing performance to musicians in diverse areas including entertainment law, event management and the development of business plans in the creative industry.
In some background reading your editor discovered that Sarah Jane had been a production manager for the Sunday current affairs program, a production assistant for fair go, and event manager for Parachute Festival. She has also lectured atMAINZ Tai Poutini Polytech, mentored for the New Zealand music commission and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Auckland the Centre for Pacific studies and unitec for contemporary studies.
In 2017 Sarah Jane was the winner in the emerging leader category of the governance New Zealand annual awards ceremony. She has as well gained number of ministerial appointments including appointed chair of the content committee for National Pacific Radio Trust, as a board trustee of the League for Life Foundation founded by the New Zealand Rugby League and as chair of the Community Legal Services South Trust.
Finally, and that is not enough, she is a director with Ralph of Elika consulting group which combines their considerable skills to provide a full service strategic consultancy across public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
Sara-Jane will be a valuable member of our club.
Sara-Jane Elika - Vocational 2019-05-21 12:00:00Z 0

Janette Searle - Take My Hands

Brian McMath Reports (from the field);
On the evening of 22 November our member Janette Searle's social enterprise Take My Hands won the Partnering for Good Award at the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.  The win was achieved in the face of significant competition as other heavyweight finalists in this category included Akina + NZ Post,  KickStart Breakfast (Fonterra/Sanitarium/Ministry for Social Development), KiwiHarvest & Living Water Partnership (Department of Conservation/Fonterra).
The evening was a big one as well 680 guests with 4 Government Ministers including Ministers Parker, Sage, Nash and Henare.
Janette Searle - Take My Hands 2018-11-22 11:00:00Z 0

Clint Jones

Clint Jones   “Best Two Jobs In The World”
A full house at the Remuera Golf Club was treated to Clint Jones’ enthusiastic explanation of his two passions, both based on his involvement with the New Zealand marine industry. 
Clint is Managing Director of Oceanmax, the developer and distributor of “Propspeed” an innovative anti-foul coating for submerged metal parts, most notably of use on marine propellers, underwater struts and similar boat fittings.  From its origin as a local niche product Propspeed, in a few short years, has become an internationally sought-after brand exported to 30 countries worldwide and has been gathering export momentum.  Most recently Oceanmax/Propspeed has twice been named “Vendor of the Year” by US-based West Marine, the world’s largest marine retailer.
The company’s rapid rise in the marine market was assisted by grants from both New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation. The operation employs 22 staff in NZ and has five full-time representatives in the USA.  Other marketing is accomplished through agency partnerships, other co-operative trade relationships, and increasingly social media.  Ever larger market options beckon, for instance planned sea trials on one of Carnival Cruise’s 25 ships as a possible foothold in the commercial market.  Clint says there has never been a better time to be a NZ exporter.
Clint Jones 2018-02-14 11:00:00Z 0
Whats Coming up 2018-01-22 11:00:00Z 0

Helen O'Sullivan - CEO Ockham Residential

Posted by Colin Lucas on Jan 23, 2018
Pres Michelle welcomed guests, friends from the Penrose Rotary club and members for the first meeting of 2018.
Our guest speaker was Helen O’Sullivan CEO of Ockham Residential a major player in the Auckland apartment market.
Helen gave us an update on Ockham’s activities in Auckland and took us through some of the apartment complexes that it is built in the past few years. She then closed with a brief discussion on the Ockham foundation what it seeks to achieve and similarities with the aims and objects of Rotary.
Ockham’s aim is to provide residential buildings containing affordable apartments but which are built in a world-class manner.
Ockham aims to build buildings that
  • are beautiful, appreciated by the local community and improve the local built environment.
  • Contain appropriately dimensioned rooms        
  • are constructed with durable materials require minimal maintenance and which age gracefully,
  • provide high levels of on-site amenity for the residents of those buildings and their visitors.
  • Are constructed using best practice to ensure residents comfort and minimise ongoing costs.
Ockham is taking advantage of the new Auckland unitary plan which makes greater density possible. Some of its buildings are being constructed in places that one would not ordinarily expected multi unit residential blocks to be constructed. “Daisy” in Eden terrace is an example.
Helen, as well is being Ockham’s CEO is also owner of an Ockham apartment stop that in itself speaks volumes for the quality of the apartments Ockham has constructed.
Ockham foundation supports initiatives encouraging critical thought, independent thinking and attempts to foster a sense of social justice amongst students.
Although in its early stages the foundation has funded first foundations scholars studying in the science faculty of the University of Auckland, funded an outdoor classroom and nature trail at Grey Lynn PrimarySchool, funded postgraduate scholarships in statistics at the University of Auckland and is working with Nga Rangatahi Toa and organisation assisting youth excluded from schools to re-enter educational and training pathways from which they would otherwise be barred.
Helen then commented upon Ockham projects completed and under construction. These included Hypatia on Khyber Pass, the Turing building in Grey Lynn, Station R, opposite the Mount Eden railway station, the Issac, again in Grey Lynn, Wamka in Ellerslie, the Ockham building on Sandringham Road, Tuatahi in Mount Albert, Set in Avondale, Bernouli Gardens in Hobsonville and finally Daisy again in Mount Eden.
This is a fine body of work by any stretch of the imagination.
Helen gave a very interesting address which shows clearly the pathway of residential development that will be followed in metropolitan Auckland and particularly the inner-city. To see more about Ockham go to
Helen O'Sullivan - CEO Ockham Residential Colin Lucas 2018-01-22 11:00:00Z 0

Christmas Party

David and Rosemary Bradshaw very kindly hosted our Christmas Party last year. An enjoyable evening was had by all so thank you David and Rosemary for your hospitality.
Some photos that I took are attached in no particular order.
Christmas Party 2018-01-18 11:00:00Z 0

Riding for the Disabled

Sarah Heydon was our keynote speaker.

