Want to learn abut our committees? Communications, Fellowship, Youth. Environment & Community, Fundraising & Partnerships, World Community Serives and Membership.
Follow the link to the snapshot. Be Inspired. Engage & Enjoy. 
    COMMUNICATIONS talk to Big Wig Ed Ron Seeto
    • Rapport now has regular segments of Editors Rant, Dave’s Rave, Members Slot, Photos, Rotary World. 
    Content, Content, Content ….Obtaining content from members remains the biggest challenge. Thanks to those who have contributed.  
    • Internal comms 
    _Data review & refine Clubrunner friends contacts. Ditto clean up CSV file.  WIP. 
    _Phone Tree. Limited uptake. Has potential. Keep encouraging. WIP
    • External  comms
    _Data & CSV file as for Internal comms. WIP
    _Social media emphasis rather than traditional route of hard copy releases via uploads to FB & Instagram. Shout out to new young gun and Head Fizzer Olivia McIver for her Social Media Action plan which she will implement at NO cost to RCoN.
    FELLOWSHIP talk to Chair Ron Seeto
    • Highlights were the Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner in several places and formats, the Club Quiz Nite both organised by Alastair MacFarlane;  a biking outing organised by Dave Bradshaw, the joint Comms Fellowship EOY gettogether at the Pink House 
    • Events to look forward to 
    _Peter Corner’s Petanque evening at Epsom Bowls next Wednesday 15 March 530PM $25PP. Register Now!
    _April a Mixology afternoon at Dave & Rosie Bradshaws
    _May a Waiheke Island Day 
    YOUTH talk to new Chair Alastair MacFarlane or Warwick
    •  Reading Enrichment Program Aorere REP 16 Mar. More Volunteers are required. See Scott Burridge & Asel
                • National Science Forum. RCoN attendees will be reporting at 14 May evening meeting. 
                • St Cuthberts RCoN relationship. WIP. See Warwick Leyland.
                • Rotary Youth Leadership Award. RYLA 2023 dates 24 June to 1 July. See Alastair MacFarlane
                  & Olivia McIver
                • Model United Nations Assembly. MUNA 2023 dates 26 to 27 May. See Terry Mikkelsen.
                • Road Safety Education. RYDA . See the busy Terry Mikkelsen.
                • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. RYPEN 2023 dates 24 to 25 March. See Peter Ross in
                  Ariana Andrews absence.
                • Akarana Regatta. WIP. See Mike Alison.
    ENVIRONMENT & COMMUNITY talk to Chair Roger Harvey
    • Trees - 450 trees planted
                • Salvation Army Epsom Lodge Breakfast
                • Bees $6k from NRCF
                • A pest eradication Project to be progressed
                • 120  Christmas puddings donated ($2674)
                • Village Square Trust. Building on a relationship. WIP
                • Flood support (Estimated at about $20,000) could possibly now reach $25K. Give ourselves
               a pat on the back. Big Wig Ed.
              FUNDRAISING & PARTNERSHIPS talk to Chair Brian McMath
               • Circus Quirkus (QB Weekend at Waka Pacific) 4th June.
               • Working on a Celebratory Oncology Award Fund Raising Dinner 
               • Charity Yacht Race Not Proceeding ( for now)
               • Speakers/Speakers/Speakers-Lunch Meetings shout out to Brian McMath Big Wig Ed.
                Big Wig especially liked Holly’s suggestion of a multi political party candidate meeting fundraiser
              Evening Meetings: Bring a Friend/Colleague/Associate
    •  4th April Tenby Powell-First Hand Report on Ukraine
    • 9th May Roger Partridge-NZ Initiative
    • 13th June Bruce Cotterill-NZ Herald Columnist/Blokes on Bikes     
               WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICES talk to Chair Janette Searle
    • Polio
    • Rugby Gear
    • Containers of medical / Pediatric  
    • Prosthetics – MEND
               MEMBERSHIP talk to returning Chair Martin McGahan or Dave Birch
    • Brutal Realities. Declining and aging membership
    • Satellite. The future is with our new young guns. Ariana, Holly, Asel, Olivia….no pressure Big Wig Ed
      • What can you do? Be a loud & proud Rotarian, More combined club meetings & events eg with our hamper packing partnering clubs…Big Wig Ed