She spoke on behalf of the Auckland Eastern suburbs Riding for the disabled. Sarah is a former member of our club and as a professional director. She as chair of Cavalier Corporation, a director of ports of Auckland, GMS science and the cooperative bank. She is also chair of New Zealand Riding for the disabled.

Riding for the disabled has been in existence for over 40 years. The association between Rotary and Riding for the disabled is of similar vintage.

Sarah gave us a rundown on what it takes to operate Riding for the disabled in Auckland. An area to ride on as required, there are health and safety issues to monitor, horses to find and train, funding to obtain volunteers to recruit and riders to select.

Riding for the disabled relies on pony clubs throughout the country to support its programs. The Auckland Eastern suburbs Riding for the disabled used to be headquartered at St Helliers Bay pony club. However because the land upon which that pony club sits has been transferred to Ngati Whatua who want to use the land for other purposes Riding for the disabled have relocated to the Meadowbank pony club.

Riding for the disabled uses a lot of resource. Specialised equipment for the riders which needs to be cleaned maintained and secured. Staff have to be trained operates safely. There are strict operating requirements before Riding for the disabled can be undertaken. For example, one rider needs a horse and three helpers. There are six horses required for a lesson. In addition there is a coach overseeing the process and a physiotherapist. Sarah told us 25 volunteers a week are required.

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Akina Social Enterprise Award Winners - Cottonseed

We welcomed representatives of cottonseed for the presentation of the social enterprise award award co-sponsored between Newmarket Rotary and Akina.  A short video clip was played setting out how Akina operates. It provides work for migrant woman in the clothing industry. The enterprise sources material in the woman so clothes which are then sold funding the further acquisition of material and so on. The Akina award will go to fund the acquisition of further sewing machines giving employment to women who would otherwise be unemployed.
Cottonseed enables women to work, organise how they work manager how they work and gives control to them. As an enterprise that empowers those woman to take control of their lives, something they would not otherwise have been able to do.
We were told the women with whom Cottonseed work come from Somalia, Ethiopian, Thailand and Pakistan amongst other places.
Cottonseed was a worthy winner of the Akina/Rotary Newmarket Social Enterprise Award.
Akina Social Enterprise Award Winners - Cottonseed 2017-09-19 12:00:00Z 0

Garden Design Fest Update

Posted on Aug 23, 2017
Nathan Saminathan gave us an update on the Funraising Committee and, in particular, reminded us about the Garden Design Fest in November.   
Auckland Garden DesignFest 2017
The Auckland Garden DesignFest is back again, featuring some of Auckland’s best professionally designed gardens.
This unique weekend festival, November 25-26, allows visitors to meet the designers and visit up to 20 private gardens across Auckland.
Organised jointly by the Garden Design Society of New Zealand and Rotary Newmarket, the DesignFest raises funds for Ronald McDonald House, Garden to Table and the Rotary Club of Newmarket Charitable Trust. Optional guided bus tours are also available.   
Tickets for the Auckland Garden DesignFest will be available from 01 July at iTICKET, plus various garden retailers and onsite at the garden gate. Choose from $65 all garden tickets, $10 single garden access or three gardens for $20. See website for early bird ticket offers.
For more information visit
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DG Malini Raghwan's Official Visit

Posted on Aug 23, 2017
Ron Seeto introduced our new District Governor Malini Raghwan in his usual elegant style.
Our new District Governor is continuing to support and strengthen clubs in the district.  She highlighted efforts globally to correct gender balance.  Globally women populate 20% of membership, NZ has 28% but Newmarket has only achieved 5%.
Malini awarded President Michelle with a Women in Rotary pin for being one of the 51 women presidents this year in our district.  
Another problem was highlighted, which was the average age within Rotary which only has 5% under the age of 40.
Humanitarian services was discussed and RCON is doing well in this area.
We are also doing well with enhancing our public image and awareness and understand the need to boost the Rotary brand.
RI President Ian Risely has asked clubs globally to help build better environment stability by planting more trees including mangroves.
Another request from Mr Risely is for clubs to log volunteer hours on a weekly basis in the clubs. This is for statistical purposes so we can have a better understanding of Rotary's impact on our communitees.
Malini’s main focus is:
  1. Help improve water and sanitation services in Fiji and the Pacific Islands
  2. Help maternity and child health services in Fiji
  3. Provide resources for women’s refuge and welfare (help combat trafficking and abuse)
Michelle gave the vote of thanks as well as a gift of a Ruby Seeto tea towel to Malini.
DG Malini Raghwan's Official Visit Neil Swanney 2017-08-22 12:00:00Z 0

Changeover 2017

Posted on Jul 05, 2017
The venue was the Remuera Golf Club.  The theme was Movies: Heroes and Villains!
It was a fitting end to a good year for the club.  We ate.  We drank.  We celebrated our many achievements.
All the while, dressed in some amusing costumes.  There were Bat men and Bat women.  We had a visit from Darth Vader.  Even Donald Trump turned up!  This writer will let you decide if he was deemed to be a hero or a villain.
Later on, the official chains of office were handed over from a Jedi Knight to Wonder Woman ... I think that says it all.
Changeover 2017 2017-07-04 12:00:00Z 0

Rapport Report


Presentation Of AEDs

The club is sponsoring AED’s for placement in Auckland. We are putting 5 in various places. The first AED was handed to the Salvation Army for placement in Epsom Lodge. Eric Turner accepted on behalf of Epsom Lodge the AED that we had obtained.

In addition, President Simon presented representatives of the Salvation Army in Royal Oak Mission a cheque for $8,000.00 to support the Christmas Hamper Programme. Last year, the Mission produced 450 hampers. The Mission is the second largest food bank in Auckland and offers all sorts of support to those who need it in the area. The people who receive hampers are those who the Mission has worked with.


Mini vocational – Ric Buchanan

Members received a mini vocational from Rick Buchanan, a past president of the club and presently Treasurer. At the beginning of his address, Rick noted that when he was President, our present President Simon was 14 years old.

Rick gave us an interesting background to his life. His father worked for Qantas and so travelled a lot, particularly to the United States. As a consequence of those visits, Rick seemed , together with his family, to be the first to have jeans and all the other bits and pieces that the American’s produced in the 50’s and 60’s.

Rick’s mother was born in Tahiti so he has a significant French connection, although on a recent visit to France, he discovered that he had cousins living in Victoria Avenue. Rick is married to Adele. They met in 1969 and got together after Rick completed his University studies and subsequently married in 1792. Rick and Adele have 2 children; Stewart who lives in UK and is a Investor Relations Manager for a Norwegian shipping company and Amanda is married and lives in Auckland.

Rick is an Accounting professional. He is a sole practitioner who discovered, after working in the corporate environment and the Partnership environment, that he preferred sole practice. He has been in sole practice in 30 years and loved every minute of it.

Rick has been a member of the club for 30 years. There are 15 members who are longer serving than he. Been Treasurer twice for the club and has been on the Board since 1998. He has had the privilege of serving 19 Presidents, which has been a very rewarding and interesting exercise.

Rotary has brought Rick many rewarding jobs. For example; he recently attended Mt. Albert Grammar School to present a June Grey Scholarship to a female student from that school to enable her to attend or support her attendance at Auckland University.

When Rick is not at work or participating in Rotary, he likes watching sports and supporting his family.

Rapport Report 2017-06-05 12:00:00Z 0

Belinda Vernon

Posted by Graeme Orchard
Keynote speaker was Belinda Vernon, a 15 year veteran and foundation trustee of the Motutapu Restoration Trust who ROCON share a significant relationship on Motutapu where we have been involved since 1990. Belinda gave a précis of the efforts the Trust has made in fulfilling it’s vision of restoring the natural and cultural landscapes of Motutapu since it was originally established. Key accomplishments of the Trust include:
  • Eradication of possums and wallabies from Rangitoto and Motutapu by the  Department of Conservation which was declared predator free in 2011
  • Fenced off forest remnants on the coastal fringe and inland
  • Built a nursery to raise native plants on the island which opened in 1992 by the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Organised volunteers to plant over 500,000 native trees and plants on hillsides and wetlands
  • Achieved 95 hectares of planted native forest in 18 years and witnessed native plants having grown over seven metres tall
  • Rescued large areas of native forest from invasive weeds including moth plant, woolly nightshade and apple of Sodom with an intensive volunteer weed programme
  • Organised two pre-eradication bird surveys by Ornithological Society of New Zealand who recorded 27 native bird species including kereru, NZ dotterel, tui, grey warbler, variable oyster catcher (all indigenous)
  • Taken part in two pre-pest eradication reptile surveys
  • Fenced off 15 hectares of Central Gully to exclude stock
  • Funded contractors to make the initial assault on moth plant infestation in Central Gully
  • Celebrated in 2010 the eradication of seven remaining pests - ship rats, Norway rats, mice, rabbits, hedgehogs, feral cats, and stoats by the Department of Conservation
  • Delighted in the island being declared pest free in August 2011
  • Witnessed the natural return of the bellbird and kakariki to Motutapu - first sightings in over 100 years
  • Welcomed the first of many translocated endangered/severely threatened native species (takahe, tieke) in 2011, a programme that will extend out at least 10 years.
  • 2012 saw the release of the Coromandel brown kiwi, more takahe, more tieke, whiteheads, shore plover into the volunteer planted native forest of Home Bay
Belinda Vernon Graeme Orchard 2017-05-10 12:00:00Z 0

Bill Stead

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 30, 2017
Our guest speaker at Tuesdays meeting was Bill Stead.
Bill has been involved installing large water projects all around the world.
The water business consists of resources, treatment, distribution and wastewater.  Roughly 20% of water is lost through distribution.  
The water business around the world is dominated by 2 French companies, Suez and Veolia.
From a historical point of view, the Romans started water distribution.  The next big breakthrough was chlorination. The first biological systems were implemented after the Thames began to stink.
Today, most of the problems related to water now are political and local challenges, not engineering.
Bill has worked on projects such as sewage treatment plans in Guangzhou and water treatment in Tianjin plant and North Ireland.
In Auckland, the current problem is that our reservoir was created when there were no suspended solids in the run-off.  As the area has grown, clay solids now run off into the reservoir when it rains. 
Also, much of the other drinking water isn’t properly treated.  Roughly 60% of rainwater tanks are contaminated.  There are 30,000 cases of water bourne diseases are year in New Zealand. 
Bill Stead Neil Shah 2017-03-30 00:00:00Z 0
Dr Rosalie Stephens 2017-03-23 00:00:00Z 0

Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley

Posted by Graeme Orchard
Our Guest Speaker at Tuesdays meeting was Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, from Massey University, one of New Zealand's leading academics and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Paul heads the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and presented a fascinating vision on the changing face of demographics that Auckland can expect over the next 10-20 years as the city grows.
 Some interesting facts:
  • Auckland will constitute 40% of the total NZ population
  • Asians are expected to grow to 28-30% over the next decade
  • Maori will remain constant over this period at 11%
  • Pasifika will grow to 16%
  • New Zealand European /Pākehā will decline to 42%
  • more people aged over 65 than under 15 years of age
  • 700,000 more people living in the greater Auckland region
  • 60% of New Zealand’s growth
  • 94% of working age growth
  • Immigration most significant contributor to growth
Paul highlighted that the traditional persona of Auckland and New Zealand as a whole is likely to change significantly as this growing ethnic diversity affects our identity, values and behaviours. 
Listening to Professor Spoonley it is clear that New Zealand faces interesting times and that the bicultural focus of the past 20 years will be overtaken by a multicultural focus with diversity, opportunity and challenge that is both exciting and frightening.
Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley Graeme Orchard 2017-03-23 00:00:00Z 0

Guy Ryan

Guest Speaker at our meeting on Tuesday evening at Remuera Golf Club was Guy Ryan.
Guy was Young New Zealand of the year in 2015 and is the CEO of the Inspiring Stories Trust.
Guy gave us a little of his background. He comes from Granity on the West Coast. He commented that growing up on the West Coast was character building, something seconded by past president Brian McMath himself a coaster. He then attended Otago University fully partaking in the social activities that were available at that institution.
It seems he was a bit of a tear away! Guy was one of half a dozen students at his high school who went to university from an initial starting group of 120.
As Guy progressed through the University he started to wonder if there was more to life than simply getting pissed at the weekend. By the time Guy graduated he had reformed to become a doer and a bit of an idealist. In his last year University he made a film “carving the future” about young New Zealanders concerned with climate change. That film became a finalist in the BBC best newcomer award in the European wild screen film Festival and was named best short film at the Colorado film Festival.
Guy Ryan 2017-03-09 00:00:00Z 0

Doc Mayhew

President Simon welcomed members and many guests from sister Rotary clubs throughout Auckland to hear our guest speaker, Dr John “Doc” Mayhew, recently appointed as ambassador to the Rotary District 9920 Heart Savers programme aimed at increasing the number of automatic heart defibrillators (AED’s) available in the community.
“Doc” Mayhew is the current doctor to the Warriors NFL team and was All Blacks medico for 15 years on the sideline for 131 test matches and over 200 All Black games. He described his personal experience in 2016 of surviving a cardiac arrest thanks to an AED during a gym workout and noted that without receiving medical attention there is only a 5-10% of surviving.
There are currently some 6,000 AED’s in the community and that number needs to be doubled which is where the Rotary Heart Savers initiative has an important role to play. 
Doc Mayhew 2017-02-17 00:00:00Z 0

Pop Up Globe

From President Simon
As You Like It
Presented by the Pop-up Globe King’s Company
“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it”
The Pop-up Globe King’s Company presents Shakespeare’s brilliant comedy, As You Like It, at Pop-up Globe Auckland.
A young girl and her friend, wanted by the authorities, escape the tyrannical court and find shelter in the ancient Forest of Arden. But they’re not alone. And as the Forest works its transformative magic on all those who seek refuge there, love and life have never felt more precious.
Set in the summer of 1642 - just months before the outbreak of the bloody and disastrous English Civil War and the permanent closure of the original second Globe theatre - and performed by a full all-male cast in authentic costumes of the period, As You Like It is an exercise in early modern escapism.
The Pop-up Globe King’s Company is Pop-up Globe’s resident all-male company of actors and live musicians, working with world experts to bring you the authentic shock of the old: the effect of Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space and style for which they were written.
For the Pop-up Globe King’s Company
Director: Tom Mallaburn (UK)
Designer: Barbara Capocci
Composer: Paul McLaney
Fight Director: Alexander James Holloway
​This is a strictly first come/first served basis.  I have reserve 40 tickets based on the interest shown.  Seating will be Reserve A at $165 each (The posh seats). 
Pop Up Globe 2017-02-08 00:00:00Z 0


Richard Solomon advises members that we are now receiving applications for RYLA
This is the time of year to think whether you know any 20 to 28 year old future leaders who would be a good prospect to attend RYLA this year.
All the Information, including a brochure is available on the website .
Application forms are also on the website or they can be obtained from Richard Solomon.
If you have anybody in your life or contacts that you would like to recommend RYLA to I encourage you to put the information in front of them to consider it. It is a marvelous programme as attested to every year by the candidates we sponsor.
RYLA dates are Saturday 1st July to Saturday 8th July 2017
We will be looking to interview during March and early  April so would like to receive applications around end February early March.
Criteria and Age range remains the same; between 20 and 28 (inclusive) on 1st May 2017 and already exhibiting leadership qualities and/or potential in their lives.
The venue is again Willow Park Convention Centre, Eastern Beach and the format of the week programme is expected to be essentially the same as previously, so criteria such as fitness level and demonstrated  leadership potential are keys in your selection process.
Please contact  Richard Solomon with any questions you may have.
RYLA 2017-01-27 00:00:00Z 0

Christmas Hamper Packing

If it is Christmas then it is time for Christmas Hamper packing with the Salvation Army in Royal Oak.
A group of volunteers gathered on 8 December and packed, and packed. 306 boxes in total. An awesome job undertaken in a record time.
Thanks to all who participated.
Christmas Hamper Packing 2016-12-08 00:00:00Z 0


Posted on Nov 25, 2016
Last Saturday 20 members and partners lead ably by Michelle Smith packed ERKs or emergency response kits for disaster relief. 
Michelle reports that the team apparently beat all records for speed in packing our 100 ERK allocation in under two hours and then we really showed our
Stamina by re-stocking the production line.
The  organiser, Don Benson was really impressed and appreciative of our efforts.
Well done team.
ERKS 2016-11-25 00:00:00Z 0

David Seymour MP

Our guest on Tuesday 22 November was ACT Leader and MP for the Epsom Electorate David Seymour.
President Simon welcomed members and welcomed guest speaker, David Seymour, our local MP for Epsom and leader of the ACT part. David also serves as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Educations and Regulatory Reform in the National lead government.
David’s presentation focused on New Zealand’s immigration policy which he believes will be the decisive issue in next year’s general election. Net permanent long term migrants are now 70,300 in the year ended October 2016 adding to pressure on housing, employment, healthcare and infrastructure. Total net immigration in the last 5 years is 190,000, which compares to the mid- seventies and early eighties where New Zealand had a net outflow of 155,000 over a five year period. From the mid eighties New Zealand has followed a skills based test for new immigrants which has seen a far broader racial and cultural mix of new arrivals.
David was introduced by Patrick Learmonth and thanks offered by Michelle Smith
David Seymour MP 2016-11-25 00:00:00Z 0


Newmark Rotary Charitable Foundation (NCRF)
Brian McMath gave the club an overview of the NRCF.  Its purpose is to assist the club in providing stability to the club’s charitable contributions. 
It was formed in 2002 and now has $1.3 million in assets.  The average return has been 6% over the past two years.  The NRCF supports activities in the areas of education, health and community support. 
Contributors may specify areas in which they would like their bequest to be applied.  The Burton family, for example, has specified that its contributions go to activities around disabilities.  It has distributed $300,000 since 2004.  It has a signature program that supports research grants around oncology.
NRCF Neil Shah 2016-11-17 00:00:00Z 0

Christmas Trees

Why buy someone a goat in Africa for Christmas? Try buying them trees in New Zealand – after all, goats eat trees!
This year one of our Trees for Survival schools planted a wetland site in Taupaki with 300 native trees. We’d like to invite you to sponsor some of these trees as your environmental gift to a loved one this year.
Sponsor 10 trees at $50 / Sponsor 20 trees at $100
We will send you a magnificent handmade card with Christmas decoration outlining this sponsorship, for you to gift to someone.
To participate in this fundraiser, please visit                                                                                                     
Christmas Trees Kevin Peacock 2016-11-17 00:00:00Z 0

Nathan Saminathan

Posted by Neil Shah
Vocational - Nathan Saminathan
We were taken on a journey by Nathan through his life.  Originally from Malaysia, his parents were rubber plantation workers from India.  He remembers a very basic but happy childhood with lots of outdoor activities. 
His parents moved back to India to farm and Nathan made a decision that he was meant for a different life.  He went to university and did his BS in Chemistry.  He didn’t enjoy the field however and settled on a role as a bank officer in Malaysia. 
In 1979, he moved to New Zealand with $900 and did his MBA  He has had a few businesses and continually educated himself.  He did a diploma in insurance services and became a certified financial planner.   In 1997, he started mortgage brokering.
He has also been a valued member and president of Toastmasters.  He joined Rotary to be able to contribute back to society and has been a leader in several cultural organisations.  
His hobbies are sharemarket and property investment. 
Nathan Saminathan Neil Shah 2016-11-17 00:00:00Z 0

DG Roger Harvey

Posted by Patrick Learmonth
The Great Traveller – DG Roger Harvey – stood in as our sole guest and key note speaker. Roger needs no introduction. He gave a run down on what he had observed – Rotary wise – during his recent trips around the Pacific Islands parts of our district:
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John Burton - Vocational

Club member John Burton presented a vocational.
And very good it was too. John became a member in 2008 – after asking Jeff Smith in the car park at Circus Quirkus how he could get involved in such great work!. John was a keen cricketer in his youth, NZ Schoolboys rep and took his prospective wife off to England to play cricket after completing a BCOM at Auckland University.
Then returned to the family tea importing business here. After the sale of that business in the early 80’s John set up his won tea and coffee trading empire – initially in competition with his father and brother but later with them John secured the Dilmah tea brand in NZ and has built a long and close relationship with the founders – the Fernando family.
John suffered paralysis after a heart operation in 1995 and soon realised that it was the bit at the top of his head which would save him and soon launched in to a new project with his brother starting (and still a part owner ) of the Columbus Coffee chain. John is now working on a succession plan hoping to bring his 2 daughters in to the family business.  John claims to have been lucky in life and family  - a very positive person and great club member.
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We still require 9 volunteers to pack Emergency Response Kits (ERKS) from 1pm to no later than 4pm on Saturday 19th November at 15 Gabador Place, Mt Wellington.

ERKs are vital for Cyclone and other disaster relief in the Pacific Islands and the 2 to 3 hours involved in packing ERKs is small way that our club can contribute to this worthy ongoing Rotary initiative.

Currently only 3 club members plus their partners have put their names forward so we only have 6 volunteers at this stage where we require a minimum of 15.

Please email Michelle Smith if you can be there. Family members and friends are also welcome to help.

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Polio +

Polio+ needs YOU…’s almost
World Polio Day is 24 October 2016.
Remember to Register your event
REMEMBER Gates Foundation contribution  2 for 1 basis on funds raised
 REMEMBER as well as other possible activities
3 point action plan for  D9920 Clubs:
1. Continue your annual activities  - either Club for Polio activity  eg Rotary Waiuku street sausage sizzle;  and/or supporting            individual Polio champions  e.g. Gary Donaghue our Runner for Polio and,  Richard Thorpe Rider for Polio
2.  Hold a World’s Greatest Meal (WGM) event or enlist individual club members to host/participate.
3.  Celebrate a PD Purple Day in your allocated schools
Further information:
Contact PDG Ron Seeto
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Posted on Sep 30, 2016
From our DG Roger Harvey
Our Rotary Conference
We are nearly quarter way through our Rotary year and it is time to promote our Conference  in May 2017.
I have chosen Auckland to make it easier and more economical for most Rotarians, Rotaractors and their partners.
Members need to be reminded that the Early Bird Discount runs until 30 November
This is a unique opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of Rotary – along with some novel experiences.
* Could you please arrange to put me on your Bulletin address list- for those that haven’t already.
* Secondly please ask your Bulletin Editor to include the Flier attached for the next 3 months.
* Please also show the Power Point presentation attached when your programme allows.
For members who haven’t seen the Conference video, the link is available at our website:
Roger Harvey
Rotary District 9920
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Loren O"Sullivan

Posted by Ron Halls
  Key note speaker on 27 September 2016 was Loren O’Sullivan,  Director of NPH New Zealand.
Loren gave a Heartfelt talk about NPH ( Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos).  The good news is that Loren is destined to become an associate member of the club. Loren is also ex RYLA giving us further proof and endorsement for that program.
NPH is an organisation that provides home and protection for some of  the orphans in South America.
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Emma Stewart

Posted by Ron Halls
Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart from the St. John’s Club.   Emma is ex RYLA an Occupational Physio working at the Wilson Home.
Emma introduced Westpac Helicopter fund raising programme thru a 15km Rescue run.
Emma has formed a team and paid the initial registration cost of $2900.00 is seeking sponsorship for her aim to raise $5000.00
The cause is great the course is tough Emma needs your help.
To donate go to Everyday Hero Account.
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Neurological Foundation

Posted by Colin Lucas
Donation to Neurological Foundation.

At our meeting on Tuesday a presentation was made from our Charitable Foundation to sue Giddens of the Neurological Foundation for $10,000.00.
Following receipt of the cheque sue gave us a brief update of the work of the Neurological Foundation  and in particular a project that is being undertaken in conjunction with the Otago University looking into the ballistics of head injuries. 
This is an important study as there is pretty solid evidence (anecdotal) that suggests that high impact sports such as rugby, league and in the US professional football leave players with significant neurological problems in later life.
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Directors Update - World Community Services

Posted by Colin Lucas on Sep 22, 2016
Jeff Smith – Directors Update – World Community Services

Jeff gave us an update on the activities of this committee.
Projects include the wheel chairs to Rarotonga where the club has contributed $5,000.00 Rarotonga RC$2000, Waiheke RC $2000, and Auckland
RC $3000. These donations have with matching funding from District have given us the ability to purchase more chairs for the project.

In addition we have received a global grant of USD$75,000.00 for the Taveuni Eye project.  Credit should be given to Dave Birch who has put a lot of time into this project. As well as Geoff Amos of Taveuni
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Habitat Update

Habitat Update.

President Simon gave us an update on the Habitat  project being undertaken in conjunction with Habitat and St Cuthberts.
The site has been selected – It is beside the Caltex Petrol Station on Broadway.
The website for the event will be live in 2 weeks time.
The next part of the process is getting sponsorship. 
The build project will take place in April next year with the site being available from 27 March 2016.
And most importantly Habitat is now looking and interviewing for the right family for the house.
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Habitat For Humanity Survey

As mentioned in last weeks rapport, Habitat for Humanity have asked members to complete a survey on the activities of Habitat.
Please see the attached survey created by Habitats research agency, Impact Research New Zealand.
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is an opportunity for all your members to share their thoughts and help shape our new potential services, regardless of whether they are a landlord or not.
The survey uses the Survey Monkey service and will is available from 19 September 2016 to 29 September 2016.  The survey can be accessed via the following link:
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President Simons Briefings

Posted by Colin Lucas on Sep 16, 2016
President Simon’s Briefings.
President Simon and Brian McMath visited Somerville Special School in Panmure to donate to it on behalf of the Rotary club of Newmarket charitable trust a 3-D printer.

He made the comment that the pupils at the school worked out how to use this device faster than some of the teachers.
He also reported that Alan Hayward is fully personnelled for the blood pressure campaign.
We Are One - From Chris Chong
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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity
Leana Hunt gave us a brief presentation on Habitat for Humanity.
Leana gave us an overview of what Habitat does in the community. It is a not for profit organisation that works in partnership with people of good will and families in housing need, to eliminate substandard housing.
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Kids Can Charitable trust

Posted by Colin Lucas on Sep 16, 2016
Kids Can Charitable Trust
Our keynote speaker was Julie Shepherd from the Kids Can Charitable Trust.
Julie gave us a background on the trust which was founded in her garage in 2005.  Being aware of media reports on New Zealand Children going without basics she undertook an evaluation of 80 low decile schools to see if the problem reported in the media was as bad as it was said to be.
The evaluation established that children at those schools were going hungry, not wearing shoes and turning up wet and cold in bad weather because they did not own raincoats. In the evaluation schools reported that this had a major impact on the childrens learning ability, esteem and health.  The downstream effect of this is that these children become ill more often, do not succed at school and as adults are more likely to be unemployed and have children who go through the same cycle.
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Lamb tasting

From Neil Swanney
Thank you to all that participated and helped with the organisation of this event that was tricky to put together.
Special mention to Roger Gower, who took over the middle session, and those of you that dragged in last minute participants including John Hawke and Martin McGahan.
The event will hopefully bring approximately $4,000 into the trust.
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James Carmichael

Our keynote address was given to us by RCON member James Carmichael.
James has been involved in power companies for his working career is a Trustee of Entrust (formerly the Auckland Electricity Consumer Trust) and sits currently on the board of Vector. 
In that capacity, he visited Tesla in July 2016 as well as Uber's head offices . 
Vector is Tesla's largest foreign customer.
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Breakfast Club

Posted on Aug 26, 2016
At our meeting on 23 August 2016 we hosted Graeme Cameron, Dennis Millard, Murray Willis and Ian Willetts from Auckland East Rotary together with Gary Hayes from the Rotary club of Epsom.

Graeme  assisted by Dennis Murray Ian and Gary spoke to us about the breakfast club which is an ongoing project for the provision of breakfasts to children attending decile one schools on the Auckland region. 
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Roger Gower on Israel

Posted by Neil Shah
Our keynote presentation was given by RCON member and past-president, Roger Gower.
Roger recently went on a trip to Israel which he called a “start-up” nation. 
The New Zealand travel group consisted of 54 people from various backgrounds. 
He explained that many of the impressions that we have of Israel from the news weren’t correct.  It felt like a safe and open environment where peoples of all cultures mixed freely.  Roger visited a number of sites including the Wailing Wall and the Holocaust Museum.  He visited the city of Beersheba which, in the war, was a turning point to formation of state of Israel and created a lot of good will by the actions of Australia and New Zealand troops.
Israel is great at generating start-ups.  They spend 3.5% of GDP on R&D compared to .5% in NZ.  NZ is OECD laggard.  Roger pointed out that the government and small business are in-line or over the OECD averages for R&D.  The main issue is spending by businesses over 250 people. 
Israel has a highly developed ecosystem for innovation. They have 18 incubators to fund start-ups that are too risky for regular investment.  Each incubator has 8 companies in each ( 4 companies per annum for 2 years).  The attitude is the generated IP can be the win even of the business fails.
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Neil Swanney

Neal Swanney gave us an update on the fundraising committee’s activities.

The committee is looking at other fundraising options over and above the clubs annual major fundraiser – Circus Quirkus. The reason being that whilst Circus Quirkus has been successful in the past and is a consistent fundraiser may not be for the future.

That is why other options such as the Garden design fest in similar are being explored.

Additionally fundraising dinners or lunches are being considered along the lines of last year’s rugby dinner which was a success by any measure. The committee is looking at the idea of a function to celebrate a book launch and is contacting publishers and others in the publishing industry for that purpose.
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Andrew Barnes

Our speaker on 9 August was Andrew Barnes founder of Perpetual Guardian which is an amalgamation of perpetual Trustees a South Island trustee company and the New Zealand Guardian trust Co Ltd.

Andrew was a director and founder of Just Wills Holdings Limited may multinational will writing and estate planning business. Prior to that he was involved in investment management and advice with Best invest, a UK management company and also Australian Wealth Management Limited.
Andrew has moved Perpetual Guardian away from providing financial advice and Wealth Management and returned the company to a fiduciary services model.  
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RNCF Awards

Posted by Graeme Orchard
story thumbnail
Brian McMath provided an update on the ROCON Charitable Foundation which has been very successful in its fund raising, governance and investments and currently has accumulated funds in excess of $1.1m. Two recent new initiatives involve our long association with the NZ Neurological Foundation and in association with the June Gray Charitable Trust the Trust has set up a $10,000 Research Scholarship. First recipients are two Otago University Professors who will are going to build a skin/skull/brain model that will measure impact forces to the head and brain. There are increasing reports linking mild traumatic brain injuries to early onset dementia. Often these minor traumatic injuries have no clinical symptoms and are difficult to diagnose, hence no minimum thresholds have been established. It is hoped that the research will provide international collaboration opportunities as it is a novel but globally relevant topic. 
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An Evening with Murray Thom

Posted by Graeme Orchard
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Murray Thom, was the keynote speaker for the evening. A serial entrepreneur, Murray’s boutique music company, Thom Music, has enjoyed great success and two of his productions: ‘Together’ and ‘Miracle’ have both featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. The 'Together' 10 CD Collection was named as Oprah’s 'Favourite Thing of the Year” and another show featured ‘Miracle’, a collaboration with Celine Dion and photographer Anne Geddes. Murray was named one of New Zealand’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the decade by NZ Business magazine. Murray is also a past Trustee of the “Play it Strange’ trust and was a presenter to the recent RYLA course.

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NRCF Funds Research by the Neurological Foundation.

NRCF with the June Gray Charitable Trust is funding the building of a skin/skull/brain model that will measure impact forces to the head and brain injury mechanism. There are increasing reports linking mild traumatic brain injuries to early onset dementia. Often these minor traumatic injuries have no clinical symptoms and are difficult to diagnose, hence no minimum thresholds have been established. 
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Glen Marvin - Mini-vocational

Glenn is the Managing Partner of SureFire Search Marketing a search engine optimization (SEO) company.
This company aims to ensure customer websites are delivering the expected results to the owner; customers are able to find the company through search and are converted to sales leads and so on. An inveterate ultra distance runner Glenn has completed many marathons and ultra marathons, often raising charity funds through wearing fancy dress – tutus and tuxedos included.
It was pleasing to see another beekeeper added to the Club ranks. Glenn is married to Anna and they have 4 children. Glenn’s daily maxim is: “To make a positive difference in someone else’s life every single day”. 
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Phil Goff

Phil Goff MP
Mayoral aspirant Phil Goff began his address by reflecting on why he wanted to continue serving in a public capacity after 30 plus years in the public eye. His rationale was that his reasons included wanting to make a difference and a preference to be a positive force for good (noting Opposition has its frustrations and limitations).  
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DG Roger Harvey's Official Club Visit

Posted by Colin Lucas on Jul 14, 2016
Meeting report – Rotary club of Newmarket 12 July 2016
District Governor’s Visit,
At our meeting on 12 July 2016 we hosted Roger Harvey in his capacity as District Governor for our Rotary District.
Roger was supported by his wife Georgie and Assistant Governor Pam Deal. Roger’s Visit Was His 2nd DG, leaving him 53 to do.
Rogers address covered a number of topics. 
He reported on his visit to RYLA which was a superb event.
He told us of his visit to the Rotary International conference in Korea where there were thousands of enthusiastic Rotarians in attendance. Roger told us he ate a lot of kimchee. He didn’t say however whether or not he liked it.
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Mark Thomas talks Auckland

Posted by Colin Lucas
Meeting 5 July 2016
Our meeting on Tuesday 5 July marked the beginning of President Simon’s year.
President Simon reported on his visit to One Tree Hill College to attend the graduation ceremony for participants in the Rotary Reading Enrichment Program which is supported by our club.  Read Simon's thoughts on the day here.
He also congratulated Ross George on his 50 years in Rotary.
We had an update from John Mitchell on our Habitat 4 Humanity project followed by our keynote speaker; Mark Thomas.
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Rotary Reading Enrichment Graduation

Posted by Simon Dalton on Jul 04, 2016
This was my first official function as the President of Rotary Newmarket.  While I knew a little bit about the Rotary Reading Enrichment Programme, I don't think I've ever truly understood the benefit of it.
There are numerous Rotary projects that Newmarket, along with many other clubs, give time and money too.  It becomes difficult sometimes to see the wood through the trees so it was a great opportunity to see first hand what effect this programme inparticular actually has on our community.
So, representing Rotary Newmarket and the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation, I joined fellow Rotarian John Meadowcroft, representing the Lois Dalley Charitable Trust, on a trip to the graduation ceremony at One Tree Hill College.
But, before I tell you about my thoughts on the event, its perhaps worthwhile explaining what this particular programme is all about.
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Changeover 2016 @Sorrento

Posted by Colin Lucas on Jun 30, 2016
Change Over
Change over on Tuesday night was celebrated by 65 members, partners and guests at Sorrento.
A great night was had by the assembled Cowboys, Cowgirls, Sundries (including Ron (White Trash) Seeto) and Cows celebrating the end of President Patricks year and the start of President Simons.
President Patrick celebrated the change over by awarding Paul Harris fellowships to John Burton and Jeff Smith.  President Patrick also awarded PP/PDG Ron Seeto a second PHF Sapphire.
The evening is best described in the photos taken at the event and which can be seen by following this link
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Butter wouldn't melt ....

Posted by Roger Gower on Jun 21, 2016
Our speaker today was James Gray the  owner of Canary Enterprises. Canary Foods is a manufacturer of value added dairy products and aimed at export markets. Established in 2001 in Hamilton, Canary moved to a new factory in 2008 and have continued to expand. Their primary business is to take commodity unprocessed butter and turn it into fabulous food, for the food service and restaurant trades. 
As James said, they “Turn boring into Amazing”. Their initial business was making butter medallions at the rate of 10, 000 per day and they are now at 200,000 per day. The business takes 3,000 tonnes per annum of commodity butter and produces a range of innovative products from medallions to sheets, briks (sic) and ingots – all with specific requirements of the commercial and chef customers .  A big break through was getting an order from Thai Airways for butter medallions embossed with the Thai Airways logo in 2004. 
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The Harold Titter Award

Wonderful evening of celebration at The University of Auckland at the graduation of the Certificate in Health Sciences. The Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation (NRCF) presented the Harold Titter Award for the top student to Mostafa Youssef from Samoa.
It was great Harold was able to attend. The award in Harold's name recognises his work as a founding trustee of NRCF and his role as a former Commissioner of the Auckland Area Health Board. In this role Harold recognised the need for more Maori & Pacific Island Health Practitioners which was the genesis for our award.
Note: Harold was appointed Commissioner by the then Health Minister Helen Clark who sacked the Board which included her husband. — with Harold Titter at The University of Auckland.
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Sir Richard Taylor on 3D printers in schools

We are delighted to announce Sir Richard Taylor co-founder of Weta Workshops is our 3D Printing Ambassador for our project putting 3D printers into primary schools. We are encouraging all Rotary Clubs to get involved with their local schools. Richard has just been interviewed by Mike Hosking on Newstalkzb and in the video he explains why this technology is so vital to our young people and why he accepted the role as our Ambassador.
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Ross Craig Oncology Award Presentation

Great start to the year with our guest speaker Dr Jon Mathy the 2015 Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation Ross Craig Oncology Awardee. Wonderful to have Ross's son Keith Craig attending.
Dr Mathy is a plastic surgeon at Middlemore Hospital & our Award facilitated him to work in the cancer research lab of Professor Cris Print. @aucklanduniversity. The award is named after the late Ross Craig a past District Governor & founding trustee of the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation. Funding for the award is a partnership between the Chenery Trust chaired by Peter Ross, the June Gray Trust chaired by Brian McMath & the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation. — with Peter D RossJon MathyKeith CraigBrian McMath and Brian McMath.
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Helping people with disabilities make their own music

Music has been an important part of leading an ordinary life for students at the Music School for Children With Disabilities in Honor of Paul Harris in Lublin, Poland. Founded by Rotary members, the school serves 20 students with various disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and visual impairments. The Rotary Club of Lublin-Centrum-Maria Curie-Sklodowska has provided funding with help from Rotary Foundation Matching Grants and the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society, which houses the school.
After their son Mateusz was born with underdeveloped eyes, Mariusz and Joanna Kania looked for ways to help him be active. When he showed an aptitude for music, they looked for a teacher and were thrilled to find the Paul Harris music school.
Helping people with disabilities make their own music 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

Finding Safe Haven

For years, Angalia Bianca had slept in abandoned buildings throughout Chicago. She stole. She did drugs. She spent time in and out of jail for forgery, theft, trespassing, and possession of narcotics. But after she landed in prison for the seventh time, something changed -- Bianca knew she wanted a better life. She just didn’t know how to make it happen.
After serving her time, Bianca sought help from a local homeless organization, A Safe Haven, and moved to its shelter in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Bianca followed the program closely -- she attended all the required meetings, passed drug tests, and volunteered at every opportunity.
Finding Safe Haven 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

Saving lives in Ghana

What is it like taking a large team to Africa?  It has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. In mid February, I began leading Rotary members from all over the East Coast of the United States through Ghana. I’ve tried to give the team a warm Ghanaian welcome like I’ve received on my earlier trips. A large trip is a real blessing because each person sees Ghana and our work in a different way.

A highlight for the team was greeting the chief of Sagadugu. The team got excited about buying goats and food for children in the villages where I support eight churches. It was good to see the pastors of most of the eight churches, and I had to explain that we were just passing through on our way to Bolgatanga.
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India celebrates three years without polio

Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
The three-year achievement sets the stage for polio-free certification of the entire Southeast Asia region by the World Health Organization. The Indian government also plans to convene a polio summit in February to commemorate this victory in the global effort to eradicate polio.
India celebrates three years without polio 2014-02-26 00:00:00Z 0